‘Told You’ Wraps

Cashell Horgan’s latest film Told You was awarded funding by the Limerick Arts office film bursary scheme with Producers; Joe Mullins, Linhong Yang of Made Image Films. The 10-minute short film Told You tells the story of a young boy’s fear of the dark and a monster hiding in the house. But he has a hard time trying to convince his parents the monster is real.

The film is set in the ’80s and aimed for family audiences. The principal role of the young boy is played by limerick actor Elliott O Donoghue aged 7, Joe Mullins (The Clockmakers Dream) plays the father and Hanna Osborne (A Very Irish Family) plays the role of the young boys mother. Jass Foley (The Hit Producer) is DOP with Cashell Horgan writing and directing.

This is Made Image’s second short awarded funded by the Limerick arts office after the multi-award winning short The Clockmakers Dream reaped 30 awards on the festival circuit since 2016.

Cashell commented, “It was great to be back and film in Limerick, I’m happy that we got to make the film, It’s simple story but I think it will resonate with everyone who’s been afraid of ‘things that go bump in the night’ and it puts forward the real monster can be the people around us at times. I’m very happy with the results and the talent and crew we had. It was Elliot’s first time acting for film and I think he could have a bright future ahead of him.”

Told You is set for release on the film festival circuit in 2019.


Jared Harris Narrates Limerick City of Culture Short ‘The Clockmakers Dream’

Clock Makers Dream Final Poster Draft D

Jared Harris son of the legendary actor Richard Harris has narrated The Clockmakers Dream, one of the short films that was awarded funding by Limerick City of Culture in partnership with Behind the Scenes

Writer and director of the twenty minute short film Cashell Horgan said, “We are delighted to have such a great actor as narrator. Jared was a real pleasure to work with, a humble actor with great wit and talent which made the recording a lot of fun. It brought another dimension to the The Clockmakers Dream and the whole feel of the film. It’s very encouraging that an actor of this calibre takes such an interest in Irish film and genuinely appreciates the short film form.”

The film took over little over nine months to complete and was filmed in Limerick for eight days with local talent and crew. The post production was extensive and intense, taking several months to integrate the actors with the fantasy landscapes and animation.  The films’ overall style is that of an animated film but reminiscent of a pop up story book, and combines handmade masks, 2D and 3D animation with live action to create a very novel fantasy world.

The film had a cast and crew screening at the Richard Harris Film Festival in Limerick on October 24th and will now begin its festival tour.