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Production stills from Mycrofilms' crime comedy Swerve. Credit: Photo by Ross Costigan Photography. Contact or 353 86 7733391

The award winning short film Swerve has just been released online. Swerve is a crime comedy about a deadly game where it’s every man for himself as a group of ambitious criminals do battle for a mysterious bag. This game has been going on for as long as anyone in the criminal underworld can remember. If you play, you play to win. If you lose, you die. But the question is, what’s in the bag?

The film is directed by Ross Costigan and written by John Morton. It was produced by Alan Slattery for Mycrofilms. It won best Short Film at the 2015 Underground Cinema Film Festival and has just finished a festival run where it has screened all over the world.

The cast of the Swerve includes Ed Murphy, David Thompson, John Doran, Peter McGann, John Morton, Stephen Colfer, Niall Sheehy, Paul Young, James McHale, Brendan Corcoran, Ger Cody, Joe Cleere, Niall Morrissey, Ken McGuire, Niamh Moyles and Adrian Kavanagh.

Director Ross Costigan told Film Ireland that “About five years ago we were shooting an episode of webcom Vultures when John Morton said he had a script I should read. It might be good for me to direct and that it was basically inspired by the video game Streets Of Rage but set in Ireland. Then Mycrofilms and myself received a small collaboration bursary from Artlinks and thought we might just be able to make a film out of it. We managed to assemble a huge cast and crew of amazing talented people, all working for free and from there we spent six days turning the streets of Kilkenny into the most ridiculous, violent relay race imaginable”

Speaking to Film Ireland, writer John Morton explains that “The idea was inspired by the video game Streets Of Rage and the idea was to do a short about a game that moved in a scrolling beat ’em up fashion, with random players entering at different stages. I wanted to write something pulpy and kind of schlocky, which I hadn’t really done before so Swerve scratched that itch for a lot of us. Thematically, it’s about the nature of crime and how criminals once had a semi noble code but are now opportunists and cheaters and in that idea, it gave us the scope to do a ridiculous shoot ’em up and play with guns.’



The making of Swerve was supported by Artlinks. It was shot entirely on location in Kilkenny City

Previous short movies from Mycrofilms include John Morton’s Daffney Molloy and Other Catastrophes (Chicago Irish Film Festival/Indie Cork) Hot Water Bottle (Cork Film Festival) and Terrence White’s Baby Love which played numerous national and international film festivals.


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Watch ‘Daffney Molloy And Other Catastrophes’



Daffney Molloy And Other Catastrophes, the new short film from Mycrofilms has been released online. It premiered at last years IndieCork Film Festival as well as screening at the Chicago Irish Film Festival this past March. It is adapted from the same stage play that also formed the basis of one of this year’s RTÉ Storyland commissions Smitten and features much of the same cast and characters.

A comedy set in present day Kilkenny, it tells the story of four men who whilst drowning their sorrows at a housewarming party, get caught up in stories about a near mythical girl from their past. Apart from one of them. Crippled with social anxiety and struggling with his newly found sobriety, Tommy has no idea who Daffney Molloy is. As the yarns are spun, he begins to question how much of what he’s hearing is reality and how much of it is fantasy.

The cast for the film includes Eddie Murphy, Aoife Spratt, Amy Dunne, Jack O’Leary, Niall Morrissey, John Morton, Peter McGann, Lynsey Moran and Leah Egan. The film is written and directed by John Morton, produced by Alan Slattery and shot by Ross Costigan. Swerve, the last short film from Mycrofilms, won the Best Short Film award at this years Underground Film Festival.

Speaking to Film Ireland, John Morton said, “The film is adapted from a play I wrote some years ago called Smitten, part of which was also adapted for this year’s RTÉ Storyland. This story is about four men trading tales at a dull grown-up house party, like fishermen talking about great catches that got away. Three of them are in situations where they’re forced to get real about life, pregnant girlfriends, settling down and struggling with commitment. They wax philosophical about a girl who represents more innocent times for them. Like a manic pixie dream girl on steroids. Tommy, the protagonist, is just out of rehab and as he’s struggling to adjust to reality, isn’t sure what to make of these yarns. He’s captivated but wary. Will he get real or, like his friends, regress into fantasy?
“I was interested in doing something about the conflict in your late 20s of getting real about life or avoiding responsibility. For Tommy, it’s going to be telling if he’ll meet a real girl or just another fantasy version.
“The stage version told a lot of different stories with these characters and this short tries to distill the central theme, which is essentially ‘the grass is greener on the other side’. And in this case the greener grass is a fantasy which may be nowhere near as interesting as where you’re currently standing.”


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‘Zenith’ in Post-production



Zenith, a seven-minute science fiction drama directed by Fergal Costello, is currently in post-production. The film stars John Morton and deals with an astronaut, adrift in space, remembering the wife and life he has left behind on Earth in his final moments.


The film and its effects utilized the VFX technique Cloud Tank Photography, pioneered by Douglas Trumball for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, to film the space sequences.


Costello has worked extensively with RTÉ Two’s Republic of Telly and The Fear but dedicates the majority of his time to his own projects, the last of which, Shocker, received its premiere screening in The Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield.

Zenith was made for €1,300 and is currently in post-production for an early February release. Director Peter Foott helped in the funding process of the film.

Ciaran Birch composed the score for the short film.


The film is aiming for an early February completion with screening dates to be announced soon.




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