Bio: Ciara O’Brien



Ciara O’Brien is a writer from Wicklow with a somewhat embarrassing love of vampires. When not in the cinema she can almost certainly be found watching Dawson’s Creek re-runs.




Bio: Stacy Grouden

Originally from Co. Meath, Stacy Grouden has an MA in Film Studies from UCD. She claims that her favourite movie is Amadeus, though her actual favourite movie is School of Rock. Currently preparing research on the career of actress Kathleen Turner, Stacy can be found tweeting obsessively @SilverStGroud about movies, music, food, and her enduring love for the (tragically-temporally-absent) actor Cary Grant.


Bio: Chris Lavery



Film preferences can tell you a lot about a person. Chris Lavery thinks Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie, True Romance is the greatest love story ever told and The Big Lebowski is the funniest movie ever made.


Anyone who tries to dissuade Chris from believing any of these “facts” will be met with a juvenile “talk to the hand, cuz the face ain’t listenin'” riposte.


Apart from that, Chris is a mild-mannered movie fan who is constantly astounded by how light shining through 35mm film moving at 24 frames per second can create such breathless wonderment and inspire us to dream big.


Unfortunately, Chris’s dream of being asked to go to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance of 1955 will never be realised.


Chris is currently studying a BA in Journalism at Dublin Business School.



Twitter: @ChrisLavery6


Bio: David Prendeville



David Prendeville is interested in Avant-garde and Experimental Film, Genre Films, Danish Cinema, British Cinema.

He recently completed an M.Phil Film Theory and History at Trinity College Dublin after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with Film Studies at the National University of Ireland in Galway.






Bio: Ailbhe O’ Reilly


Ailbhe writes for Film Ireland in her spare time writing both film and book reviews.

She previously wrote for the Trinity News during her time in University and works in marketing.


Twittter: @ailbhedub


Bio: John Moran

John Moran recently completed his Masters in Film & Television Studies at Dublin City University for which he received a first-class honours Master’s Degree.


His thesis examined scenes of non-simulated explicit sex in contemporary cinema, focusing on the films of Travis Mathews and Antonio Da Silva.


He contributes to an ongoing Irish LGBT history project. He also works as a scopist, proofreading transcripts for Irish criminal courts.


He taught an Irish dancing class for six years, but film is his passion.



Bio: Tony McKiver

Tony McKiver is a freelance writer who has written on film and television for a number of other publications, including The Irish Times, The Guardian and The Quietus. He is also a screenwriter represented by Camilla Young of the Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency.

Twitter: @TonyMcKiver


Bio: Michael Stephen Lee

Michael Stephen Lee is a tall, dashing, handsome, would be Casanova of would be film critics. In his youth, Michael was a sprightly troubled rebel, a misfit who plagued the mean streets of Terenure with a hail of gobstoppers and golf balls. His wild antics became a growing concern for his parents. Nothing they did seemed to have any success.

Out of desperation they moved to the countryside. This, however, only escalated matters. On something of a whim, it was suggested by a well trusted relative that boarding school would wean him of his wildness. Hence he was schooled in some overpriced prep school where there was a strict regime of porridge, literature and cricket.

It was in his formative years here that he expressed interest in acting but, for all his effort, wasn’t especially good. However, he retained a blossoming passion for narrative. On those rare trips home and long summer holidays in the country, he found himself becoming more and more consumed with cinema. After a prolonged sabbatical in the hills of Catalonia he decided to resume his education.

He is currently in his final year at the National Film School in I.A.D.T in Dun Laoghaire.



Bio: Matt Micucci



Matt Micucci was born in Genoa, Italy, but raised in Galway from the age of nine. Matt is a full-time freelance film reporter and writer with plenty of international film festival and film event experience. He also has a BA in Film and TV, which he completed in GMIT in 2010.

Matt has written for many national and international platforms, such as Film Ireland, Cineuropa and in two languages – Italian and English – on the official website of the Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival. Earlier this year, Matt was picked for a programme sponsored by the European Parliament named ’28 Times Cinema’, which aims to bring young cinephiles around the world to the Venice Film Festival.

Matt has a website, which he updates daily and compiles all his film writings, reports, inteviews and reviews.
Twitter: @MattMicucci89