Charity Screening of ‘Labyrinth’ for Irish Cancer Society


The Light House Cinema are hosting two screenings this weekend of Jim Henson’s classic fairy-tale Labyrinth, which stars David Bowie.

All proceeds from these events will go to the Irish Cancer Society

The film will screen at 11.30pm on Friday the 15th January and there’s a family-friendly screening on Sunday afternoon at 12.30pm.

Tickets are available here

The  is Ireland’s national cancer charity. The Irish Cancer Society aims to achieve a world-class cancer service ensuring that fewer people get cancer and those that do have better outcomes. The Society does this through advocacy, research and cancer services. The Society also provides information, support and care to those with, and affected by, cancer all over Ireland. Our services are professional, confidential and free of charge. We are almost entirely funded through the generosity of the public and receive less than 5% government funding.


Polish Film Festival at Light House Cinema


A Polish Film Festival, curated by director Martin Scorsese, will take place at the Light House Cinema, Dublin from March 30th to April 5th, as part of Polska Eire 2015.

The festival features a series of restored classic Polish films. Describing the choice of films, Martin Scorsese explains: “There are many revelations in the ‘Masterpieces of Polish Cinema’ series and whether you’re familiar with some of these films or not, it’s an incredible opportunity to discover for yourself the great power of Polish cinema on the big screen in brilliantly restored digital masters”


The Festival includes:



6.30pm, Monday 30 March 2015 (1987)

A confrontational study of the protracted process of ending someone’s life, whether through casual murder or meticulously calibrated execution.


6.30pm, Tuesday 31 March 2015 (1961)

A stark psychological drama about demonic possession in a convent, based on the same historical events that inspired Ken Russell’s The Devils.


6.30pm, Wednesday 1 April 2015 (1957)

Andrej Munk’s brilliantly incisive WWII black comedy that offers a decidedly subversive take on the traditional image of Polish heroism.


6.30pm, Thursday 2 April 2015 (1976)

A linguistics competition at a university’s summer camp is the backdrop for a wittily satirical drama about the elusiveness of language.


6.30pm, Friday 3 April 2015 (1960)

After three successive films about Polish history, Wajda turned his attention to the present with this affectionate but caustic look at early Sixties Polish youth culture.





4pm, Saturday 4 April 2015 (1981)

As the Solidarity protests swelled in 1980, Wajda filmed this Palme d’Or winner of government-backed espionage against the real backdrop of world-changing events.


4pm, Sunday 5 April 2015 (1958)

A masterpiece of Polish cinema that vividly captures the turbulence and confusion following WWII, as a former resistance hero turns anti-Communist assassin.


The Polska Eire festival is supported by Dublin City Council and other local authorities, along with many Polish organisations and cultural, community and sporting groups across the country.


To book tickets for the Polish Film Festival at the Light House Cinema go to or phone the Box Office at (01) 8728006.










Competition: Win Tickets to ‘Jersey Boys & Launch Party

Still from Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys

This summer, the Light House Cinema have drawn together some of the world’s most  popular musical films in one glorious season beginning with an exclusive preview of Warner Bros. Picture’s Jersey Boys this Friday, 13th June and closing with West Side Story Sunday 17th August.

A special preview screening of Clint Eastwood’s new musical Jersey Boys a week in advance of its release takes place on Friday, 13th June from 9.30pm and the Light House want to you come dressed as your favourite character from any of the classic or cult musicals featured in this season; be it Blues Brother, Frank N Furter, Oliver or Hedwig.

To win yourself a pair of tickets for the event, answer the following question:

What was the name of the acclaimed Charlie Parker biopic Eastwood directed in 1998?

Email your answer to before lunchtime on Friday, 13th June to be in with a chance of winning yourself a pair of tickets.  Please include a telephone number.

The winner will be selected by the all-singing, all-dancing Film Ireland Hat.

The winner will be contacted Friday afternoon.



Marlon Brando at Light House Cinema


A season of films starring the legendary Marlon Brando at Light House Cinema

Screen icon Marlon Brando is the latest inspiration for the Light House Cinema’s on-going series of seasons and retrospectives. Having already presented seasons focusing on Ennio Morricone, Alfred Hitchcock, Film Noir, Tim Burton and John Hughes, Dublin’s coolest cinema is now looking at the legacy of the surly, sexy star whose acting technique revolutionised actors’ screen presence forever.

From August 21st, the season looks back at some incredible films starring the screen giant.

A Streetcar Named Desire From August 21

“I’m the King around here, and don’t you forget it”

Elia Kazan’s sweaty working-class drama features Brando as a fiery brute with a complicated relationship with the women in his life. Based on the play by Tennessee Williams, it’s easy to see why the young, intense Brando caught the attention of the world.

The Wild One From August 28

‘What are you rebelling against?’ ‘What have you got?’

The spirit of post-war rebellion is at the forefront of stylish and iconic biker drama, The Wild One. Brando cemented his bad-boy image and forever made leather jackets cool with his role as Johnny, leader of one of two rival biker gangs who invade and cause havoc in a small town.


On The Waterfront From September 4

“I coulda’ been a contender”

Brando plays down on his luck longshoreman who battles the corruption of the dockers’ union boss. Exquisitely shot and extraordinarily moving, this second collaboration between Brando and Kazan is one of the most important film of the 1950’s and one of the most beloved of all time.


Guys and Dolls From September 11

“Luck be a lady tonight”

In quite a dramatic change from his usual fare, Brando turned his hand to the musical genre for a big-screen adaptation of Guys and Dolls. Co-starring Frank Sinatra and Jean Simmons, this highly entertaining musical classic set in the world of high-rolling gamblers is a rare light tone in Brando’s filmography.


The Godfather From September 18

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Generally accepted as among the greatest films ever made and quite possibly Brando’s most memorable role, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather follows the crumbling Corleone mafia family as the ageing patriarch (Brando) prepares his son Michael (Al Pacino) for taking his place as head of the family.


Last Tango in Paris From September 25

“Let me peruse you and remember you… always like this”

Barnardo Bertolucci directs Brando as an enigmatic American who embarks on a strange sexual relationship with a young French woman. Controversial upon its release for its sexual content, the film ensured that the world didn’t forget that Marlon Brando is an actor willing to take risks.

 Apocalypse Now (part of the Light House Cinema Book Club) Sep 30

“The horror… the horror”

Though his screen time in the film only amounts to a matter of minutes, it is undeniable that Brando’s stunning turn as Colonel Kurtz is the dark heart and soul of Coppola’s stunning war drama. This month, Light House Cinema and Chapters Cinema Book Club will read Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness, before  screening Apocalypse Now. Following the screening, there will a discussion of the adaptation in the Light House bar.


Tickets for the season are now on sale.

SPECIAL OFFER: Any 3 films for €21 when booked in person at the box office

See for more information.



Ennio Morricone public interview


Light House Cinema and Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, in association with Pod Entertainment, are delighted to announce that legendary composer, Ennio Morricone will take part in a public interview and Q&A on Sunday July 28th at the Light House Cinema, Smithfield. This once in a lifetime event takes place the morning after the first of his two almost sold-out concerts at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham. The Italian maestro will discuss his extraordinary career as a film composer and receive a Volta Award from Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to film. The event will be followed by a screening of The Mission.

Morricone’s first ever public interview in the Republic of Ireland is an unmissable opportunity to hear the composer discuss his astounding achievements with Sir Christopher Frayling, a British writer and critic who has written at length about the master’s work and is also the author of the definitive biography of Film Director Sergio Leone. Those lucky enough to get tickets will also have an opportunity to ask the cinema legend questions during a Q&A session following the interview. This intimate event is the only opportunity for Irish fans to hear one of cinema’s greatest artists discuss his life, career and legacy.

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival established the Volta Award in 2007 as Ireland’s Premier Film Award, named after Dublin’s first cinema which was established by James Joyce. Annually the Volta is awarded to figures who have made a major contribution to film globally. In the past its recipients include Daniel Day-Lewis, Kristen Scott Thomas, Al Pacino, Paolo Sorrentino, Martin Sheen, Joss Whedon, Danny DeVito, Costa Gavras and Francois Ozon.

The festival is delighted to bestow this award upon Ennio Morricone, the first outside of the festival, in recognition of his peerless contribution to world cinema.

Andrew Lowe of the Light House cinema said “We are really delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to introduce an artist of the stature of Ennio Morricone in person to the Light House audience. Our customers have enthusiastically embraced the season of Morricone films that we are currently playing, recognising his genius in the exquisite scores of each of those films. We are very grateful to Sir Christopher Frayling for hosting the interview and to our partners at Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and Pod Entertainment who helped make this event possible.”

Grainne Humphreys, JDIFF Festival Director said “Ennio Morricone has delighted generations of filmgoers around the world, his film scores bringing a dynamism and passion to work of legendary filmmakers such as Leone, Pasolini and Malick. The festival has made an exception to present its treasured Volta Award to a film composer who has changed the way we experience cinema- Maestro Morricone.”

The five-time Oscar nominee has scored several hundred films, the best known being Sergio Leone’s westerns including For A Few Dollars More and The Good The Bad and the Ugly alongside other classics: The Untouchables, The Mission, Cinema Paradiso and more recently Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and before that Kill Bill. In 2007 the Oscars presented him with an honorary award for his “magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music.”

Morricone has worked in almost every musical style and medium imaginable. Although the westerns were only a phase of Morricone’s expansive career, many consider his work in this field his best and most innovative. Morricone amplified the cinematic atmosphere with his ingenious use of diverse arrangements and instrumentation. The compositions for the Sergio Leone’s westerns were created through multiple mediums such as Jew’s harps, dissonant harmonicas, dancing piccolos, bombastic church organs, eerie whistling, thundering trumpets alongside ballads for gunslingers and ghostly vocal choruses.

To celebrate his concerts in Dublin, Light House Cinema has been showing a selection of films featuring his most iconic scores. Still to come as part of the Ennio Morricone season are Once Upon A Time In The West (from July 24th), The Mission (from July 31st) and Cinema Paradiso (from August 7th). Tickets for these films are available from

Date: Sunday, July 28th

Time: Doors open 1030am. Seats must be taken by 1045am. Event starts at 11am sharp.

Tickets for the event are available from or from the box office at the Light House Cinema, Smithfield. Limit two per customer.

Limited tickets are still available to see Ennio Morricone live at the Irish Museum of Modern Art on Saturday 27th July at / Ph 0818 719300


Ennio Morricone Season at Light House Cinema



Dublin, July 1st 2013. To celebrate his two concerts at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham Dublin this summer, Light House Cinema will screen a selection of films featuring the sumptuous, moving and hugely memorable scores of Ennio Morricone.  Over the past fifty years, Morricone has accumulated over 500 film credits and there are few artists in the history of cinema as revered as the legendary composer.


The season starts this week with the first of the Dollars Trilogy, A Fistful of Dollars followed next week by For A Few Dollars Moreand then The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Once Upon A Time In The West, The Mission and Cinema Paradiso complete the line-up for this exciting season of fan favourites.




A Fistful of Dollars From July 3rd.

The first in Sergio Leone’s ‘Dollars’ trilogy, A Fistful of Dollars is a dusty spaghetti western featuring Clint Eastwood as the iconic Man With No Name, a mysterious gunslinger who arrives in a small town and finds himself in the midst of a gangland feud. Morricone’s whistling, staccato score created an entirely new genre of film music. This score, combined with the violent but languid pacing and visual style A Fistful of Dollars, rejuvenated what some felt was becoming a stagnant genre.


For A Few Dollars More From July 10th.

The second in the trilogy features many of the same cinematic attributes as its predecessor, not least of which, its composer. Leone and Morricone teamed up again for the second film in the trilogy, which sees The Man With No Name form a reluctant alliance with a Colonel in search of a wanted bandit. With the same wry sense of humour and knowing nods to past masters, For a Few Dollars More helped cement both Eastwood and Leone as household names across the world.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly From July 17th.

The final film in the Dollars trilogy and featuring one of the most famous scores of all time, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly sees Blondie (The Good) team up with Angel Eyes (The Bad) to hunt down Tuco (The Ugly) to collect the bounty on his head. Reinforcing Morricone and Leone’s exceptional abilities to fuse music and cinematography to enhance not only drama, but also subtle shifts in tone and temperament, this film beautifully caps off a trilogy of films that changed cinema forever.


Once Upon A Time In The West From July 24th

With a story devised by Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento, Once Upon a Time in the West is somewhat darker in tone than the previous spaghetti westerns. A young bride arrives in a small town to find that her new husband has been killed and becomes embroiled in the power play that ensues when she inherits her husband’s land. Sparse and dark, Morricone’s score here reflects the many dangers lurking in wait for Claudia Cardinale’s young widow.


The Mission From July 31st.

Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons protect a remote South American Indian tribe in danger of falling under the rule of pro-slavery Portugal. Lavish, powerful and utterly beautiful, Morricone’s score is vital to the heart of The Mission.


Cinema Paradiso From August 7th.

A joyful classic that celebrates the power and beauty of cinema, it seems appropriate that Morricone, who shaped how cinema sounds for so many years, provided the sweeping, elegant score that accompanies little Toto’s journey from boyhood to manhood by way of his local cinema. A true fan favourite, it’s best enjoyed in the company of film fans in a darkened cinema screen.


Tickets for the Ennio Morricone season at Light House Cinema are now on sale.

To buy tickets, and for more information, visit


Tickets & Special Offers: €9/€7.50 for individual films. Any 5 films for €35. Dollars Trilogy Pass €21.


Edgar Wright House Weekend at Light House Cinema


Light House Cinema has announced that Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will be in attendance at the cinema for a live Q&A as part of Edgar Wright House, an exclusive weekend-long event running from 5th – 8th July. The weekend will celebrate Wright’s films in anticipation of the upcoming release of his new film The World’s End on 19th July, a Universal Pictures Ireland release.


By purchasing one of the very limited Edgar Wright House tickets, fans will gain access to a selection of Wright’s films, screening over the course of the weekend at Light House Cinema, with Hot Fuzz showing on Friday, Shaun Of The Dead on Saturday, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on Sunday and finally a live Q&A with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on Monday evening. The live Q&A will be preceded by a screening of two episodes of Spaced, the successful Pegg-penned and Wright-directed British television sitcom.


To mark the occasion, Light House Cinema have teamed up with Damn Fine Print Studio and BLOCK T for an exhibition of limited edition Edgar Wright themed screen-printed posters which will be exhibited in the cinema over the course of the weekend. Artists participating in the project are local illustrators Steve Doogan, Steve McCarthy, Ale Mercado, Fatti Burke and Gavin Beattie. Damn Fine Print Studio BLOCK T is a new community based print studio based in Smithfield.


Edgar Wright’s new film The World’s End, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, follows five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier but unwittingly become humankind’s only hope for survival. The World’s End opens at Light House Cinema on 19th July.


Tickets for Edgar Wright House weekend at Light House Cinema will be available to purchase on Friday 28th June from and are priced at €20. The weekend ticket gives fans access to all of the screenings over the course of the weekend and the live Q&A with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on Monday evening.



5th – 8th July at Light House Cinema

Friday 5th              Hot Fuzz

Saturday 6th       Shaun Of The Dead

Sunday 7th           Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Monday 8th         Spaced and Live Q&A with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost


Edgar Wright House weekend tickets cost €20 and include all screenings and Live Q&A.

Limited tickets will be available to purchase on Friday 28th June from

Tickets for individual films not sold separately.

The World’s End opens at Light House Cinema on 19th July.


Artwork by Alan Dunne


John Hughes season at Light House Cinema



Light House Cinema have put together a season of John Hughes movies to be enjoyed on the big screen, starting at the end of May and screening until the end of June.

Responsible for writing some of the most popular screenplays in cinematic history, there is a special place in the hearts of many for John Hughes’ unique brand of 1980s pop film. Though not always covering the weightiest social subjects or even the most complex stories, John Hughes knew how to write characters you could really, deeply care for and dialogue that leapt off the page with wit and style. He also had a unique talent for putting together memorable soundtracks which were in turn adopted by many as the background music to their own dramatic adolescent years.

There is a selection of six films on offer with a new film opening each week. The season begins this week with his sci-fi teen comedyWeird Science and followed by The Breakfast ClubSixteen CandlesPretty In PinkFerris Bueller’s Day Off and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Fans can see all six films for €42 by purchasing a John Hughes Season Pass which is available when booked in person at the Light House Cinema box-office.


Weird Science [Now Showing]

The Breakfast Club [From Wed 29th May]

Sixteen Candles [From Wed 5th June]

Pretty In Pink [From Wed 12th June]

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off [From Wed 19th June]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles [From Wed 26th June]


John Hughes Season

Light House Cinema,

Market Square,

Smithfield, Dublin 7


For more information visit

Illustration by Alan Dunne


Star Trek Party at Light House Cinema



To celebrate the upcoming release of JJ Abrams’ brand new movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, the first of the major summer blockbusters, Light House Cinema are throwing a Star Trek themed Party on Wednesday 8th May followed by a special midnight preview screening of the film in 2D and 3D.


Fans of the sci-fi phenomenon will have their knowledge put to the test with a sci-fi quiz on the night, with special prizes up for best fancy dress, a Holodeck bar, a Star Trek body-paint demonstration by The International Makeup Academy and of course the opportunity to be among the first to see the brand new blockbuster on the big screen.


Drinks on the night include the ‘Jean-Luc Pacardi’, ‘Jim Beam Me Up Scotty’, ‘Romulan Ale’ and the ‘Kirk and Uhura Kiss’.


Star Trek: Into Darkness is the second of the series directed by JJ Abrams and serves as the sequel to 2009’s hugely successful Star Trek. Starring Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve, it sees the crew of the USS Enterprise return home to find a seemingly unstoppable force which has attacked Starfleet and left Earth in chaos. Captain Kirk and his crew set out on a deadly manhunt to bring those responsible to justice.


Star Trek Party

Light House Cinema

Smithfield Square, Dublin 7

Wednesday May 8th at 9pm, followed by a midnight preview screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness in 2D and 3D.


Party is free entry. Midnight preview tickets priced €9 / €7 concession for 2D and €10 / €8.50 for 3D.


For more information visit



Light House Cinema presents Screwball Comedy Season.

In ‘Screwball’, comedy is battle – battle of the classes, battle of the sexes and, most importantly, battle of the wits, where the quickest wins the day. It’s this wit and pace that was the forerunner of most modern comedy, with the baton having being passed to the great sitcoms of today. These movies would be the parents (or drunken, bickering absentee parents more likely) of everything from 30 Rock to Arrested Development, Seinfeld to Friends. Rich people being mean to each other never goes out of fashion.

But aside from and above all that, the films are simply knock-down drag-out hilarious. Combining elegantly the highest, quickest wit with gracefully painfully physical pratfalls, outlandish scenes of farce with understated, barbed asides, they are four of the great Hollywood comedy films, existing in a chaotic world where the only way to survive was to give into the craziness.

[€25 ‘Screwball Season’ pass available when booked in person at box-office.]

At the Light House:


“ I want to see what love looks like when it’s triumphant. I haven’t had a good laugh in a week. “A heiress (Claudette Colbert) causes a national scandal when she runs away from home and a drunken down-on-his-luck reporter (Clark Gable) might just be onto something when the biggest story around literally lands in his lap. They might be able to help each other if only they could stand each other. The original odd couple road movie, it’s the originator of everything from ‘Midnight Run’ to ‘When Harry Met Sally’. The first film to win the Big 5 Oscars the year it was nominated and the only one until ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ 41 years later

HIS GIRL FRIDAY – From March 13

“I intended to be with you on our honeymoon, Hildy, honest I did. “Walter Burns (Cary Grant) is a hard-boiled editor for The Morning Post who learns his ex-wife and former star reporter, Hildegard “Hildy” Johnson (Rosalind Russell), is about to marry bland insurance man Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy) and settle down to a quiet life as a wife and mother in Albany, New York. Walter determines to sabotage these plans, enticing the reluctant Hildy to cover one last story, the upcoming execution of convicted murderer Earl Williams (John Qualen). Maybe the only romantic comedy to centre around a potential hanging. A remake of ‘The Front Page’ where one of the leads was changed to a woman giving the whole plot an extra level and dimension of tension and potency, it’s gone down in history as the fastest talking comedy of all time.

BRINGING UP BABY – From March 20

“How can all these things happen to just one person?”Paleotolongist David Huxley (Cary Grant) just wants to finish his Brontosaurus skeleton and make it to his wedding on time. A dog, two leopards, the police and a woman named Susan Vance (Katherine Hepburn), who has her own brand of nearly Beckett like logic, stand in his way


“I would sell my grandmother for a drink – and you know how I love my grandmother.”Opening with one of the most shockingly hilarious divorces in cinema, the film is about a socialite (Katherine Hepburn) whose wedding plans are complicated by the simultaneous arrival of her ex-husband (Cary Grant) and a tabloid magazine journalist (James Stewart). Set over the course of 24 hours (and about a 1000 drinks) it’s catty, complicated and very, very, very funny, with James Stewart in Oscar winning form (and giving us maybe the best screen drunk scene ever).


AWARDS MOVIE SEASON at Light House Cinema

To celebrate the announcement of the Academy Award nominations this week, Light House Cinema have decided to show all of the ‘Best Picture’ award nominees, giving movie fans a last chance to see what all the fuss is about and experience the cream of the crop in full glory on the big screen.


This means bringing back to the big screen audience-favourites such as Ben Affleck’s political drama Argo, Michael Haneke’s delicate meditation on the process of aging Amour, the magical New Orleans fairy-tale Beasts of the Southern Wild and the popular romantic comedy starring Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook along with gilded new releases such as Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic blitz on slavery Django Unchained, the sumptuous Life of Pi 3D and tour-de-force Les Misérables.


On top of this are two new releases coming soon to the box-office; Steven Spielberg’s biographical account of the American president in Lincoln which features a stellar performance from Daniel Day Lewis and Zero Dark Thirty, the chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.


For more details please check out


Light House Cinema Host Dublin Chinese New Year Film Festival


Light House Cinema is set to host the Dublin Chinese New Year Film Festival from 1st February which opens with the Chinese version of the renowned movie Dangerous Liaisons, bringing a story of passion and betrayal to the big screen.

This year’s Dublin festival, brought to you by Dublin City Council and Kildare Village Chic Outlet Shopping in conjunction with access>CINEMA and Light House Cinema runs from 1st – 9th February and aims to celebrate and entertain a wide range of audiences during this Chinese Year of the Snake.

The DCNYF Film Selection Committee has chosen a number of films and lectures for 2013. These films have been selected to celebrate Chinese cinema through a variety of themes and genres and to bring to the screen the fascinating world of Chinese culture and human engagement – ancient, historical and modern.

The festival opens in the Golden Era of 1930’s Shanghai with the Chinese version of the renowned novel Dangerous Liaisons. This story of passion and betrayal, set against the stunning backdrop of Shanghai during this changing period, stars Zhang Ziyi and Jang Dong-Gun. The festival will close with the dynastic martial arts tale Tai Chi 0.

A highlight of the 2013 Festival is a restored treasure from the Hong Kong Film Archive. Confucius is a 1940’s Chinese film featuring the story and role of the famous philosopher whose teachings are still central to Chinese culture. It is also the first comprehensive film restoration project for our partners, the Hong Kong Film Archive. This unique screening will be preceded by a lecture entitled “Confucius for our time” on Sunday 3rd February.

DCNYF are delighted to once again link with the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF). CICAF is China’s largest cartoon and animation event and has been held annually in Hangzhou since 2004. DCNYF will screen a number of award winning short animations from this year’s Festival.

The Film Festival will be launched in the Light House Cinema and there will also be screenings in different locations across the country including Cork and Galway.

Information and tickets available at and

DCNYF brought to you by Dublin City Council


Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos at the Light House Cinema

The Light House Cinema, Smithfield, welcomes Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos (Kinetta, Dogtooth) on Wednesday, 7th November. There will be a special advanced preview of his new film ALPS at 20.30 followed by a Q&A with the director.


Yorgos Lanthimos was born in Athens, where he studied directing for Film and Television. Throughout the 90’s he directed a series of videos for Greek dance-theatre companies.


Since 1995, he has directed a number of TV commercials in addition to music videos, short films and theatre plays. In 2011 he staged Chekhovs’ Platonov at the Greek National Theatre.


Kinetta, his first film, played at Toronto and Berlin film festivals to critical acclaim. His second feature Dogtooth (Kynodontas), won the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2009 Cannes film festival, followed by numerous awards at festivals worldwide. It was nominated for a Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2011. He was also named Best Director by the Dublin Film Critics Circle at the 2010 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.


His latest film, ALPS tells the story of a group of people who offer a very unorthodox service to the community – A Nurse, a Paramedic, a Gymnast and her Coach have formed a service for hire. They stand in for dead people by appointment, hired by the relatives, friends, or colleagues of the deceased. The company is called Alps while their leader, the Paramedic, calls himself Mont Blanc. Although the Alps members operate under a discipline regime demanded by their leader, the Nurse doesn’t…


ALPS won the Osella for best screenplay at the 2011 Venice Film Festival and Best Film at the Sydney Film Festival in 2012.


Tickets for this one-off event are on sale now. To book tickets, log on to or call 01 872 8006


Light House Cinema announces Alfred Hitchcock season


Following the success and popularity of our Film Noir Season, Light House Cinema is proud to announce a season of the films of Alfred Hitchcock.
The season is compiled of films spanning over twenty years of Hitchcock’s career, including Rebecca, Notorious, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, and The Birds.
Tickets to the Hitchcock Season at Light House Cinema are available on our website (, and there is a special box office only season pass to all six films for only €36.

A different film will be shown each week, on a Wednesday at 20:30 and on the following Sunday at 15:30, please see below for the season’s listings.


North by Northwest
Wednesday, September 19th 20:30
Sunday, September 23rd 15:30


With the recent popularity of Mad Men, it’s interesting to revisit Hitchcock’s treatment of a Madison Avenue executive in this classic case of mistaken identity.  Cary Grant is mistaken for a spy in a New York hotel and soon he’s running for his life, pursued by foreign agents intent on killing him. Cue a thrilling sightseeing tour of the USA as Grant is chased cross-country from New York through to the climax on Mount Rushmore, via an often referenced scene of a crop dusting bi-plane ‘where there ain’t no crops.’


Wednesday, September 26th 20:30
Sunday, September 30th 15:30


Like The Birds, Rebecca was inspired by the works of Daphne Du Maurier. Winner of the Best Picture Oscar® and the Opening Film at the first ever Berlin International Film Festival, Rebecca is a dark thriller filled with classic Noir elements of murder, deception and intrigue. It begins in Monte Carlo, where timid Joan Fontaine meets and falls in love with a widowed aristocrat. However, when they marry and move to his beautiful mansion, Manderley, in England, she ends up living in the shadow of the aristocrat’s first wife, the titular Rebecca. A non-supernatural ghost story, this gothic thriller is one of the most haunting and beautifully photographed of Hitchcock’s films.


Wednesday, October 3rd 20:30
Sunday, October 7th 15:30


As the daughter of a spy, Ingrid Bergman is recruited by a government agent (Cary Grant) to infiltrate Nazis who have relocated to South America. On assignment, Bergman seduces one of the Nazi leaders, leading to a complicated love triangle. Though touted as Hitchcock’s first real attempt at a serious love story, the love affair between Bergman, her US agent handler, and a Nazi exiled to South America, and a plot involving smuggled uranium ensures that the film is also very much a thriller.


Wednesday, October 10th 20:30
Sunday, October 14th 15:30


Hitchcock’s story of a cop with chronic acrophobia is definitely a high watermark in the history of cinema. Featuring experimental filmmaking techniques (the distorting zoom to convey a fear of heights), a timeless plot, and the magnificent James Stewart and Kim Novak, Vertigo is deserving of its place in the conversation on the best film ever.



Wednesday, October 17th 20:30
Sunday, October 21st 15:30


Often copied, never equalled, Hitchcock’s tale of a knife wielding maniac picking off attractive young travellers has since become a cinematic trope. The original features a chilling plot, a wonderful cast and some of the most iconic cinematography of all time. Psycho broke all the rules and set a new standard in horror while Anthony Perkins’ performance defined cinema psychos for years to come.


The Birds
Wednesday, October 24th 20:30
Sunday, October 28th 15:30


Starring quintessential Hitchcock Blonde, Tippi Hedren, who very famously suffered for Hitchcock’s art. The story of birds turning hostile and attacking a seaside town sounds like the ultimate  B-Movie, but the creepiness and terror that Hitchcock conjures throughout this film undoubtedly impacts pet shop canary sales to this day, as well as cementing his status as the master of suspense.



Father’s Day at the Light House

This Sunday the Light House Cinema is inviting everyone to bring their dad to see that dad favourite, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid –  for free.  The screening will take place on Sunday 17th June at 5:50pm at Light House Cinema,Smithfield.

Book one ticket for yourself and bring your dad when you’re collecting it on Sunday.

Make sure to email the cinema to tell them you’re bringing your dad, or let them know on Twitter (@lighthoused7) or on Facebook (

Bookers will be asked to show their Dad at the box office when collecting tickets bought online. If buying your tickets at the box office in the cinema, please make sure to have your Dad present and ready for inspection.


Tim Burton Season at The Light House Cinema

In advance of the release of Dark Shadows, the Light House Cinema will be taking a nostalgic look at the early work of Tim Burton with two Double Bills – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure/Beetlejuice and a Johnny Depp Double Bill – Edward Scissorhands/Ed Wood.

The world of Tim Burton is as colourful as it is dark and as eccentric as it is accessible. We hope you’ll join us over the bank holiday weekend for some escapism at its most aesthetically pleasing.

PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE – Sunday, 6th May – 6.30pm

Burton’s first feature length film and certainly his most under-seen, although Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is a children’s film, it is as strange and unsettling as any of Burton’s later work. Oddly likeable man-child Pee Wee Herman’s cross-country adventure is hugely imaginative, wonderful to look at and full of the quirk and stylistic nuances that would become Tim Burton’s trademark.

BEETLEJUICE – Sunday 6th May – 8.30pm

Burton’s first bona fide Hollywood hit, starring Michael Keaton as the most vile, uncontrollable “bio-exorcist” you could ever have the misfortunate of being haunted by. With a career-best turn from Michael Keaton, ably supported by Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. Beetlejuice deals with tragedy and despair in that ghoulish but light-hearted way that only Tim Burton can pull off.

*Audiences member are permitted to “shake shake shake senora” where appropriate.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS – Monday 7th May – 6.30pm

The first film in one of the great actor/director partnerships of all time, here Burton convinces teen idol Johnny Depp to cover up his face, mess up his hair and dress up in S&M gear to bring us a story about a gentle man, made by a lonely inventor, who died before he could give him real hands. Edward Scissorhands is one the most beloved of Tim Burton’s films and balances his two loves, 1960’s pastiche and gothic aesthetic quite comfortably.

ED WOOD – Monday May 7th – 8.30pm

After years of taking inspiration from 1950’s B-movies, Tim Burton decided to pay direct homage to one of the most notorious figures from the annals of cult film, Ed Wood, bad director extraordinaire whose Plan 9 From Outer Space is commonly referred to as “the worst film ever made”. Far from making Ed Wood the butt of a joke, Tim Burton  and his star Johnny Depp lovingly create a character whose ambition, passion and vision knows no bounds, except unfortunately his own lack of talent.


Director of the award winning and heart-warming ‘His & Hers’ to attend Q&A session as part of the International Woman’s Day Film Festival

Ireland’s largest humanitarian and development agency, Concern Worldwide in conjunction with the Light House Cinema, Smithfield, are delighted to welcome Ken Wardrop to discuss his award winning documentary, His & Hers during a Q&A session as part of the inaugural International Woman’s Day Festival on Thursday 8th March.

His & Hers was the first feature documentary for Wardrop, already a seasoned short film maker and it focuses on 70 Irish women, each on camera to tell a story of love or loss, about their fathers, boyfriends, husbands, and sons. Beautiful in its simplicity, His & Hers warmed the hearts if cinema go-ers on its release and the overall message strongly compliments the concept of International Woman’s Day.

The International Woman’s Day Film Festival is taking place to celebrate the valuable work of women around the world as International Woman’s Day highlights the progress women have made in their struggle for economic, social, cultural and political equality.

His & Hers, followed by Ken’s Q&A will conclude a day which features a substantial number of shorts and films celebrating the success of women including two additional feature length box-office hits; Oranges and Sunshine and As If I Am Not There. The jam packed schedule which begins at 4.40 pm and concludes at 11.00 pm also includes outstanding short films such as Music by Prudence and The White Dress, as well as the successful Women of Concern Photographic Exhibition.

‘We are delighted to launch the inaugural International Women’s Day Film Festival and we are excited to welcome Ken on board. His documentary his and Hers is a compassionate and inspiring look at the most important relationships in a woman’s life’ said Concern’s Liz Yeates. ‘In addition to having some remarkable and award-winning films on the schedule, we will highlight Concern’s work with women through a Women of Concern photo exhibition, talks and short films.

‘This is the beginning of an exciting date on the calendar and next year we aim to build it into a two or three-day multi-faceted multi-dimensional festival, incorporating films by female directors and guests from developing countries. We hope people will come out to support the first International Women’s Day Film Festival at the Light House cinema for what is a very strong and entertaining schedule.’


The Light House Cinema, which re-opened under the new ownership of Element Pictures on January 20th, is a unique and hugely impressive multi-screen cinema and this new annual event is set to capture the imagination of cinema-lovers and those interested in women’s issues and rights in equal measure.


Tickets are available from the Light House cinema box office at a cost of €20 for a daily ticket or €9 per feature film and 50% of the proceeds will go towards Women of Concern, supporting women’s projects in Bangladesh. Visit  or call Concern on 01 417 8064 for more information on this event and on Concern’s other International Women’s Day events on March 8th.


Element Pictures’ Andrew Lowe on the reopening of Light House Cinema Smithfield on Friday, 20th January 2012

[Fionnuala Sweeney Arts Council, James Hickey Irish Film Board, Andrew Lowe Element Pictures]

The Light House Cinema, Smithfield was officially relaunched this morning and will reopen for business on Friday, 20th January 2012.

The cinema, which closed in March 2011, will be run by Element Pictures and will screen the best of international art house and Irish cinema, as well as re-runs of classics and special events.

Films that will screen over the opening weekend include the highly-praised Shame, starring Irishman Michael Fassbender, Golden Globe winner, The Artist, Madonna’s new film, W.E and the Clint Eastwood-directed, J. Edgar with leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Speaking this morning, the director of Element Pictures, Andrew Lowe, gave some of the background to the reopening, ‘The Irish Film Board and the Arts Council together with the Department [of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht] were a cultural consortium and had a big investment in the  cinema when it first opened in 2007, contributing to the cost of fitting it out, so when it closed at the end of March 2011 they were very concerned to find an operator to retain the same ethos of the cinema.’

‘So they appointed a receiver who had a tender process and we were selected in June 2011 and we spent the last 6 months in negotiation with the landlord and NAMA. Those talks concluded and now we are delighted to be in a postition to reopen the cinema this Friday night.’

‘Our approach has been that having secured the deal is to get the cinema open as soon as possible. There has being a huge amount of good will from people towards the cinema, and we want to get feedback from customers and then over the coming months start to slowly make some changes. We do want to improve the interior but  not in any radical way. We want to make it more comfortable, and broaden the range of facilities that are available in terms of the catering.’

‘Broadly speaking our strategy is to run the cinema as an art house cinema, it will show Irish movies and the best of independent cinema with an emphasis on marketing so that we get in as many people as possible. We are interested in also taking on films that are only playing on video-on-demand at the same time, which is not something that cinemas generally embrace. We will encourage launches, and exhibitions, both commercial and cultural, and are investing in satellite technology to bring live opera and other live events to the cinema.’

‘The original Light House opened in 2007 and the terms and conditions reflected the property bubble at the time which was ultimately unsustainable. We have had the opportunity in 2011 and 2012 to come up with a more realistic deal, that alone will help to ensure that we do survive. The Light House had built up quite a decent audience at the end and we hope to get them back in. One of the criticisms in the past was that people didn’t know where it was as it is quite hard to find, so we need to overcome that.’

‘We have managed to negotiate a lease at a more sensible level and reflects what is going on in the property world today, commercial rents today reflect what businesses can afford to pay. The landlord and NAMA have both been very constructive, and we appreciate that, and the Minister Jimmy Deenihan has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with NAMA to try and make this happen. He has put a lot of energy in general to see that buildings with a cultural remit that are in NAMA’s portfolio are exploited to their full potential.  He was instrumental in encouraging NAMA to engage with us in a positive way and they did prioritise us and we are very grateful for that.’

 Gordon Gaffney



Light House Cinema to Reopen for JDIFF have reported that the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is to host some of its prestigious film screenings in the Light House cinema in Smithfield.


The cinema closed down in April of last year after running up a rent debt of over €100,000 but is now reopening under the new management of Element Pictures. While the movie distribution company have yet to release an official statement on its new venture, it has already posted a hiring notice for cinema staff.

Twenty staff lost their jobs when the Light House closed last year.


Light House Cinema, Smithfield threatened with closure


The board of the Light House Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin met on Tuesday, 22nd March  to discuss its future ahead of a High Court hearing of a petition to wind up the company.

The cinema’s landlord, John Flynn, has issued the wind-up petition following a dispute about the rent on the premises.

The cinema says its annual rent was doubled in May 2010, from €100,000 to €200,000.

It says it is not in a position to pay the increased rent and has been trying to negotiate with Mr Flynn.

It has sought legal advice in relation to Mr Flynn’s move, which they became aware of last Friday.

The Lighthouse Cinema opened in Smithfield in May 2008 as a four-screen, 600-seat ‘cultural cinema which presents a diverse and individual programme of the best Irish, independent, foreign-language, arthouse and classic cinema.’

It benefited from grants totaling €1.75 million from the Department of Arts and the Cultural Cinema Consortium, a joint initiative of the Arts Council and the Irish Film Board.

It currently employs 20 people and says box office receipts for the first two months of this year have been ‘the best yet.’

It was hoped the cinema would be part of a cultural hub in Smithfield, but several retail units in the area are empty and other proposed developments have been put on hold.


Podcast interviews with writer/director Conor McDermottroe and the team behind ‘Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne’

Swan Song
In part one of this podcast Conor McDermottroe speaks to Film Ireland’s Scott Townsend about his debut feature as director ‘Swansong:  Story of Occi Byrne’, which was released in cinemas on Friday September 10th 2010

Conor discusses how his original one-man theatre show came to be onscreen over the course of five years, how he cast it, the difficulties and successes of shooting around Sligo, and the schmoozing of Billy Idol’s ‘people’ for some key music use.

This is a podcast of approximately 15 minutes

In part two Conor McDermottroe, producer Hermann Florin and some more of the crew answer questions from the Light House Cinema audience on Friday September 10th 2010.

This is a podcast of approximately 11 minutes

The podcasts can be listened to here.


‘Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne’ was released in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield and selected cinemas in the Sligo/Leitrim area in September 10th 2010. It will also be showing in towns through the North-West Cinemobile. Conor McDermottroe will be in attendance for Q&A sessions.

Find out where you can catch the film at the official website


'Swansong, The Story of Occi Byrne' on release in selected cinemas on Friday 10th September


The feature film Swansong, Story of Occi Byrne, written and directed by Conor McDermottroe, goes on release in the Light House Cinema, Dublin and in select cinemas in the Sligo/Leitrim area from today Friday 10th September.

Swansong, Story of Occi Byrne portrays the life of Austin ‘Occi’ Byrne who is brought up in Sligo by his alcoholic mother and who suffers traumatic bullying at the hands of a local gang because he has no father. Occi grows up plagued by anger, confusion and pain. In the hopes of unlocking his own identity and overcoming the past that haunts him, he sets out to find his father and discover the secret of his birth. Remaining fiercely loyal to his mother, Occi is consistently tested on his journey, but eventually learns the true power that comes with love, friendship and most of all, a sense of belonging.

This emotional film stars Martin McCann (The Sound of People, Killing Bono) in the lead role as Occi, with Jodie Whittaker (Perrier’s Bounty), Marcella Plunkett (Once), Gerard Mc Sorley (Wide Open Spaces), Brid Brennan (Dancing at Lughnasa) and Owen Roe (Intermission) all included in the cast.

Produced by Edwina Forkin and Tom Maguire for Zanzibar Films in Ireland and Hermann Florin for Florin Films in Germany, it was co-financed by the IFB, RTÉ, Eurimage, Kinowelt and ZDF/Arte and was shot entirely on location in Sligo.  The film premiered at last year’s Galway Film Fleadh where it picked up the runner up prize for Best Irish Feature Film.

Swansong, Story of Occi Byrne will be released in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield and in selected cinemas in the Sligo/Leitrim area and will also be showing in towns through the North-west cinemobile. Conor McDermottroe will be in attendance for Q&A sessions.

Film Ireland will have an exclusive podcast interview with Conor McDermottroe online next week.

Find out where you can catch the film at the official website


The Best of the West

The Best of the West 2010 will give Dublin audiences a chance to catch the winning short films from this year’s Galway Film Fleadh. The special screening is being organised by Filmbase, in association with the Galway Film Fleadh and the Light House Cinema and takes place at 3pm on Sunday 25th of July at the Light House Cinema in Smithfield.

This year’s screening will include the 11 award-winning shorts from the Fleadh including animation, live action drama and documentary.

The screening will be followed by a wine reception and an opportunity for the audience to meet with the filmmakers.

Tickets for the event are just €8 and will be available to buy from the Light House Cinema box office from 5pm on Monday 19th of July (Phone: 01 879 7601 or book online at

For more information visit


Glasgow International Bike Film Festival screenings in Dublin

Two biking films, Follow Me and Seasons, will be screened as a special presentation of the Glasgow International Bike Film Festival on tour. They will be shown on Wednesday, June 16th at Light House Cinema for one night only.

Tickets for the event are expected to sell fast, as the touring programme has been a huge success in the UK given the growing popularity of mountain biking across Europe in recent years.

For more information visit or to find out more about the Glasgow International Bike Film Festival go to


Report from the Launch of RTÉ’s Dance on the Box DVD

The DVD launch of Twelve Short Dance Films from Ireland, RTÉ Dance on the Box 2006-2010 took place on Thursday 13th May 2010 in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield. This was followed by a preview screening of the 2010 RTÉ Dance on the Box films and a reception.

Admit One, Deep End Dance, Her Mother’s Daughter and Mo Mhórchoir Féin were all shown in advance of their premiere on RTÉ TWO as part of the Dublin Dance Festival.

At the event David McKenna (RTÉ Television’s Executive Producer Arts and Cross-media), and Fionnuala Sweeney (Head of Film and International Arts at the Arts Council) spoke about the success of the scheme as well as mentioning the great dance/film collaborations that have arisen as a result.

Steven Davenport (Dance on the Box short 'Her Mother's Daughter') and Declan Recks ('Eden', Guest editor for 'Film Ireland' issue 122).
Steven Davenport (Dance on the Box short 'Her Mother's Daughter') and Declan Recks ('Eden', Guest editor for 'Film Ireland' issue 122).

Adrian McCarthy of Wildfire films and Úna Ní Dhonghaile ('Wallander').
Adrian McCarthy of Wildfire films and Úna Ní Dhonghaile ('Wallander').
David McKenna (RTÉ Television’s Executive Producer Arts & Cross-media) and Fionnuala Sweeney (Head of Film and International Arts at the Arts Council).
David McKenna (RTÉ Television’s Executive Producer Arts & Cross-media) and Fionnuala Sweeney (Head of Film and International Arts at the Arts Council).
Steve Woods (Dance on the Box short 'Admit One') and Conor Horgan (Dance on the Box short 'Deep End Dance').
Steve Woods (Dance on the Box short 'Admit One') and Conor Horgan (Dance on the Box short 'Deep End Dance').
Performers Jessica Kennedy, Emma O'Kane, Joanna Banks and Megan Kennedy (Dance on the Box short 'Her Mother's Daughter').
Performers Jessica Kennedy, Emma O'Kane, Joanna Banks and Megan Kennedy (Dance on the Box short 'Her Mother's Daughter').


Screen Lovers Season at Light House Cinema

Light House Cinema is offering the public the opportunity to see some classic cinematic love stories on the big screen, as they were meant to be experienced. The Screen Lovers Season, which will run for one month only, 10th October–10th November, will feature the unforgettable classics Brief Encounter (1945), South Pacific (1958), Some Like It Hot (1959), Pierrot le fou (1965) and My Beautiful Laundrette (1985).

Light House intend to fully embrace the digital projection it recently installed (with the assistance of the Cultural Cinema Consortium) by screening repertory titles on a regular basis. The venue is intent on offering a broad selection of films to the cinemagoing public, and strands such as the Screen Lovers Series will go some way towards fulfilling this goal.

Tickets can be purchased either from the Light House Cinema website or from the box office at the standard ticket price. However screenings are limited so cinemagoers are advised to purchase their tickets in advance.


Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Light House


‘Stanley Kubrick: Taming Light’ is a group exhibition of 25 new works from Irish and international painters, photographers and illustrators paying tribute to the life and work of Stanley Kubrick, ten years on from his death. The exhibition will take place at Light House Cinema, Smithfield (Dublin) for the month of October, 2009.

The show is curated by film critic John Maguire, who has invited a roster of established and emerging Irish and international artists to pay tribute to their cinematic inspiration. “Ten years on from his death in 1999, Kubrick exerts a huge influence, not just on cinema, but on culture in general. For a new generation of artists, photographers and illustrators, Kubrick is more than just a director, consummate storyteller or technical genius. Kubrick stands as something greater; a genuine film artist; the master of composition, colour, movement and spectacle,” says Maguire.

The exhibition poster is a specially commissioned piece from Uruguayan illustrator Martin Ansin. Ansin’s hand-drawn retrospective of Kubrick’s classic characters, topped by a portrait of the director, is available as a collector’s item as a high-quality art print, in a limited edition of 250 only, at Light House Cinema.

The exhibition website has more information on the artists participating in the exhibition, including links to their websites. The site also contains a gallery of the artists work, and specially commissioned monographs on Kubrick’s visual genius from various film critics and commentators.

Participating artists include: Martin Ansin, Joby Hickey, Chris Judge, Francis Matthews, graffiti artist 2Cents, Mike Ahern, Annie Atkins, Ciaran Og Arnold, David Turpin, David Cleary, Jay Roche, Kiersten Essenpreis, Geraldine Doherty, Alan Lambert, Steve Doogan, Fergal Brennan, Scalder, graffiti artist Maser, Mark Wickham and Cliona O Flaherty.

The exhibition is free of charge and is organised on a not-for-profit basis. The show is not a sales event. Light House Cinema is a four-screen, 600-seat cultural cinema located at Market Square, Smithfield Plaza, Dublin 7.


GAZE at the Light House Cinema

The 17th Annual Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival will take place at the Smithfield venue for the first time this August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Dublin’s LGBT film festival returns this August Bank Holiday Weekend at the new venue with a wide and varied programme, screening something for everyone, regardless of their orientation, with plenty on offer from local talent to Hollywood stars, from dramas and comedies to documentaries and the ever-popular short film programmes.

This year’s opening film on Thursday, 30th July will be the European premiere of the critically acclaimed Grey Gardens, starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange, and co-written by festival guest Patricia Rozema. This multi-talented filmmaker is no stranger to Irish shores, having been one of the select directors chosen to translate one of Samuel Beckett’s works (Happy Days) into film for the Beckett on Film series. Rozema will also be present for a Q&A session after the screening of the original Grey Gardens documentary.

Other strands in the festival include numerous gala events, talks, audience participation and feedback opportunities, along with numerous social outlets, including after-screening discussions that will take place in the Light House café / bar, which will be open throughout the festival.

To view the GAZE line-up, please click here:

Tickets can be booked in person at Light House Cinema, online at, or by telephone on (01) 879 7601.


Light House Cinema Launches James Bond Season

In celebration of the centenary of the birth of producer Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, a season of classic James Bond films have been digitally restored and are being shown exclusively at Light House Cinema, Smithfield from 14th June. The four classic films will be screened via digital projection at Light House, enabling audiences to enjoy the outstanding picture quality and improved sound offered by this technologically advanced format. The installation of digital projection equipment at Light House Cinema was funded by the Cultural Cinema Consortium, a strategic partnership between the Arts Council and Bord Scannán na hÉireann / the Irish Film Board (IFB). Dr. No will mark the first digital screening in the cinema.

The four films that will be screened are Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. They will be shown on consecutive Sundays beginning with Dr. No on Sunday 14th June.

For more details, as well as tickets for these screenings, see, or call (01) 879 7601.


National College of Art and Design Free Exhibition

Dublin’s Light House Cinema will be providing the camera obscura setting for a unique display of developing work of 22 artists from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). The exhibition will be open daily from 1.30 pm–9 pm from 27th March until 6th April, and will be free of charge and open to the public.

The students, who are from a range of post graduate programmes, will be showcasing works from a broad range of media, including design, digital arts, painting, photography, installation, performance and sculpture.

For Information on the show please visit