Video: Interview with Tom McCarthy, director of ‘Spotlight’


Grace Corry talks to Tom McCarthy, the director of the Oscar-nominated film Spotlight, the riveting true story of the team of Boston Globe reporters and editors that uncovered an unimaginable conspiracy to cover up clergy child abuse.


You can listen/download to the audio version of the interview:



2 Replies to “Video: Interview with Tom McCarthy, director of ‘Spotlight’”


    I saw your film Spotlight yesterday. Thank you for sterling work. However, although priests have been named and shamed and victims have come out of the closet they both require healing and deliverance and transformation of the inner man. Secular therapies are worthless. Jesus is alive and he heals and delivers.

    The contact for such a ministry in USA is Fr. Robert De Grandis S.S.J.

    Satan and his minions are responsible for all sexual sin and abuse. Yes just as Jesus is alive so is the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan and his minions. But there is victory through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    I should be grateful if you would make this known to those concerned. The Holy Trinity turn the negative into the positive through instruments like yourself.

    Many thanks.


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