‘Lost & Found’ Launches Trailer ahead of Dingle Screening


Irish Writer/Director Liam O Mochain’s 3rd feature film Lost & Found will screen on February 23rd at the 2018 Dingle International Film Festival following its successful screenings at the recent IndieCork film festival and it’s sold out world premiere at the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh where Donald Clarke in The Irish Times called it one of ‘the best films from this year’s Galway Film Fleadh’ and Scott Larson from scottmovies.com said the film was ‘reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s Clerks. The stories are, in turn, touching, funny and thoughtful’.

Writer/Director Liam O Mochain (WC, The Book That Wrote itself) says on hearing the news about the Dingle selection “We are delighted to screen at Dingle. It is a great film festival with a strong interest and commitment to film and animation from Ireland and all over the World.  We are also pleased to launch the trailer for the film ahead of it’s screening at Dingle and its’ Irish cinema release in the coming months.  Ciara Brophy and the post production team at Screen Scene did a fantastic job on the trailer and I look forward to people watching it.”

Lost & Found is a feature film with 7 interconnecting stories set in and around a lost & found office of an Irish train station.  All segments are inspired by true stories, share a theme of something lost or found, and characters that come in and out of each other’s lives. It was filmed over 5 years and completed in April 2017. O Mochain says “The cast, crew and post team were great to work with. They were very dedicated to the film and kept coming back every year to work on the next segment. It took 5 years because of the scale of the film and was funded independently.”

The ensemble cast includes Norma Sheahan (‘Moone Boy’), Liam Carney (‘Red Rock’), Aoibhin Garrihy (‘The Fall’), Anthony Morris (‘Games of Thrones’), Seamus Hughes (‘Jimmy’s Hall’), Liam O Mochain (‘WC’), Brendan Conroy (‘Vikings’), Barbara Adair (‘Grabbers’), Sean Flanagan (‘Foil Arms & Hog’), Tom O Suilleabhain (‘Maze’), Olga Wehrly (‘The Clinic’), Diarmuid Noyes (‘Borgia’), Lynette Callaghan (‘Cold Feet’), Daniel Costelloe (‘Albert Nobbs’) and Donncha Crowley (‘Fr. Ted’).



The 2018 Dingle International Film Festival  runs from March 22nd to 25th 2018.

Liam Ó Mochain: Director of ‘Lost & Found’


Antoin Beag Ó Colla Wins at Dingle



Donegal’s Antoin Beag Ó Colla has won the Físín short film competition award which took place at the recent Dingle International Film Festival. The prize includes a €5000 fund towards the production of a short film plus €2000 worth of equipment hire from Vast Valley.


This year’s five finalists were Gillian Grattan, Elaine Kennedy, Dáithí Ó Cinnéide, Antoin Beag Ó Colla and Sinéad Ralston. Físín is aimed at encouraging filmmaking in the Irish language, with five projects selected and invited to pitch their stories to the festival’s panel. The whole process is conducted using the Irish language.


Ó Colla is currently Researcher and Writing Assistant on TV3’s IFTA-winning Red Rock series. He has also had previous success with Rúbaí, a multi-award winning short film he wrote which was directed by Louise Ní Fhiannachta.  Ó Colla also has been working with James Ryan on other projects and together they’ve secured development funding for a TG4 comedy drama series.


County Galway-based James Ryan, who has previous credits as Production Manager on TG4’s IFTA-winning Fleadh TV as well as Co-Producer on Abu Media’s Garraí Glas will produce the film. The film, which has the working title of An Mallacht, is a dark comedy drama based on the Mayo GAA team curse of 1951.


Casting and a production schedule will be decided upon in the coming weeks with the film to be screened at next year’s Dingle International Film Festival.





Interview: Jason Branagan, wri/dir of ‘Shoebox Memories’


Written and directed by Jason Branagan, Shoebox Memories is an offbeat, musical, romcom. The indie feature tells the story of disillusioned musician and music teacher, Chris, who desperately wants to reconcile with his first love and long time girlfriend, Deb. Wallowing in self-pity after discovering she’s soon-to-be-married, his best friends, Mikey and Al, decide it’s time that Chris gets over her once and for all.

The film’s narrative is written around an album of music, which is also written by Jason, who spoke to Anthony Assad ahead of the film’s screening at the upcoming Dingle International Film Festival.

In terms of the film’s structure, it’s arranged episodically with chapter headings in the guise of mix-tape music tracks pre-recorded by the protagonist. What came first – the story or the songs?
Mainly the songs. There was an old song from way back when I wanted to be a singer/songwriter that was a dialogue between 2 people. I always wanted to use that idea to maybe write a musical or a stage play. When the idea for the film came around and we were looking at ideas for what we could shoot I had the idea of using a bunch of old songs and structuring a story around them. 6 of the songs were written long before the film and then there’s 3 of them that were written specifically for it. The reason the female lead is Emma Jane was because the song was called Emma Jane. The reason they’re broken up 3 years is because the song is called 3 years. It was an interesting way to approach trying to write a script because you have so much context and content in the songs that you are trying to work out how to fit them into a narrative.


It’s interesting – it’s almost like an adaptation of an album.

As it stands the film has a very linear narrative but initially in my head the idea was much more experimental. It was a film built around an album – which is still more or less what it is –  but we just found a way of making it very linear.


Did the actors have access to the songs in relation to each scene before shooting?

We spent longer recording the album than making the film. We recorded before we shot. Myself, Colm Gavin [who plays Chris] and a sound engineer friend of mine spent about 4 or 5 weeks in my living room recording the album. So Colm was well aware of all the music. Colm had never acted before. I wanted a musician in the role and I knew Colm through my brother who had gone to school with him. Having come from that musical background myself I felt that a singer/songwriter would hopefully be able to connect to the material and that would probably help them in scenes.

Outside of that, the rest of the actors experienced the music as we shot. Obviously, we would do multiple takes but some of the reaction in terms of when Colm plays was the first time they heard the songs. So there were very honest reactions in those moments.


You managed to deliver the film under a microbudget of €2,500. Some filmmakers would consider it a constraint and others believe it pushes them to succeed and think outside of the box. Where would you align yourself?

I believe that constraint leads to creativity. Of course, it’s not always the best – it can be nice to have money to fix problems. But I think it’s good to undertake something like this, even if you never do it again and you only work with bigger budgets. You’re forced to become adaptable and you have to deal with issues as they arise and to deal with them creatively because there isn’t money to throw at them. You’ve got to figure things out on the spot. I think as a director that is half your battle. Still though, I would like to do it with money!

Shoebox Memories screens on Friday 18th March as part of the Dingle International Film Festival (17 – 19 March 2016)



Tomm Moore to Receive The Murakami Award at Animation Dingle



Tomm Moore, director of Oscar®-nominated The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, will receive The Murakami Award at the Irish Animation Awards in Dingle. Animation Dingle (12 – 13 March) is part of the Dingle International Film Festival (12 – 15 March).

James Hickey, CEO of The Irish Film Board, will hand over the award to Tomm at a presentation as part of the Awards in The Skellig Hotel this Friday night.

The first ever Irish Animation Awards will take place on Friday 13th March at the Dingle Skelligs Hotel in Dingle. This is Animation Irelands’ inaugural awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding creative talent  within the Irish Animation, VFX and gaming industries. The awards also recognise and support animation students and we acknowledge them with our “Best Student Film” category.

Each of the 12 categories have been appointed two judges that worked together to agree the shortlist and will choose the final winner.  Chairs and Judges include Jackie Edwards – Executive Producer of Cbeebies Animation, Tim Patterson – VP, Director of Programming at Nickelodeon UK, Sarah Muller Head of Acquisitions at CBBC, Helen McAleer – Chief Global Development Officer for the Walker Group and a host of names from the world of animation and children’s Television.


Tickets are available at www.dinglefilmfestival.com or you can call the bookings line 0851974481






Short films selected for Dingle IFF 2013

Off The Board    

Dingle International Film Festival have announced the Short films selected for Dingle IFF 2013 from open submission:


Bleedin’ Rapid                                    Etain McGuckian        23mins 28sec

Off The Board                                     Siobhan Perry             7mins 55sec

Irish Folk Furniture                          Tony Donoghue          8mins 19sec

For the love of the letter press        Dara deFaoite              9mins 40sec

Jeff Linares                                         Kamil Krolak              5mins 50sec

Never Worn                                        Neil O’Driscoll               7mins 36sec

Buried in the Light                           Siobhan Perry               5mins 44sec

Going The Distance                        Deirdre Mullins            12mins 35sec

Fifty People one Question              Kamil Krolak                11mins 18sec

Long Way From Home                   Luke Sweetman-Pell   3mins 44secs

Un Peu Plus                                        Conor Ferguson          7mins

Blind Sided                                          Richard Scobie            15mins 08sec

Get Lucky                                             Norma Burke                11mins 46sec

Timeless                                              Eamonn Norris            5mins

Cowboys and Dissidents                 Larry Cowan               17mins 36sec

Breath In                                             Kate Dolan                  12min 14sec

Luna                                                    Anthony Robinson     7mins 04sec

I Can’t See Anymore                        Michael Kinrious        14mins 28sec

After You                                            Damien O Connor       7mins

Motion Sickness                              Zlata Filipovic               10mins 24sec

Fractured                                           Hannah Lamont          9mins 30sec

Pixelation Daydreams                   Oisin Reynolds             3mins 39sec

Home Made                                        Luke McManus          5mins

Come What May                    Maxime Feyers & Mathieu Bergeron 16mins 30secs

The Orb                                                Kenny Leigh               6mins 42sec

What Remains                                    Rachel Evans             5min 50sec

The Fly Olympics                                Adam Kemp               1min 33sec

All of Me                                                Karen Muckian           8mins

Dark Side of the lens                           Helen Hayden             6mins

Jeremiah O Dea                                   Kamil Krolak              5mins 25sec

Grand Opening                                   Liam O Mochain         12mins

EL Toro                                                 David Clarke               14mins

Bás Arto Leary                                   Luke McManus          25mins 55sec

The DIFFerence is DINGLE!

Am an Ghátair: In Ainm an Mhic       Paddy Hayes              45mins

Foxy John’s                                        Lanka Haouche Perren 3mins 48sec

Rosie Ryan Rides Again                     Mick Daniels              32mins

Skint                                                        Murt Mulcahy             14mins 33sec

The Dingle International Film Festival runs March 15th to March 18th 2013

Programme details to be announced soon


Leslie Dixon Screenwriting Masterclass Dingle April 3rd 2012

Dingle International Film Festival in association with FAS Screen Training Ireland is proud to present a scriptwriting Masterclass with Hollywood screenwriter Leslie Dixon on April 3rd 2012.

Leslie Dixon is a Hollywood screenwriter. Dixon wrote screenplays for films such as Outrageous Fortune, Overboard, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Thomas Crown Affair, Pay It Forward, and Freaky Friday.

Leslie will give a 2 hour Masterclass using some of her most successful films to give an insight into how she works as a writer. Her discussion will involve LIMITLESS, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR and HAIRSPRAY.

This Masterclass will take place in The Phoenix Cinema in Dingle.

For further details, go to www.dinglefilmfestival.com.