Call For: Actors for Feature


Vico Films is currently casting for a new micro-budget feature project. The film will be shot on location in Cork and will shoot in early summer 2015. The film will be written and directed by award winning, Cork based filmmaker Peter Foott.

They are currently searching for two male lead actors for the film, minimum age 15. Actors should be within the playing-age range of 14-19 years and based in Cork. No previous acting experience is necessary; the director will work with the actors to create their characters.

Interested applicants should create a short piece to camera video where they tell  a little about themselves.

IMPORTANT: This should be unrehearsed, unscripted, and as natural as possible. We are looking for applicants who are natural and comfortable on camera.

This video should be uploaded privately (with a password) to Youtube or Vimeo,

A LINK to this video must then be sent, along with the necessary PASSWORD and CONTACT DETAILS to

This is a micro budget project, however, chosen actors will be paid a small amount and their expenses covered.

Deadline for applications: Monday February 9th 2015, at 5pm.


Approaching Auditions – Half Day Seminar & 2 Day Workshop


Two workshops are coming up to hone your audition skills:

Approaching Auditions: Half Day Seminar

Maureen Hughes (Casting Director) & Dearbhla Walsh (Director) – pictured – will give guidelines on how best to approach auditions, both in Ireland and the UK. Topics covered will include:

  • Self-taping auditions
  • Advice on CV presentation
  • Choosing a piece for a monologue
  • Approaching casting directors
  • Do’s and Don’t’s of Auditions
  • Getting your name out there

There will be a Q & A afterwards.

Participant Profile:
This event is aimed at actors, both emerging and more experienced, who wish to refine their auditioning skills.
Date: October 21st (2pm – 5pm)​, Galway City​
Cost: €25
Application Procedure: Applicants for this course should apply online via the Screen Training Ireland by Mon 30th September. For further details, please contact Mary Deely at or Sorcha Loughnane at


Approaching Auditions: 2 Day Workshop

This 2-day workshop is aimed at actors who wish to refine their auditioning skills and will be tutored by Maureen Hughes (Casting Director) and Dearbhla Walsh (Director). See biogs above.

Day One
The actors submit self-taped auditions prior to the course. These are reviewed and critiqued by Maureen and Dearbhla on day one. Actors are assigned scenes to work on overnight.
Day Two
Actors shall work solo and in pairs on scenes which they will audition throughout the day.

Date: October 22nd & 23rd, Galway City.​
Cost: €150
Application Procedure: Applicants for this course should apply online via the Screen Training Ireland by Tues 23rd September. ENSURE YOU INCLUDE A HEADSHOT WITH YOUR CV. For further details, please contact Mary Deely at or Sorcha Loughnane


Call For: Cast for Short & Feature


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Rice Christian Films are currently preparing to start work on two projects – one short, one (possibly) feature length.

The short requires:

  • Male actor playing mid 30s with a strong eastern European accent (an actor for whom English is not their first language would suit well). Ability to ride a motorbike would also help.
  • Male actor playing early 20s.
  • Female actor playing early 20s. 

The longer film requires:

  • Male actor playing mid 30s to mid 40s.
  • Several male actors with strong improvisational skills playing 30 to 50 for smaller parts.

The short will film in May, the feature piece in August. Please send on links to showreels with either ‘short’ or ‘feature’ in the subject line to , attn. Garry or go to the ‘casting’ link at 

The roles are unpaid but should either film meet with any commercial success, Rice Christian Films will be delighted to settle the account.


Call For: Cast for Short Film


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Dundalk Institute of Technology’s ‘Video and Film Production’ course are currently casting for a graduate short film.

The short film titled; Queue This Way, is about Jonny Keeler’s internal social anxiety and his attempt to overcome his external awkwardness to impress the girl of his dreams, Delilah.

The roles available are

Male – Jonny Keeler, 22, tall, slim build, light/brown hair
(Jonny is a socially awkward and lonely perfectionist)

Female – Delilah Quinn, 21, slim build, quirky, fair haired
(Delilah is Jonny’s love interest. She is a free-spirited, confidant batista)

Male – Daniel Handler, 26, no specific look
(Daniel is the manager at Jonny’s local coffee shop where Delilah works)

Extras – All ages – Coffee shop customers

The shoot will be for  3-4 days in Dundalk or Dublin the week beginning Monday 24th March (TBC).

Please send your CVs with headshots and showreels (if possible) to Eimear at

There is NO FEE but travel expenses and food will be provided.
Showreel footage. will also be provided.

Call For: Cast for Short Film

Call for

Illustration: Adeline Pericart


1 Male Actor & 2 Female Actors required for Film Shoot in Dublin.


The Writer is a 6 min Short Film. A comic fantasy. It explores how the world of the imagination can sometimes collide with the more humdrum nature of reality.


Brief Synopsis:

Dave and his friend Mary are having coffee in a café. Dave strikes up a conversation with Kate, sitting nearby.

Kate tells Dave about the novel she is writing. Dave’s overactive imagination now takes over – and he begins to see himself as the hero in the novel. The audience sees his ‘interpretation’ of the story on the screen.

A final twist in the tale brings Dave firmly back to reality. He learns how the imagination can play tricks on us. And perhaps he is looking for love in the wrong places.



Dave: (late 20’s/Early 30’s)

Mary: (late 20’s/Early 30’s)

Kate: (late 20’s/Early 30’s)

DAVE is an ambitious young writer. He has an over-active imagination which sometimes causes him to confuse fantasy and reality.  He is a little shy, but likes meeting new people, when the opportunity arises.


MARY is a good friend of Dave’s. She is a English teacher. Mary is outgoing and confident. She’s known Dave for a long time and they get on great together…


KATE is a published novelist. She has traveled a lot in South East Asia previously. She is usually quite friendly and outgoing. Kate has an easygoing attitude to life in general.


Shoot Details:

The Writer will be shot in Dublin in Mid March 2014.


Application Details:

Selected applicants will be called for audition by email.


This is a no-budget production and, therefore, the role is unpaid. However, footage will be available for the actor’s Show-reel. High quality digital still photographs from the shoot will also be supplied to the actor, with a DVD copy of the film.


Rehearsals might be needed so flexibility and reliability are essential.




Production: Cantillon Films.

Enquiries: T A Lynch.



Auditions will be held in Dublin City Centre between 20th & 25th February 2014


Call For: Cast & Crew


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Male Actor – 20 to 30 years of age
Female Actress – 20-30 years of age
Camera Operator.

Roles are ideally suited for film students wishing to add to their CVs and filming experience.
Positions are unpaid but travel and food will be covered.
Filming is in March 2014 in the Roscrea/Birr area of Offaly

The film deals with the last 24 hours of a heroin users life with flashbacks over the events that have led to that last day. It is a mature film, challenging and quite dark. It in no way glorifies drug use and is very much about the fatal consequences of drug use
For further information e-mail


Call For: Cast for Short Film

Illustration: Adeline Pericart

The short film A Particular Chronicle is the bittersweet story of a moment- a moment that may bring two characters, Alex and Simon, together…or a moment that may slip away.

• Alex: already cast
• Simon: (late 20’s/Early 30’s)

• Gothic teenage couple:
1 young woman (18yrs-Early 20’s)
1 young man (18yrs- Early 20’s)

• Neighbour couple:
1 “Mediterranean Style” woman (40/50’s)
1 “Mediterranean Style” man (40/50’s)

Brief Synopsis:
Alex’s daily routine (though full of eccentric and interesting characters) has become rigid and claustrophobic. She seems to be a witness to the wonder of life rather than a participant in it.

But all of that may change when, grabbing a quick coffee on her way to work, she notices Simon at a nearby table. He’s there the next day too. And the day after that. Alex resolves to do something about the attraction she feels for him…But will she leave it too late? And what chance have two little particles in a great big universe got of ever colliding happily together?

Shoot Details:
A Particular Chronicle will be shot in Dublin City Centre, in March/April, 2014.

Application Details:
Selected applicants will be called for audition by email.

This is a no-budget production and, therefore, the role is unpaid. However, footage will be available for the actor’s showreel. High quality digital still photographs from the shoot will also be supplied to the actor, with a DVD copy of the film.

Rehearsals might be needed so flexibility and reliability are essential.

How to apply:
Headshots, Showreels, & CV to be sent to:
Enquiries: Carl Murphy
Production: Curved Films –

Please, do not forget to mention what role you are applying for.

Auditions will be held in Dublin City Centre between 27 & 31st January 2014


Call For: Actor and V/O Artist


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Auditions to take place at the GMIT Centre for Creative Arts & Media, Monivea Road, Galway on Friday Nov 29th between 3 and 5 pm.

Female aged 25-40, happy person who has no problem entertaining kids on Halloween. This happy demeanour may be her downfall as she realises something is wrong too late.
Previous experience not essential.
Unpaid but valuable experience.
Send CV/headshot and any links to:

The Voice: V/O only
Male aged 35-50, a predator experienced in horrific acts.
Quite deep voice required, must be able to convey a sense of calm, turning to mysterious, and then eerie. Neutral accent.
Previous experience not essential.
Unpaid but valuable experience.
For more information and to apply email:
Applications for the Voice will be accepted by means of voice recording sent to the above email, or by an over the phone audition.
Provisional shoot dates are 7/8 December in Galway. Please only apply if you are available on these dates.


Call For: Cast for Quincy Films’ debut feature, ‘Gate’.


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Waterford-born writer and director Neil O’Driscoll – known for his shorts Girls and Never Worn, as well as music videos for Katie Kim, Solar Taxi, Deaf Joe and Sam Lee – is currently casting for his debut feature, Gate.

Gate is a supernatural thriller set in the fishing village of Dunmore East during the summer of 2008. Marianne, a 17-year-old local girl, is suffering from nightmares caused by a painful secret she harbours. After a local farmer bulldozes an ancient tomb, something is set in motion that will shake the small community to its core, dragging Marianne, her family and friends into a morbid series of events.

Quincy Films is looking to add to the cast currently in place; including Holly Browne and Mollie Molumby. Mollie, of The Independent Theatre Workshop, will play the lead character, Marianne. Auditions for the wider cast will be held this month, with the film going into production in Waterford later in the year. Please contact us at to register your interest.

Dublin Auditions – 19 / 20th April

Waterford Auditions – 26 / 27th April

DAVE (Marianne’s uncle)

Artistic, amicable and cheerful; he is well meaning, well-liked and slightly shambolic.

Male : 30 – 35

FRAN (Dave’s friend)

Fran shares Dave’s positive qualities, but has more sense and a sharper intuition.

Female : 30 – 35

JACQUI (Marianne’s mother)

Perky and glamorous, but droll; the voice of reason.

Female : 34 – 40

TERRY (Marianne’s father)

Goodlooking and charming, in an off-hand way; a rough diamond.

Male : 35 – 42


A stoney-faced farmer, he has a cool and wary manner; feared by most.

Male : 37 – 45

STELLA (Marianne’s best friend)

Smart, beguiling, and cheerfully self-centred, Stella is the kind of girl that most boys like.

Female : 16 – 19


Of middle-eastern descent, he is sporty, decent and level-headed.

Male : 18 – 22

GARY (Stella’s boyfriend)

A tough guy from a nice family; rebel without a cause.

Male : 18 – 22

Inline image 1

Mollie Molumby, of The Independent Theatre Workshop, playing the role of Marianne.


Call For: Documentary Interviewees for ‘See You at the Pictures’

Illustration: Adeline Pericart

With support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, RTE and the Irish Film Board, See You at the Pictures! promises to be an event which will excite the memories and imaginations of the Irish cinema–going public.

We are looking for interviewees to talk about their experiences of cinema-going in Ireland.

We want your cinema stories. Any decade or genre welcome.

Did you go on your first date with your husband of 50 years to the movies? Or did you bring your new girlfriend last week? What was the first film you ever went to see? Was your heart stolen by James Dean or Jimmy Stewart? Were you terrified by Jaws, or thrilled by Star Wars? Do you remember the days when films were heavily censored? Or when the travelling cinema came to town? Maybe your parents told you their own tales of going to see the classics…

Please write us letters, send us emails or upload your videos to our Facebook page:

Write to:                                                                     Email stories/anecdotes to:


Planet Korda Pictures

Irish Film Institute

6 Eustace Street

Dublin 2

For more information or further press information, contact:

Lisa McNamee 086 8949494 or (01) 6726600 or email

Check out our sites: and


Studio Audience Required for New RTÉ Quiz Show ‘Who Knows Ireland Best?’

Presented by RTÉ’s Derek Mooney, ‘WHO KNOWS IRELAND BEST’ sets two teams against each other in a fun, entertaining game show.

Contestants will be drawn from Ireland‘s workforce, sports clubs and hobby groups in teams of three. There will be Cabbies verses Scuba divers, Nurses verses Karate Experts and Firemen verses Dancers – a cross-section of the population.

We’ve asked 1000 members of the public – 100 probing questions about everything from their manners and morals to their hopes and expectations. It’s a census of our self-esteem, a survey of our cultural body image.

We have the results of the survey and we want to find out…

 Which of our teams is most in touch with the people? Who has their finger on the pulse?

Points are awarded for being in agreement with the majority of the survey respondents. The eventual winners can truly be said to be in sync with the heart of the country.

 ‘Who knows Ireland best?’


If you would like to be part of our live studio audience for Who Knows Ireland Best, please download the application form here fill it in and send it to

Or phone Katherine at 01 208 4643


Volunteer Extras Needed For New Film From The Makers Of ‘Adam and Paul’ and ‘Garage’


WHAT RICHARD DID is a low-budget feature film to be directed by Lenny Abrahamson (Adam and Paul, Prosperity, Garage) this September and October. Shooting takes place for 5 weeks in Dublin 4, Dublin City Centre, Brittas Bay and County Wicklow. The film will be produced by Element Pictures (The Guard and The Wind that Shakes the Barley).


The story follows a group of friends over the course of the summer following their Leaving Cert exams, in particular “Richard”, a popular, school sports star with great prospects until one night his life is changed forever.


The ensemble main cast, aged between 17 and 20, have been workshopping the script since last November with Lenny and writer, Malcolm Campbell.


We are seeking enthusiastic volunteer film Extras with availability during September and early October 2011 for a number of party and large group scenes in the film. These roles are unpaid.

Apart from making a valuable contribution to this low-budget film, volunteering as an Extra is a great way to meet new people, see the inner workings of the film industry and be part of the film’s success.

As a low-budget feature film, we appreciate the support and dedication of all of our volunteer film Extras. Volunteer briefings and social gatherings will be arranged pre and during the production, giving Extras an opportunity to meet members of the WHAT RICHARD DID cast and crew and a chance to chat to fellow 18 – 22 year old Extras before shooting begins.

Catering will be provided during filming and transport will be provided from Dublin to scheduled shoots in County Wicklow.

All Extras will receive a thank you gift and will be invited to an exclusive screening of WHAT RICHARD DID, allowing you to see the feature film before the general public.

If you are between 18 and 22 years old and are interested please send a recent photo with your contact details to Shell on by Wednesday 7th September 2011.

How to apply:

Enquiries should be referred to: Shell Holden


Mobile: 086 152 2200

Facebook group: ‘What Richard Did Extras’


Details on how to apply for RTÉ's talent show 'The Voice of Ireland' coming soon

The Voice is coming to Ireland!

This autumn, RTÉ will be launching a spectacular new talent search-The Voice of Ireland hosted by Kathryn Thomas.


Already a huge hit in the USA and Holland, The Voice is now coming to Ireland to uncover the best undiscovered talent the country has to offer.


Four famous coaches who are at the top of their game in the music business will be competing to secure the best vocalists from the auditions to mentor and guide to victory.


Different to all other talent shows, The Voice is looking for real vocal talent only. The first stage in the contest is the unique Blind Audition, where coaches hear contestants perform but don’t see them, meaning everyone is judged on vocal talent alone. Appearance, age, style don’t come into it-this competition is all about the Voice, not the looks!


The blind auditions are followed by the battle stages, where each coach pits two of their contestants against each other, where only one will make it through to the live stage shows. Our four coaches, together with their professional teams, will use their knowledge and experience to help the contestants to make the most of their potential.  

But ultimately only one person can emerge as The Voice of Ireland and win a recording contract with Universal Music.


Screentime Shinawhil are launching this fantastic new production in less than 2 weeks.

We will publish all details on how to apply for the show on as soon as we receive them.




Open Auditions for RTÉ Storyland 4 Project

Auditions will be held for a script that’s going to be entered to storyland 4. The promo will be shot in a couple of weeks and ideally the majority of the cast will be in place before the final application is sent off on the 23rd of September.

Please email if you’re interested in order to arrange audition times and to receive a copy of the script. CV and headshot not essential but they are looking for comedy based actors. 

Working title: Friendly Highs

Male Parts:

2 aged 18-30

4 aged 30-60

Female Part:

1 aged 18-30 – will ideally be tatooed and able to act violently


Start date and duration of shoot: Shooting 1 minute long promo by the end of August

Paid or unpaid work: Unpaid at first but if successful will lead to paid work.


Submissions welcome for Jedward’s new RTÉ series ‘OMG! Jedward’s Dream Factory’

RTÉ Television announced today that pop sensations Jedward will present a new RTÉ series, OMG! Jedward’s Dream Factory, to be broadcast later this year. Commissioned by RTÉ, the 10-part series will feature in RTÉ’s Young Peoples new season schedule and is being produced by Tyrone Productions.


The dazzling duo are standing by with their magic wands hoping to make some young people’s dreams come true. So for those of you aged between 8 and 16 years old Jedward are on the prowl, looking to make your wildest dreams come true…  So whether it’s getting a walk-on part in a soap, jamming with your favourite band, training with your sporting idol, being your dad’s boss for a day, fronting a radio show, editing your fave magazine or creating a Glee performance with your pals… Jedward’ll fix it. And hopefully without the traditional hairy chest and medallions…

So send on in your dreams in 100 words or less, by email to:

Or by post to:

OMG! Jedward’s Dream Factory
Tyrone Productions
13 Merrion Square, Dublin 2





Promote your Open Auditions on

If you would like to promote open auditions for any film/TV project on then send an email with all details to with ‘Audition News Item’ in the subject title. Please include any relevant image or company logo.

We will post it as a news item and spread the word through Facebook and Twitter.

When making a post looking for cast for an upcoming production, please include as much of the following information as possible, as suggested by

  • Working title of the production
  • Details of the role / actor required (age / character description)
  • Start date and duration of the shoot
  • Whether it is paid or unpaid work
  • Whether you have insurance in place for the shoot
  • Contact details
  • Other information relevant to Other information relevant to the production such as shooting format, source of funding, the names of the project’s writer / director / producer / …


All Ireland Talent Show open Auditions

RTÉ’s All Ireland Talent Show are looking for contestants of any age with any talent, for the third series. Applicants will compete for the winning prize of €50,000.

For those with engaging, exciting, impressive and entertaining talents, the auditions will be taking place on the following dates and locations:

The Dublin Auditions
Saturday 21st August for Dublin City and County at Griffith Conference Centre, Griffith Campus, South Circular Road, Dublin 8.

The South Auditions
Saturday 28th August in The Clarion Hotel, Lapps Quay, Cork. The auditions are open to applicants from Counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford.

The West Auditions
Saturday 4th September in The Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Lough Atalia Road, Galway. The auditions are open to applicants from Counties Galway, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo.

The North Auditions
Saturday 11th September in The Everglades Hotel, Prehen Road, Londonderry, BT47 2NH. The auditions are open to applicants from Counties Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan, Tyrone.

The East Auditions
Saturday 18th September in The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, Ormonde Street, Kilkenny. The auditions are open to applicants from Counties Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow.

Registration for auditions opens at 7am and closes at 3pm on the dates outlined above. For more information and guidelines visit the website at or join the The All Ireland Talent Show Facebook page.


New online directory of talent and crew launched, an online actors, model, crew and voiceover directory has been launched. The website is aimed at professionals, fresh talent, amateurs and students. is being promoted to production companies, casting directors and PM’s in Ireland, UK and the USA.

Over 400 production companies, casting directors and photographers can access through their relationship with

The first 100 new members to sign up using the code ‘casting’, will only pay €40 and the first ten people using this code will only be charged €10.

To register please visit


Issue 131 – Business of Acting

Illustration by Dan Gaynor

How to get ahead in acting? Gordon Gaffney talks to the Gaiety School of Acting, actor’s agent Maureen McGlynn and casting directors Thyrza Ging and Maureen Hughes.

There are a huge number of actors available to work in Ireland at any one time. According to Amy Dawson, coordinator of the Gaiety School of Acting, 16–20 actors graduate from their full-time course each year, with another 90 or so graduating from the one-year part-time course and a staggering 1500 or more from their 10-week acting courses throughout the year. A recent casting seminar in Filmbase attracted 300 applicants and there are about 500 actors’ profiles on the Irish Equity website, which is only a fraction of the total number out there. With such a large supply of acting talent, it’s crucial that you go about securing work in the correct manner and avoid common pitfalls with the three most important weapons in an actor’s arsenal: the cv, headshot and showreel.

Casting director Thyrza Ging has cast the feature films Satellites and Meteorites and Savage and the television miniseries Prosperity, and is also guest tutor on the Acting for Film and TV training course in Filmbase, giving advice to actors on the business side of acting.

So you’ve photographed yourself in the mirror using your phone, is this enough?

‘Your headshot is your calling card,’ explains Thyrza, ‘and the most important thing with a headshot is to give a true and fair view of who you are as a person. Some photographers say, “Please don’t smile” but if you are a very smiley person it isn’t going to be a good representation of who you are.’ Prices for professional headshots range from €80, where you may just receive your photos on a CD, to €200, which may include multiple A4 copies and personalised business cards with your headshot and contact details on them – very handy for schmoozing opportunities at industry drinks receptions, glamorous film festivals and in the Filmbase basement.

‘It’s very important to get it right, and for you to feel comfortable in front of the camera,’ Thyrza continues. ‘I recommend actors to at first play around with a digital camera in the back garden because it is important that you feel comfortable in front of the camera before spending hundreds of euro on a shot. The standard in the Irish industry and the uk is a black and white A4 photograph. In America it’s colour, but a lot of actors here, especially red-headed actors, get colour shots done.’

Have all casting directors embraced the information superhighway? Some common sense research will help. ‘A lot of casting directors will say it on their websites if they want you to forward a hard copy and not an email – or vice versa. If you do send a hard copy in, I would recommend that you put the headshot and the CV into a ring binder sleeve – it makes life easier for the casting director. Personally, I prefer email.’

The full article is printed in Film Ireland 131.

Special thanks to Dan Gaynor for his illustrations. You can see his work on


The Business of Auditioning Seminar

Filmbase are hosting a Seminar on ‘The Business of Auditioning’ for aspiring screen actors on Wednesday 26th August, 6.30pm–9pm. The session is aimed at new and emerging actors who are looking to learn more about the casting and audition process for film, television and commercials.

The panel for the seminar includes casting director Thyrza Ging, whose credits include Prosperity, George Gently, Savage, Badly Drawn Roy; director Paddy Breathneach (Shrooms, Man About Dog, I Went Down); and actor Hugh O’Connor (Chocolat, The Young Poisoner’s Handbook, Summer of the Flying Saucer, My Left Foot). The panel will cover topics including headshots and CVs, preparing for castings, audition technique, taking direction, and how to be smart in the acting world. The seminar will conclude with an audience Q&A.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided on the evening along with an opportunity to meet and discuss the trials of auditioning with your fellow actors.

Places on the seminar cost €10 and are strictly limited and MUST be booked in advance. To book a place, contact Filmbase on 01 679 6716 or email

Aspiring actors may also be interested in listening to a podcast interview with Thyrza Ging on the Film Ireland website. The podcast can be found here:


Audition Advice For Actors From Casting Director Thyrza Ging

Casting Advice Podcast
Casting Advice Podcast

Thyrza Ging talks to Film Ireland about her work as a casting director, giving practical advice on what makes a good actor’s headshot, CV and showreel and also what to expect in your first audition.

Contact Thyrza on +353 (0) 1 633 9090


Play Podcast