Call For: Applications for Student Media Production Awards 2018

Creative Europe Desk Ireland MEDIA and Filmbase invite media students in Ireland to apply for support for the production and distribution of graduate film and media projects. This support will be open to any student, or groups of students, collaborating on the creation of an audiovisual film, documentary or multimedia project as part of their final year coursework.

  • Information Session 06 March in Filmbase | Apply here to secure your place.
  • Application Deadline 20 March | Eligibility & Application Forms available here.

These awards will provide support for film and media students graduating into the Irish and European audiovisual industries and to encourage graduates to develop the essential skills necessary for creating future funding applications. As such the application process for support replicates key aspects of the application process for Irish and European project funding.

Two projects will be awarded a cash contribution of up to €750 to support their production budgets and to facilitate the development and implementation of a marketing and distribution strategy for their completed works. In addition, film-based projects will be offered access to facilities at Filmbase and individual consultation on festival strategy and international marketing for short films.

Students interested are invited to attend an Information Session on Tuesday 6th March from 3.30 – 4.30pm in Filmbase. This session will present an overview of the key supports available from Filmbase and CED Ireland, provide key advice for making funding applications, and answer specific questions on this new initiative. Please click here to register for the information session.


Further information is available from Filmbase – please submit queries by email to


Call For: Submissions for Film Offaly/Filmbase Short Film Award


The Film Offaly & Filmbase 2018 Short Film Award is now open. Closing date Friday 23rd March @ 3pm. (Postal applications only).

This funding initiative aims to foster creative and resourceful film-making in Co. Offaly and is looking for original, entertaining stories by talented filmmakers, who – if selected – must set and shoot their project in the county.

The award will be given to one successful applicant who will receive €10,000 towards the cost of their production, along with one year’s membership to Filmbase, a 50% discount on equipment hire from Filmbase and more.


Closing Date Friday 23rd March 2018 @ 3pm



‘QED’ Screens at Santa Fe Film Festival

QED, a powerful human rights short directed by Galway actorress Amy-Joyce Hastings will have its international premiere at the 17th Santa Fe Film Festival in February. This will mark Hastings’ third appearance in Santa Fe. She has screened there twice previously as an actor; when Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin personally hosted the US premiere of her romantic comedy feature The Callback Queen at his famous Jean Cocteau Cinema, and at the 2016 festival when her participating film Lily won both ‘Best Narrative Short’ and the ‘Courage in Cinema’ Award for its director Graham Cantwell.

Billed as a stylish urban drama with deep emotional resonance, QED tells the story of Jack and Ali – a happily married couple until a terrible accident shatters their perfect world. In the aftermath Ali struggles to accept their new circumstances, while Jack retains hope their lives will return to normal. As the difficulties of their daily reality grind them down, Jack finds emotional solace in a flirtation with work colleague Claudia, while Ali is increasingly left alone with home carer Maria. Ali’s emotional distress meanwhile manifests ever more frequently in dangerous episodes. Just as Jack finally comes to accept things as they are and commits himself to do better, Ali has reached her own conclusion about the future and puts their love to the test. Exploring the theme of sacrificial love, QED poses the ultimate question, ‘What won’t love do?’


QED premiered at the 29th Galway Film Fleadh and screened at the Kerry Film Festival and the Richard Harris International Film Festival in Limerick late last year. Says Hastings about the film, “QED is ostensibly a drama exploring love and fidelity but it is at its core a complex human rights issue that will become more prevalent in our society as we live longer. I approached the film from the perspective of being a prisoner in your own body. As a society we deny people their human rights in determining on their own behalf whether they want to live like that. We meet two active, sexual, successful characters – take all that away and their marriage as they knew it is destroyed, but their love remains. Agápē – a love that is prepared to sacrifice itself for a higher purpose. She loves him and so doesn’t want to condemn him to a lifetime of celibate caretaking. He loves her and wants to release her, but feels it’s an impossible ask… What won’t love do? Can you ask someone you love to suffer; to sacrifice their own life to look after you; to live with your death on their conscience? Can you set them free even if it would destroy you? The ending is deliberately ambiguous. I leave it to the individual viewer to interpret. My entire thesis with QED is about the individual’s right to decide, not society’s right to superimpose their decision onto somebody who’s physically incapable of determining their own future. It’s a hard, emotive subject, but I think it is the role of art to shine a light on difficult topics.”


The film was co-written by Hastings and lead actor Michael O’Kelly (Red Rock). It stars Donna Anita Nikolaisen – best known for her role as Ama Chisenga in Fair City – as Ali, with prolific actors Norma Sheahan (Handsome Devil) and Charlene Gleeson (Penny Dreadful) cast in the other principal roles.


QED is Hastings’ fourth short film behind the lens. In July 2016 she wrote & directed Body of Christ, a micro short commissioned by the Galway Film Centre. Body of Christ won ‘Best One Minute Film’ at the 7th Underground Cinema Film Festival, 2nd place at the 28th Galway Film Fleadh’s ‘One Minute Film Festival’. The film was also nominated for the Micro Cinema Award at the Blackbird Film Festival in New York last year and is nominated at the upcoming Sky Television’s Short Film Show Awards later this year. Previous shorts as writer/director include Hear Me Now and Nocturne Passage.

QED was shot on various locations in and around Dublin. Trisha Flood, Danielle Collins, Jannik Ohlendieck and Michael O’Kelly produced, with Alan Fitzpatrick, Graham Cantwell and Alice Mansergh as Executive Producers for Filmbase and Film Venture. The multinational crew includes Czech cinematographer Jaro Waldeck as Director of Photography, with TV3 Fashionista Sonja Mohlich as Costume Designer, Marina Granville as Key Makeup and Hair Artist, and Jessica Timlin and Alekson Lacerda Dall’Armellina on production design. The score was created by two time Emmy nominated composer Joseph Conlan and post production sound was headed up by Dean Jones at Raygun Sound.

Amy-Joyce Hastings, Co-writer & Director of ‘QED’




Introduction to the US Television Landscape for Irish Producers and Writers



Filmbase and Screen Training Ireland have launched Introduction to the US Television Landscape for Irish Producers and Writers with Des Doyle, writer/director of the feature documentary Showrunners: The Art Of Running A TV Show and co-author of the film’s companion book.  This one day seminar will have a limited number of places in order to encourage an interactive environment.

The training initiative is being launched with Des Doyle, the writer/director behind ‘Showrunners: The Art Of Running A TV Show’, who is also co-writer of the companion book.

It is designed for producers and writers who want to deepen their understanding of the US Television landscape, and takes place Tuesday August 29th at Filmbase, Dublin.

The deadline for applications is 10:00, Tuesday August 15th.


Detailed breakdown of all the major US Networks – how they tier out (broadcast, cable, premium cable etc) what they are currently programming and what their brands/audiences are.
Detailed study of Pilot Season 2017 – what was ordered, what sold and why that was?
What talent/s were involved and where does this take the Nets programming in the future.
Discussion on Peak TV and Streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) and their impact on U.S. programming and opportunities they present.
Network – Studio – Writer relationship, Pod deals and Shingles, Studio restrictions/obligations.
Breakdown of the Writers Year – Pilot, Staffing, Development, Buying and where are the windows for Irish writers.
Representation via either Management or Agency and the difference between the two.


dlr First Frames Scheme


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dlr First Frames scheme is a unique opportunity to encourage filmmakers to create exciting, dynamic and engaging screen stories. Its aim is to provide funding and support to emerging filmmakers looking to develop ambitious and creative short films based in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (DLR) region. Filmmakers are encouraged to be ambitiously bold in their storytelling, and to use the diversity and variety of locations available in DLR as background and inspiration for original, vibrant films.


This scheme is fully funded by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Arts Office and dlr Local Enterprise Office, and managed by Filmbase.  Additional equipment and facilities support is provided by the National Film School, IADT.

First Frames welcomes a diversity of filmmaking styles, themes and creative approaches. The principle requirements are good stories, and a passionate vision for filmmaking. The goal is to open the door to new and emerging Irish film talents.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s purpose in promoting this opportunity is to support emerging filmmakers to make vibrant and compelling films and to increase awareness of the variety and flexibility of locations available in the region.

Funding will be available through the scheme to support two short films with budgets of up to €10,000 each, with additional equipment and facilities support from Filmbase and IADT valued at up to €10,000 per project.

dlr Arts Office and Filmbase will host an information evening for interested applicants on Monday 20 March in the Studio, dlr LexIcon, Haigh Terrace, Moran Park, Dún Laoghaire.  This will include an introduction to the scheme along with some industry speakers. Filmmakers interested in attending can find additional information, and register to attend, at:


Looking for funding?  Want to submit your work to festivals? Keep an eye on upcoming deadlines here.






Info Session on Short Film Funding Opportunities




Filmbase’s next #GetIntoFilm information evening will take place at Filmbase on Monday 13th February on short film funding opportunities for filmmakers in Ireland.

Filmbase are hosting an information evening on funding opportunities for short filmmakers in Ireland. There are a significant number of short film schemes and funds available to filmmakers in Ireland in 2017 supporting a range of live action, animation, documentary and experimental film projects.

These opportunities include those from Filmbase, broadcasters, Film Commissions and regional Arts Offices, the Arts Council and the Irish Film Board. The information session will be an opportunity to outline the aims and objectives of funds which are available this year and to highlight the key requirements of each one.

Other funds will also be covered in the session.

The Information session takes place at Filmbase on Monday 13th February from 19:00 – 20:30. Places are limited and must be reserved in advance. Filmmakers can register their interest in attending by emailing


Looking for funding?  Want to submit your work to festivals? Keep an eye on upcoming deadlines here.



Writers, Producers, Directors Tús Initiative 2017






Filmbase is seeking applicants for a one year Tús Programme sponsored support initiative for those who are unemployed and on the Live Register. The programme will provide a supportive environment for highly motivated individuals to develop their own work opportunities in creative industries.

Filmbase are looking for applicants who meet the criteria for Tús sponsorship and who have the demonstrable potential to develop their skills as freelance Writers, Producers or Directors. We are seeking to identify, nurture and support 12 participants who have a genuine ability to develop projects and skills which may be commercially feasible as film, television or transmedia projects.
The programme will provide a structured environment which will support dynamic and creative individuals, under supervision and guidance, to develop their practical skills, industry awareness, employability, and practical project development.

Filmbase will provide support the programme through targeted training, access to shared office resources, production equipment, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Supports will include:

• A city centre, shared unit incubation hot desk office
• Access to film and video production equipment
• Access to film and video editing facilities
• High speed internet access, suitable for large video file uploading
• Access to industry specific software, including Final Draft, Final Cut Pro X, Movie Magic Budgeting, Movie Magic Scheduling and the Adobe Creative Media Suite.
• Access to Filmbase Training Courses under an individually tailored learning plan
• Access to meeting rooms and rehearsal spaces
• Individual one-to-one professional mentorship
• Training in film related software

The development of creative partnerships between participants will also be encouraged as part of the support initiative.

About Tús

Tús is an activation initiative for those who are unemployed and on the Live Register. It is intended to support the work readiness of those who participate.

Eligibility to Participate

Participation in the scheme is open to persons who:
• have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and “signing” on a full time basis
• are in receipt of a jobseekers payment from the Department of Social Protection for at least 12 months
• are currently in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance

Those who do not meet the above eligibility criteria can not be considered for this scheme.
In addition, applicants who are offered a placement on this scheme will need to be approved by their local Department of Social Protection case officer upon selection.

What will Participation Mean for Your Social Welfare Entitlements?

The Tús rates of payment will be equivalent to your existing Jobseeker’s Allowance plus a top-up rate of €22.50 per week, with a minimum payment of €210.50.
You will retain all other Social Welfare Entitlements that you currently qualify for.

Can I Undertake Additional Work?

While on Tús, participants will be able to undertake additional commercial employment and will be supported to pursue this. However, your additional work must not interfere with your Tús commitments and you must contact the Revenue Commissioners with regard to any other work undertaken to ensure tax compliance, etc.
While participating on Tús, it is open to participants to terminate their contract if offered alternative commercial employment or training opportunities.

How Is This Tús Programme Organised

The Filmbase Writers, Producers, Directors Tús programme is a joint initiative of Filmbase and the Ballyfermot / Chapelizod Partnership. The placements run at Filmbase with the support and assistance of the Ballyfermot / Chapelizod Partnership through their Local Employment Services Network. Additional administrative and liaison support for all participants will be provided by Ballyfermot LESN who will monitor and report on programme and individual progress to the DSP.

How To Apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above and wish to be considered for this programme please apply by 5pm, Friday 17th February with the following information:

1. >Completed Online Application Form
2. Letter outlining your professional development goals for the year, if supported through the programme
3. Current, up-to-date CV
4. Links to sample work(s) already produced
Your application must clearly identify whether you wish to be supported as a Writer, Producer or Director.
Applications must apply online by clicking: Online Application Form
Please do not send hardcopy applications.
Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview and selected applicants will be offered a place, subject to approval by their DSP Case Officer, beginning in March/April 2017 for 12 months.

Additional Information

Additional information on the Tús programme can be found on the Department of Social Protection website at:
Additional information on Filmbase can be found through the Filmbase website at:
Additional information on Ballyfermot Local Employment Services Network can be found at:

For general enquiries about participation in the Writers, Producers, Directors Tús initiative please email


Close Up – Development Scheme for Actors @ Filmbase


Filmbase Talent Development Scheme

Filmbase have announced the second in a series of talent development schemes for actors. Close Up is a professional development programme for actors at Filmbase.

The programme is open to actors who wish to engage in a series of workshops with a range of professional directors working across film and television projects. The studio will run on Tuesday evenings and actors will work with a different director each week, adding up to a unique series of professional workshops.
Close Up is intended as a programme for actors who are developing their screen careers and can benefit from focused professional feedback on craft technique. Participants must have some existing credits or recognised professional training in order to apply. It is not a traditional acting course and is not suitable for beginners.

Each workshop will be led by a different director, ensuring that all participating actors gain a valuable experience working with a range of different professionals and gaining an insight into the different ways directors communicate and prepare actors for scenes.
Directors taking part will be announced shortly.

Application Process:

Actors wishing to take part are invited to submit an application before 5PM Thursday 26th Jan 2017.

To apply you will need:
1. Completed Online Application Form
2. Your professional CV and headshot
3. Showreel/Scenes
4. Filmbase membership number
Application is open to all members of Filmbase and places are fully sponsored. Studio blocks will run on six week rotations, beginning Tuesday 14th of Feb 2017 until Tuesday 21st March. There will be a limited number of places available per studio block to ensure a high quality of experience for all taking part.

Selection Criteria:

Spaces on the programme are limited to 16. Application to the programme does not guarantee a place. In the event that applications exceed the number of places available, priority will be given to emerging actors with feature film, television, commercial or short film experience in professional productions. Showreel scenes will be required as proof of existing experience. Actors who have completed advanced training in screen acting will be considered on the basis of showreel scenes shot as part of their training.

The final pool of actors selected for the programme will be chosen by a panel.
This is professional development workshop series. It is not a traditional acting class and is not suitable for beginners.

Taking Part:

You will be notified by 5pm, Thursday 2nd Feb 2017 if you are being offered a place on the programme.
Once you confirm your place we will ask you to fully commit to attending all modules in your block to allow for programme continuity and planning of exercises. If you will not be able to attend all modules we would kindly ask you to decline your place to allow someone else to attend. You will not lose your place on the programme if you do so and your place will carry forward to a future studio block.

Actors must be 18 or over to take part.
You must be available to take part in all six modules.
Although the there is no application fee you must be a Filmbase member to apply.
Details on Filmbase membership can be found HERE>


− Script Breakdown & Analysis
− Finding Your Unique Voice/Being Authentic
− Getting Clarity of Vision
− Articulating Your Vision
− Being The Actor
− Working With Directors
− Actors/Directors Tool Kit
− Creating An Honest Moment/Performance
− Auditioning & Casting
− Rehearsals: The Different Approaches
− Getting Your Work Seen

Directors Dates:

TBC – 14th Feb, 7pm until 10pm

TBC – 21st Feb, 7pm until 10pm

TBC – 28th Feb, 7pm until 10pm

TBC – 7th Mar, 7pm until 10pm

TBC – 14th Mar, 7pm until 10pm

TBC – 21st Mar, 7pm until 10pm


Online Application Form: