In this podcast, Gemma Creagh talks to Simon Chambers, the Director of ‘Much Ado About Dying’.


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Filmmaker Simon finds his life drastically interrupted when he is called back to London from India to care for his retired bohemian gay actor Uncle David. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong. David’s anarchic spirit is unbreakable. He fights with Simon, refusing to go into a care home, insisting on dying in the squalor of his unheated tumble-down house. He can’t remember where he put his false teeth but he still knows nearly all the lines from his beloved Shakespeare plays. David’s real life starts to echo “King Lear”, the play about an old man going mad and giving his kingdom away, as David starts giving away thousands of pounds to a hot sexy “helper”. How do we deal with and care for our relatives who are living longer than ever? How does Simon help David to have a good death?

Much Ado About Dying is in cinemas from 10th May 2024.


The special event screenings taking place are the following
Irish Film Institute, Dublin – Q&A 10th May
Palás Cinema, Galway – Q&A 11th May
Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin – Q&A 12th May
Omniplex Limerick – Q&A 13th May
Omniplex Cork – Q&A 14th May
Omniplex Rathmines, Dublin – Q&A 17th May
Omniplex Belfast – Q&A 18th May
Queens Film Theatre, Belfast – Q&A 19th May
Century Cinema, Letterkenny – Q&A 19th May
Omniplex Derry – Q&A 20th May

For all it has to say about death, and how different people look at it, it’s in the adoration for the joys of being alive where Much Ado About Dying really soars.

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