Grainne Humphreys, ADIFF Festival Director

Stephen Porzio caught up with festival director Grainne Humphreys to get a heads-up on this year’s Audi Dublin International Film Festival. 

With the prestigious Berlin Film Festival in full swing, what better time is there to shine a spotlight on Dublin’s own annual celebration of cinema, ADIFF 2018. From February 21 until March 4, over 100 movies from across the world will screen and A-listers will be in attendance. Yet, while many presume the life of a film festival organiser must be one of glamour, ADIFF director Grainne Humphreys wants to set the record straight.

“The common perception if you meet civilians, which occasionally you do [Humphreys jokes], is that they think your life is basically a yacht at Cannes and you walk on a red carpet and have dinner in very expensive restaurants. That’s not the case. I was on my first yacht in 25 years last year by complete accident”. She adds, “for anyone who thinks it’s a glamourous lifestyle… I really want to sit them in a small darkened room with a laptop and put them in front of four hours of really terrible film”

Humphreys has been running the festival for 11 years. Warm and genial, she is the opposite of what one would expect from a film festival director. One tends to think of professional cinefiles as culture snobs. While this was the case at Cannes, a festival which turned women away from screenings for not wearing high-heels and has banned Netflix movies from competing for awards, Humphreys believes the key to ADIFF’s success is down to its more ‘calm’ and ‘informal’ vibe.

“We’ve tried to shy away from the celebrity element. The festival never becomes a segregated VIP only event. [Guests] like that. They come as filmmakers.”

As if to prove her point, the festival director seems less interested in discussing the bigger names appearing at the festival, such as Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara and Cillian Murphy. Instead, the acclaimed directors and character actors scheduled to give Q&As excite her more, particularly Lynne Ramsey (We Need to Talk About Kevin) premiering her latest, You Were Never Really Here.

Phoenix, appearing at ADIFF for another premiere (Mary Magdalene), stars in Ramsey’s film as a war veteran turned contract killer. He uncovers a web of corruption while trying to save a kidnapped teen from prostitution.

Claiming You Were Never Really Here feels as immersive as the virtual reality conference ADIFF is running this year. Humphreys says excitingly about Ramsey, “That’s somebody who is really a story teller. That’s a film where I was gripped, I was moved, I was shocked and when I came out I literally was still moving around, trembling for a couple of hours after.”

Another high-profile guest is Independence Day star Bill Pullman, premiering the Western, The Ballad of Lefty Brown. Humphreys sites this as an example of ADIFF’s reputation as being less celebrity-focused paying dividends.

“It’s a small passion project. [Pullman] knows film festivals and the kind of energy and support that a festival audience can give. A lot of the time you are sending invitations out but a lot of the time [filmmakers] are looking towards film festivals to give their projects a kind of profile or positioning. They get a sense they will connect with audiences”.

What hidden gems should audiences seek out at the festival? Humphreys praises Irish documentary The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid, Belgian crime thrillers Above the Law and The Racer and the Jailbird and Indonesian film, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts. She also thinks opening-night film Black 47, a Western set during the famine, starring Hugo Weaving and Barry Keoghan, could be this year’s most successful Irish film.

However, the movie she seems most enthusiastic about is Thirst Street, an American indie from director Nathan Silver. “Nathan has been around 15 years and makes these low-budget but really clever melodramas. Thirst Street is about a female air hostess who is dumped by her boyfriend and goes to Paris. It has this wonderful whimsical aspect to it but a witty voiceover from Anjelica Houston spins it in another direction”.

To prepare for ADIFF, Humphreys watches over 30 movies a week, culminating in around 12,000 per year. This experience has left her with plenty of feedback for filmmakers.

“So often it strikes me that a lot of filmmakers don’t go to the cinema enough. If they went to the cinema, they would realise there are standards for telling a story. A lot of the time people think long, slow, boring serious movies about the weight of the world make people feel important. No. They don’t. They make them feel terrible. If you have something that makes an audience feel happy or makes them view their world differently, that’s a plus and something you mark as special”.

Talking about the current health of Irish film, Humphreys says that the quality and quantity of Irish movies has ‘doubled’ since she began as ADIFF director. She believes Irish actors and directors happy to work both internationally and domestically helps bring money into the industry, that the rise of TV has given filmmakers the ability between movies to ‘hone their craft’ and that Ireland’s four film studios keep important professionals constantly working.

Ending the interview, Humphreys states, “It used to be quite lonely going to festivals a few years ago. You’d say, ‘oh, we have a great Irish cinema’ but nobody ever knew anyone. Now we have a well-known, well-structured industry”. Perhaps, if things progress, Dublin could compete with Berlin or Cannes someday.


The 2018 Audi Dublin International Film Festival takes place from 21 February – 4 March 2018.



Preview of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018




Preview of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018

The 2018 Audi Dublin International Film Festival comes to town from 22nd February to 4th March. Included among over 100 features there’s a wonderful selection of Irish films to enjoy – below we take a look at what’s on offer…


Black 47  (Lance Daly) 

Wednesday, 21st February • 21.00 • Cineworld 17

Set in Ireland during the Great Famine, the drama follows an Irish Ranger who has been fighting for the British Army abroad, as he abandons his post to reunite with his family. Despite experiencing the horrors of war, he is shocked by the famine’s destruction of his homeland and the brutalization of his people and his family.

Filmmaker & cast in attendance

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“a rollicking western with fantastic action and excellent performances”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: Black 47

The Breadwinner  (Nora Twomey)

Thursday, 22nd February • 20.00 •  Cineworld 17

Based on the best-selling children’s novel by Deborah Ellis, The Breadwinner tells the story of 11 year old Parvana who gives up her identity to provide for her family and try to save her father’s life. Parvana’s father Nurullah had told stories about history and imagination to Parvana as she helped him in the marketplace of Taliban controlled Kabul in the year 2001. When he is arrested Parvana finds the courage to look for him when everyone else had given up hope. She becomes a storyteller, remembering a brother she has once known. Every day is a challenge as Parvana tries to bring home enough food and water to support her mother, sister and little brother. She meets a fellow girl in disguise called Shauzia and together, they form a bond that will give them the strength to endure the war that comes to their doorstep in the Fall of 2001

Featuring Q&A with Nora Twomey

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The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid  (Feargal Ward)

Saturday, 24th February • 18.30   Light House 1

The story of Thomas Reid, a Co. Kildare farmer who, for years, has been locked in a gruelling battle with his neighbour — U.S. microchip manufacturer, Intel who want to expand into Reid’s land. When his farm in Leixlip was the subject of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Thomas decided to risk everything by challenging the state body in a battle through the courts.

Feargal Ward in attendance

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The Cured (David Freyne)

Sunday, 25th February • 20.15 • Light House 1

Senan has been through hell. When the plague swept across Ireland he was among the thousands afflicted and rendered into rabid ghouls. Senan did horrible things he cannot forget — and neither can the public, nor the authorities charged with policing those released from captivity. Senan’s sister-in-law Abbie, however, is willing to give him a second chance. She lets him live with her and her young son, believing that Senan’s actions while infected were beyond his control. But as an angry anti-cured movement burgeons in tandem with an increasingly radicalized pro-cured movement, Abbie is forced to question just how far her trust should be pushed.

David Freyne in attendance

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“a unique and engaging reworking of an enduring genre”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: The Cured

The Science of Ghosts  (Niall McCann)

Monday 26th February • 18.30 •  IFI

Irish musician, Adrian Crowley ponders what would a film about his life be like? Could it ever really reflect who he is? His imagination takes him  –  and the audience – on a journey as he becomes a ghost visiting his own life, past and future. What emerges is a humorous and original take on the power of storytelling.

Filmmaker in attendance: Niall McCann

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“a delightful excursion into the unknown”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: The Science of Ghosts

Phantom Islands (Rouzbeh Rashidi)

Tuesday, 27th February • 18.30 •  IFI

Phantom Islands is an experimental film that exists at the boundaries of documentary and fiction. Directed by Rouzbeh Rashidi, the film follows a couple adrift and disoriented in the stunning landscape of Ireland’s islands.

In attendance: Rouzbeh Rashidi

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Good Favour (Rebecca Daly) 

Tuesday, 27th February • 20.30 • Light House 1

On a glaring, hot day Tom, 17, walks out of an immense forest into the lives of a strictly devout Christian community carving out a remote existence in central Europe. He seems to have come from nowhere. The only physical sign of his life before is the wound on his torso that refuses to heal.

Filmmaker in attendance

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“Daly’s latest further cements her as a master of mood”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: Good Favour

Twilight (Pat Collins)

Wednesday, 28th February • 17.50  • Light House 2

Filmed over 2 years close to Baltimore in West Cork, with field recordings by world renowned sound artist Chris Watson, the film has twilight as its central subject and is an attempt to capture the colour and quality of light that is in flux, the fleeting and transient sensations, the sense of the world turning.

In attendance: Pat Collins

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“Collins has managed to capture the sense of stillness and calm that comes with the dwindling sunlight”

While You Live, Shine  ( Paul Duane)

Wednesday, 28th February • 18.45 • Light House 2

American musicologist Chris King is legendary in his field. His collection of and passion for old 78 records is inspiring, as is his ability to use modern technology to unlock their sonic secrets. But his discovery of the music of Epirus in northern Greece was to transform King’s life, and the raw folk music he believes connects us with our most ancient ancestors prompted him to travel to the region. What emerges is some of the most hypnotic and stirring music you’ve never heard.

In attendance: Paul Duane 

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 Muse  (Jaume Balagueró)

Wednesday, 28th February 20.45 •  Light House 1

Samuel Salomon, a literature professor, has been off work for almost a year after the tragic death of his girlfriend. Samuel has been suffering from a recurring nightmare in which a woman is brutally murdered by a strange ritual. Suddenly, the same woman who appears every night in his dreams is found dead in exactly the same circumstances. Samuel sneaks into the crime scene and there he meets Rachel who has also dreamed about the murder. Together, they will do whatever they can to discover the identity of the mystery woman, entering a terrifying world controlled by the figures who have inspired artists throughout time: The Muses.

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The Image You Missed  (Donal Foreman)

Thursday, 1st March 18.15 Light House 2

An Irish filmmaker grapples with the legacy of his estranged father, the late documentarian Arthur MacCaig, through MacCaig’s decades-spanning archive of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

In attendance: Donal Foreman

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“poetic and poignant”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: The Image You Missed

The Camino Voyage (Dónal Ó Céilleachair)

Friday 2nd March • 18.15 • IFI

A crew including a Writer, two Musicians, an Artist and a Stonemason embark on the Camino not on land, but by sea, in a traditional boat that they built themselves on an inspiring, and often time’s dangerous, modern day Celtic odyssey.

In attendance: Dónal Ó Céilleachair

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Damo & Ivor: The Movie (Rob Burke, Ronan Burke)

Friday, 2nd March • 18.10 •  Cineworld 17

Damo and Ivor embark on the mother of all adventures to find the last piece of their family puzzle and track down their long lost brother, John Joe. The adventure takes the brothers across Ireland where they discover that sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover.

In attendance: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke & Cast

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Kissing Candice (Aoife McArdle)

Friday, 2nd March • 20.45 •  Light House 1

Candice longs to escape the boredom of her seaside town, but when a boy she dreams about turns up in real life, she becomes involved with a dangerous local gang.

In attendance: Aoife McArdle

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“manages to convey the stark brutal reality of living in some parts of Ireland but in a way which looks as incredible as a Michael Mann joint”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: Kissing Candice

The Meeting (Alan Gilsenan)

Saturday 3rd March  15.45  Light House 1

During an emotional and highly charged encounter, a young rape victim seeks answers to questions which have haunted her since her attack. The woman is determined the experience will not deny her the right to personal freedoms as she endeavours to find some form of closure. It’s based upon a real-life encounter between a rape victim and her attacker upon his prison release.

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A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot (Sinéad O’Shea)

Saturday, 3rd March • 18.15 • Light House 1

A documentary exploring a broken community in Northern Ireland, scratches the surface of a staunchly republican populace and exposes how they take the law into their own hands.

In attendance: Sinéad O’Shea

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The Delinquent Season   (Mark O’Rowe)

Saturday 3rd March • 20.30 • Light House 1

A tense drama which revolves around two couples in suburban Dublin – Jim and Danielle and Yvonne and Chris. On paper, they both appear to live in marital bliss, until an altercation between one couple occurs and cracks begin to appear in both of these seemingly steady marriages.

Filmmaker and selected cast in attendance

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“a surprisingly old-fashioned drama told with skill by debut director and accomplished playwright Mark O’Rowe”

Review of Irish Film @ ADIFF 2018: The Delinquent Season


You can see the full schedule for the festival here

Tickets are on sale at and the Box Office is open at 12 East Essex Street (+353 (0) 1 6877974)


ADIFF 2018 Programme Announced

Black 47

Seven World Premieres and a total of over 100 features, nearly all receiving their Irish Premiere will feature at this year’s Audi Dublin International Film Festival.

As always there’s a feast of Irish films in store.

The Opening Gala of ADIFF 2018 is the Irish Premiere of Black 47, Lance Daly’s thriller set during Ireland’s Great Famine. Irish director Nora Twomey will attend the Irish Premiere Special Presentation of her animated drama The Breadwinner, which has been Oscar-nominated in the Best Animated Feature category for 2018. From Kilkenny’s Cartoon Saloon, this is a powerful story of an Afghan girl passing as a boy to work to help her family survive.

Other Irish talent include Irish Premieres of Aoife McArdle’s debut, Kissing Candice, and Good Favour, the third feature from Rebecca Daly which sees a religious community give shelter to an enigmatic outsider.

Director David Freyne will attend the Irish Premiere of his take on the zombie film, The Cured. Andrew Quirke’s Dublin double-act hits the big screen with the World Premiere of Damo & Ivor: The Movie. 

Alan Gilsenan attends the World Premiere of his visceral and highly-charged new film, The Meeting. Irish-Spanish co-production, Muse, is a seductive supernatural thriller that was both set and shot in Dublin and will screen as a Special Presentation

The World Premiere of The Delinquent Season sees Mark O’Rowe make his debut as film director with a tale of two seemingly successful Dublin couples facing unexpected challenges. The Irish cast includes Cillian Murphy and Eva Birthistle, both of whom will attend the premiere.

The Irish documentary line-up features world premieres of Paul Duane’s While You Live, Shine and this year’s Arts Council Reel Art commissions, Rouzbeh Rashidi’s Phantom Islands and Niall McCann’s The Science of Ghosts; and Irish Premieres of Sinéad O’Shea’s A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot; Donal Foreman’s The Image You Missed; Feargal Ward’s The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid; Dónal O’Céilleachair’s The Camino Voyage and the Dublin premiere of Pat Collins’ Twilight.

Dublin-born Cedric Gibbons was the most successful art director in the history of cinema, responsible for MGM’s reputation as Hollywood’s number one ‘dream factory’. ADIFF 2018 celebrates his work with the Cedric Gibbons Retrospective featuring The Big Parade, Dinner at Eight, Grand Hotel and An American in Paris, as well as a one-day conference at NCAD Gallery from 2ndMarch. An exhibition will run at the NCAD Gallery 2nd-31st March.

This year’s ADIFF Discovery Award nominees are actors Ryan Lincoln(Kissing Candice), Jessie Buckley (Beast), Rory Fleck Byrne (Inbox), Actors/Directors/Writers TJ O’Grady Peyton (Wave) and Liz Quinn (The Date), Director/Cinematographers Rua Meegan & Trevor Whelan (both Bardalo II: A Life of Waste); directors Mia Mullarkey (Mother & Baby), Louise Bagnall (Late Afternoon); and producer Sharon Cronin (Acorn).

The festival has expanded its ADIFF Shorts selections to four programmes of the best short films from Ireland and around the world, featuring both established talent and the next generation of filmmakers cutting their teeth.

ADIFF will present the second exhibition by Hugh O’Conor featuring intimate portraits of his colleagues in the Irish film industry.

How to Book:
Tickets are released for sale at from 7 pm on 24th Jan and the Box Office is open at 12 East Essex Street (+353 (0) 1 68 77974) from 10 am 25thJan.


Wednesday 21st February
21.00 Black 47   Cineworld 17
Opening Gala

Thursday 22nd February
Fantastic Flix -11.00 My Neighbour Totoro   Light House 1

14.00 Yasuni Man   Light House 3

18.00 First Reformed  Cineworld 9 
Paul Schrader in attendance

18.00 Our Time Will Come   Light House 3

18.30 Death of the President   Light House 1

20.00 The Breadwinner   Cineworld 17
Featuring Q&A with Nora Twomey

20.30 Somewhere Beyond The Mist   Light House 3

20.45 Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House   Cineworld 9

Friday 23rd February
14.00 Pickpocket   Light House 1
Introduction by Paul Schrader

16.00 Performance   Light House 1
Introduction by Paul Schrader

16.00 The White Girl   Light House 3

18.15 Beast   Cineworld 9

18.15 Never Steady, Never Still   Light House 1
In attendance: Kathleen Hepburn

18.30 I’ve Got the Blues   Light House 3
In attendance: Angie Chen

20.45 In the Fade   Light House 1

21.00 Paradox   Light House 3

22.45 Revenge   Light House 1

Saturday 24th February
09.00 Immersive Stories Conference   Round Room, Mansion House

11.00 Dawson City: Frozen Time   Light House 1

12.00 Film Festivals Programmers Speed Dating & Networking Session   Light House Bar

14.00 ADIFF Shorts 1   Light House 3

14.00 An Autumn Afternoon   Light House 1
Introduction by Paul Schrader

16.15 Sweet Country   Light House 1

16.30 That Summer   Light House 3

16.30 The Divine Order   Cineworld 9

18.00 Immersive Stories Exhibition   Round Room, Mansion House

18.15 The Line   Light House 3

18.30 The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid   Light House 1
Filmmaker in attendance

18.45 The Guardians   Cineworld 9

20.00 Immersive Stories Exhibition   Round Room, Mansion House

20.00 The Ballad of Lefty Brown Cineworld 17
In attendance: Bill Pullman

20.30 The Ciambra   Light House 3

20.30 Tueurs / Above the Law   Light House 1
In attendance: François Troukens, Jean-François Hensgens

20.50 Write When You Get Work   Cineworld 9
Filmmaker in attendance

Sunday 25th February
09.00 Immersive Stories Conference   Round Room, Mansion House

11.00 Filmworker   Light House 1

13.00 ADIFF Shorts 2   Light House 1

14.00 Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle   Light House 3

14.00 The Bookshop   Cineworld 9

15.30 What Will People Say   Light House 1

16.15 Wonderful Losers: A Different World   Light House 3
Filmmaker in attendance

18.00 Immersive Stories Exhibition   Round Room, Mansion House

18.00 Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts   Cineworld 9

18.00 Thirst Street   Light House 3
In attendance: Nathan Silver

18.30 Behind the Door   Light House 1
Musical accompaniment: Stephen Horne

20.00 Immersive Stories Exhibition   Round Room, Mansion House

20.10 The Workshop   Light House 2

20.15 The Cured   Light House 1
David Freyne in attendance

Monday 26th February
13.30 The Big Parade   IFI

17.00 Casting   Pavilion Theatre

18.10 Madame   Cineworld 9

18.15 Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts   Light House 3

18.15 The Rider   Light House 1

18.30 The Science of Ghosts   IFI
Filmmaker in attendance

20.00 The Divine Order   Pavilion Theatre

20.30 ADIFF Shorts 3   Light House 3

20.30 Tower. A Bright Day   Cineworld 9

20.30 You Were Never Really Here   Light House 1
In attendance: Lynne Ramsay

Tuesday 27th February
13.30 Dinner At Eight   IFI

18.10 The Summit   Light House 1

18.15 My Generation   Cineworld 9

18.30 Pre-Crime   Light House 3
In attendance: Matthias Heeder

18.30 Phantom Islands   IFI
Filmmaker in attendance

20.30 Good Favour   Light House 1
Filmmaker in attendance

20.45 Israfil   Light House 3

Wednesday 28th February
13.30 Grand Hotel   IFI

16.00 ADIFF Shorts 4   Light House 2
Featuring ADIFF Awards presentation

17.50 Twilight   Light House 2
In attendance: Pat Collins

Fantastic Flix – 18.15 Lean On Pete   Cineworld 9

18.30 Custody   Light House 1
In attendance: Xavier Legrand

18.30 Isle of Dogs   Cineworld 17

18.45 While You Live, Shine   Light House 2
In attendance: Paul Duane

20.30 Red Sparrow   Cineworld 17

20.45 Muse   Light House 1

20.45 Zama   Light House 3

20.45 Thoroughbreds   Cineworld 9

Thursday 1st March
French Producer’s Summit   The Digital Hub

10.00 Careers Day   IFI

Fantastic Flix – 10.00 Cloudboy   Omniplex Rathmines

Fantastic Flix – 13.00 At Eye Level   Movies@Dundrum

16.00 Catch the Wind   Light House 1

18.10 Wonderstruck   Cineworld 9
Filmmaker in attendance

18.15 Disobedience   Light House 1

18.15 The Image You Missed   Light House 2
In attendance: Donal Foreman

20.30 Ana, Mon Amour   Light House 3

20.30 Foxtrot   Light House 1

20.45 Apparition / L’Apparition   Cineworld 9

Friday 2nd March
Fantastic Flix – 10.00 Vampirina   Light House 3
Filmmaker in attendance

Fantastic Flix – 11.00 Rum 213    Omniplex Rathmines
In attendance: Wilma Lundgren

Fantastic Flix – 11.30 Cloudboy   Light House 3

Fantastic Flix – 12.30 Liyana   Movies@Dundrum

13.30 An American in Paris   IFI

14.00 Writers’ Workshop Laurence Coriat   Brooks Hotel Cinema

18.10 Damo & Ivor: The Movie   Cineworld 17
Filmmaker in attendance
In attendance: Rob Burke, Ronan Burke & Cast

18.10 The Other Side of Everything   Light House 3

18.15 The Camino Voyage   IFI
In attendance: Dónal Ó Céilleachair

18.15 Hannah   Light House 1

20.30 Have a Nice Day   Light House 3

20.30 The Third Murder   Cineworld 9

20.45 Kissing Candice   Light House 1
In attendance: Aoife McArdle

Saturday 3rd March
Fantastic Flix -11.00 Fantastic Flix Shorts Omniplex   Rathmines / Light House 3

Fantastic Flix -11.00 Mary and the Witch’s Flower   Light House 1

12.00 Judicial Review: Law on Film

13.15 So Help Me God   Light House 1
In attendance: Yves Hinant, Jean Libon 

13.50 Casting   Light House 3

14.00 Catalyst Case Study – Kissing Candice   Bow St Academy

15.45 The Meeting   Light House 1

16.00 Sea Sorrow   Cineworld 17
In attendance: Vanessa Redgrave and Carlo Nero

16.00 How to Talk to Girls At Parties   Light House 3
Filmmaker in attendance

18.10 Sicilian Ghost Story   Cineworld 9

18.15 A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot   Light House 1
In attendance: Sinéad O’Shea

18.30 Journeyman   Light House 2
Filmmaker in attendance

20.30 The Delinquent Season   Light House 1
Filmmaker and selected cast in attendance

20.45 A Prayer Before Dawn   Cineworld 9

Sunday 4th March
Fantastic Flix -11.00 The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales   Light House 1
In attendance: Patrick Imbert

12.00 Edie   Light House 3

12.00 Vanessa Redgrave Volta Presentation   The Gate

13.30 Racer and the Jailbird   Cineworld 9

14.00 The Italian Straw Hat (The Horse Ate the Hat)   Light House 1
Musical accompaniment: Günter A. Buchwald, Matthew Jacobson, Nick Roth, Derek Whyte

15.30 Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards   Light House

16.10 My Friend Dahmer   Cineworld 9

16.15 A Gentle Creature   Light House 1

17.00 Just Eat Surprise Film   Odeon Point
Featuring special presentation

19.00 Under the Tree   Light House 1

20.00 C’est La Vie   Cineworld 17
Closing Gala

ADIFF on Tour with access>Cinema

Each screening of The Divine Order will be preceded by short film Newport Gun Girls

Saturday 24th February
16.30 The Divine Order   Cineworld 9

Monday 26th February
20.00 The Divine Order   Pavilion Theatre

Tuesday 27th February
20.00 The Divine Order   Droichead Arts Centre

Thursday 1st March
20.00 The Divine Order   Sligo Film Society @The Model

Saturday 3rd March 
20.00 The Divine Order   Solstice Arts Centre


Wednesday 21st February – Sunday 4th March
Celebrating Irish Talent Exhibition   Powerscourt Town Centre

Friday 2nd March – Saturday 31st March
Cedric Gibbons Exhibition   NCAD Galway

Wednesday 21st February – Sunday 4th March
Exhibition: Brown Bag Films Behind the Scenes   Light House

Wednesday 21st February – Sunday 4th March
NCAD Exhibition   Light House

Fantastic Flix Workshops
Saturday 10th  February
Fantastic Flix – Zombie Prosthetics Workshop with Julie-Ann Ryan   The ArkTuesday 13th February – Friday 16th  February 
Fantastic Flix – Lego Animation Workshops 2018   The Ark

Saturday 17th  February 
Fantastic Flix – Discover Graphic Design for Filmmaking   The Ark


Paul Schrader to Receive Volta Award at ADIFF 2018

Paul Schrader, renowned director of films such as Blue Collar, Hardcore, American Gigolo, Mishima: A Life in Four ChaptersThe Comfort of Strangers,Light Sleeper, Patty Hearst and Affliction among many others, and screenwriter of Taxi Driver and co-writer of Raging Bull, will visit the Audi Dublin International Film Festival (21st Feb- 4th March) to receive a Volta Award at the Irish Premiere of his new film First Reformed at the Light House Cinema on Thurs 22nd February 2018 at 6pm and curate a special season of screenings and events that includes an in-depth Public Interview. Tickets are available to book now at

Gráinne Humphreys, Festival Director, said “Paul Schrader started his career as one of the talented young filmmakers who were at the centre of an extraordinary renaissance of American cinema in the 1970s. Schrader has also had a remarkable career as a director and, as a critic, he’s a passionate advocate and interrogator of film culture. I know my excitement at his visit and the Irish Premiere of First Reformed will be shared by many of Dublin’s cinema fans and we’re delighted to be honouring him with ADIFF’s prestigious Volta Award

In First Reformed, ex-military chaplain Toller (Ethan Hawke) is tortured by the loss of the son he encouraged to enlist and struggles with his faith. A faith that’s challenged by befriending a radical environmentalist, Michael, and upon learning of his church’s complicity with unscrupulous corporations.

Previous winners of Audi Dublin International Film Festival’s Volta Award include Al Pacino, Julie Andrews, Danny DeVito, Daniel Day-Lewis, Joss Whedon, Brendan Gleeson, Angela Lansbury, Stanley Tucci, Stellan Skarsgård, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ennio Morricone. The Volta Award is named after Ireland’s first dedicated cinema, the Volta Picture Theatre on Mary Street in Dublin, which was opened on the 20th December 1909 by an enterprising young novelist named James Joyce.

Schrader will be this year’s ADIFF Guest Curator, selecting and introducing three films that have inspired his own work as a filmmaker including Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket (1959), Yasujirō Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon (1962), and Donald Cammell & Nicolas Roeg’s Performance (1970).

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SCHEDULE Paul Schrader – ADIFF 2018 Guest Curator 

Thursday 22nd February
18.00 (Cineworld) First Reformed (Irish Premiere with Q&A and Volta Award Presentation)

Friday 23rd February 
14.00 (Light House Cinema)  – Pickpocket (1959), introduced by Paul Schrader
16.00 (Light House Cinema) – Performance (1970), introduced by Paul Schrader
18.45 (O’Reilly Theatre) – Paul Schrader Public Talk 

Saturday 24th February
14.00 (Light House Cinema) – An Autumn Afternoon (1962), introduced by Paul Schrader (Light House Cinema)