‘Walt’ Wins Best Short at Movie Days

Walt (John E Regan)

Dunsany Productions’ fairy tale horror film Walt has won an award for best short at Movie Days, which took place over the weekend of the 22nd  and the 23rd of March in Dortmund, Germany. The film’s director Randal Plunkett (Out There), accepted the award.

Walt, which stars Australian actor John E. Regan (Spiderhole) and young newcomer Cian Lavelle Walsh (Out There), is the story of James  (Lavelle Walsh), a young boy having a difficult adolescence with a dead mother and drunk absent father. Living a sad existence in which he is bullied at school. James spends his days alone wondering the open fields near his house. One day as he is walking by a river near the woods, he meets an old blind American, Walt (Regan). Walt befriends James, understanding what it is to be an outcast himself, having no family or friends of his own.  Walt takes on a father-like relationship with James, allowing the young boy to express himself through their time together fishing in the country river. But Walt is not all that he seems, and what seems like a simple tale of friendship and coming of age, quickly leads to a nightmare.

The film was written, produced, edited and directed by Randal Plunkett with cinematography by Stefano Battarola (Out There).  The score was written by award-winning composer Darius McGann (Guerrilla, Out There). The post-production sound was done at Moynihan Russell Recording Studios by Tony Kiernan (Ripper Street).








Irish Horror wins in Germany

Emma Eliza Regan and  Conor Marren in the garden

Dunsany Productions post-apocalyptic horror short film Out There was awarded the best short film award by ‘Movie days Horror Convention’ in Dortmund Germany during the weekend of the 22nd of March. The Film stars Conor Marren (True-D) and Emma Eliza Regan(Death of a Super Hero, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Love Eternal).

The film follows Rob(played by  Marren) who wakes up deep in the woods after receiving a head wound. He is tortured by violent flash backs of his girlfriend Jane (Regan) and the events leading to him being alone in the woods. Rob wonders through the scary deserted forests trying to find help but soon realizes that the beautiful still countryside, is far more dangerous then he could possibly have imagined

Out There’ was written, produced, edited and directed by award winning director Randal Plunkett (Walt, Prey, Kiss Kiss).

The film is scheduled to play the Imagine Film Festival in the Amsterdam on the later this month between the 8th-17th . The film will also be shown as part of this year’s program at the Lit Film Festival, which takes place on 11th til 13th  of April and has also been nominated for 5 awards including best director. It is also set to premiere the USA at Fright Night Festival in Kentucky which is the largest genre festival in all mid America.





Randal Plunkett,  Dunsany Productions



Horror Film ‘OUT THERE’ Completes Post Production

(Cian Lavelle Walsh)

The film Out There has recently wrapped after doing its final sound mix at Moynihan Russel Studios by top sound engineer Tony Kiernan(Ripper Street, Guerrilla, Walt). The film stars Conor Marren (True-D) and Emma Eliza Regan( Death of a Super Hero, Fading Light, Love Eternal).

The film follows Rob(played by Marren) who wakes up deep in the woods after receiving a head wound. Not knowing how he got there he begins to panic. He suddenly gets a violent head splitting flash back of his girlfriend Jane(Regan). Rob wonders through the clearly deserted countryside. As the day goes by, he becomes fearful that he has still not seen a living sole. He realizes that the beautiful still countryside is far more dangerous then he has realized and to discover the truth he must retrace his footsteps.

Out There was written, produced, edited and directed by award winning director Randal Plunkett, the 21st Lord Dunsany(Walt, Prey, Kiss Kiss),  who most recently received awards for Dunsany Productions previous two films  ‘Guerrilla’ and ‘Walt’ from the LIT Film Festival and Naas .

Other crew on Out There include Oliver Plunkett who came up with the original concept,  Kevin Fisher was co-producer, Italian cinematographer Stefano Battarolla.  Russian steadicam operator Philip Morosov, Irish focus puller Blaine Rennicks, who recently received a nomination for best newcomer at this year’s Underground Cinema Film Festival for his directorial debut ‘Guerrilla’. Irish veteran cinematographer Cainneach MacEoin assisted with camera operation.

Award winning composer Darius McGann, wrote the soundtrack. McGann, who just picked up the award for best score from the Underground Cinema Film Festival also was nominated for Dunsany Productions previous film ‘Walt’ .

‘Out There’ was shot using the RED Scarlet in the beautiful Dunsany Castle Estate. The film, is currently being prepared to be sent to festivals internationally.





Dunsany Productions Short Film ‘Guerrilla’ Wins Best Production Award at Naas Film Festival

Dunsany Productions short film Guerrilla has been awarded the Best Production at Naas Film Festival. The film was shot over the winter in 2009 at the Dunsany Estate and took two years to finish.

The film stars Jack Lowe(Through), Darren Killeen(Game of Thrones), Sarah Carroll (This Must Be The Place).  The film also has Bertie Brosnan(Maru), Gerry Wade(The Tudors) and Eoin Barton (Prey) in supporting roles.

Guerrilla was written and directed by Blaine Rennicks, a young film maker from Navan, in County Meath. The film is an action packed war movie which follows a group of guerrillas who are fighting for liberation in futuristic Ireland after the EU falls into a totalitarian state.  Robert Donnelly(Jack Lowe), is the head of the guerrilla unit. He is hunted down by an eastern European mercenary unit, lead by Samek (Darren Killeen).

Randal Plunkett, Lord Dunsany (Out There) who most recently picked the best drama award from the LIT Film Festival for his previous film Walt, produced. The film was scored by award nominated composer Darius McGann (Walt, Out There, Prey). The film’s striking cinematography was shot by Italian director of photography Stefano Battarola (Out There, Walt). Dominique Brennan edited the film. The final sound mix was completed at Moynihan Russell Studios in Dublin by Tony Kiernan (Ripper Street).

Guerrilla has also picked up two nominations from The Underground Cinema Film Festival in Dun Laoghaire. These nominations include Best newcomer for Blaine Rennicks and Best Score for Darius McGann. The event is set to take place at Royal Marine Hotel on Saturday September 29th.  The trailer for Guerrilla can viewed below.



Dunsany Productions releases ‘Out There’ trailer

DUNSANY PRODUCTIONS & its founder, RANDAL PLUNKETT, LORD DUNSANY, have announced the release of the official trailer for their latest post apocalyptic film ‘Out There’. The short film was shot during the end of May on the wild locations of the Dunsany Castle estate, in Co. Meath.


The film stars newcomer CONOR MARREN (True D), opposite EMMA ELIZA REGAN (Love Eternal, The Shadows) with JOHNNY CAREY(Shellshock) and CIAN LAVELLE-WALSH (Walt) in supporting roles. ‘OUT THERE’ which was written and directed by Plunkett. The film concerns the emerging psychological drama when an unconscious Robert, (Marren) waking up dazed and confused in isolated woodland, tries to piece together what has happened.


He and his young fiancée Jane (Regan), find themselves fighting for survival, as all is not well in the calm tranquil countryside.


‘OUT THERE’ was shot using the RED SCARLET by Italian cinematographer Stefano Battarola (Walt/Guerrilla) and Russian dop Philipp Morozov on Steadicam.

The music for the film and the trailer was written by award nominated composer Darius McGann (Walt, Guerrilla, What If).

Dunsany Productions founder, Randal Plunkett is fast emerging as one ofIreland’s distinctive new voices of independent cinema. His first film, ‘Kiss Kiss’, a dark thriller set in London, set a precedent for a versatile repertoire of films including the homage to 70’s grindhouse horror ‘Prey’ and futuristic war drama ‘Guerilla’ (Producer). Plunketts most recent offering ‘Walt’ recently picked up the Best Drama award at this years LIT festival.

Starring opposite Marren is Emma Eliza Regan, who recently landed the lead in Colin Downey’s fantasy feature The Shadows, currently in post-production. She also starred in Ivan Kavanagh’s ‘Tin Can Man’, which picked up the critics’ choice Special Jury Award at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival earlier this year. You can also see Regan opposite Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) in the murder drama Jack Taylor: The Sorrow, this autumn on TV3. ‘Out There’ is currently undergoing its final stages of audio postproduction at MOYNIHAN RUSSELL STUDIOS by sound engineer TONY KIERNAN (Ripper Street).

The film is to be released by this autumn 2012 and is expected to travel around festivals in Europe and America in the upcoming months.