In this Japanese Film Festival Panel, Gemma Creagh talks to Andrew Partridge, founder of Anime Limited, Emmy Shigeta, a Japanese DJ, and Stephen McNeice, co-programmer of the Japanese Film Festival Ireland.

The Japanese Film Festival Ireland  is organised by access CINEMA & The Embassy of Japan.

Andrew Partridge

Andrew Partridge

Drawing from his insights gained while consulting in the Japanese animation industry, Andrew recognized the unmet demand for anime content outside of London. This realization led to the founding of Scotland Loves Anime, a festival dedicated to bridging this gap and bringing diverse anime experiences to audiences across the UK.
Andrew’s efforts have not only expanded access to anime but also contributed to the growth of the UK anime theatrical industry when he founded Anime Limited in 2013. Through initiatives like showcasing acclaimed films such as Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name” and the Oscar-nominated “Mirai,” he has helped cultivate a thriving anime community in the UK.

As the founder of Scotland Loves Anime, now in its 14th year, Andrew remains committed to his vision of creating inclusive spaces where anime enthusiasts can come together to celebrate their shared love for the art form.

Emmy Shigeta

Emmy Shigeta is a Japanese DJ whose love for music developed while working in a Record Store and cinema in Tokyo. Now based in Dublin, she loves to play ambient, sound tracks, Japanese city pop & the latest underground j-pop at Fidelity for every Sundays and on her monthly Dublin Digital Radio show.

Stephen McNeice

Stephen McNeice is the co-programmer of the Japanese Film Festival Ireland, and has worked with the festival since 2016. He joined access>CINEMA full-time in 2022 and has since worked on a number of the organisation’s special projects, including the CINNOVATE project, MyCinema and the New Audiences Initiative. His favourite Japanese films include – but are certainly not limited to! – Tokyo Story, The Life of Oharu, My Neighbour Totoro, Seven Samurai, Eros + Massacre, The Human Condition, House, All About Lily Chou Chou, the Evangelion series, and Happy Hour.


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