We take a look at some of the Irish films coming to screens in 2024.

We’ll update films, premieres, release dates and platforms and add reviews and interviews as they come in.


(DIR: Rich Peppiatt • WRI: Rich Peppiatt, Liam Óg Ó Hannaidh, Naoise Ó Cairealláin, JJ Ó Dochartaigh)

Kneecap will have its Irish Premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh


When fate brings Belfast teacher JJ into the orbit of self-confessed ‘low life scum’ Naoise and Liam Og, the needle drops on a hip hop act like no other. Rapping in their native Irish, they lead a movement to save their mother tongue.

CAST: Liam Óg Ó Hannaidh, Naoise Ó Cairealláin, JJ Ó Dochartaigh, Michael Fassbender

Kinds of Kindness

(DIR: Yorgos Lanthimos • WRI: Efthimis Filippou, Yorgos Lanthimos)

In cinemas 28th June 2024.

Kinds of kindness

Kinds of Kindness marks Yorgos Lanthimos’ fifth collaboration with Irish production company Element Pictures. A man seeks to break free from his predetermined path, a cop questions his wife’s demeanor after her return from a supposed drowning, and a woman searches for an extraordinary individual prophesied to become a renowned spiritual guide. 

CAST: Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe


(DIR/WRI: Marian Quinn)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

In cinemas 21st June 2024.

Twig dreams of escape from a divided Dublin. Her brother’s gangland feud traps the people in a culture of fear, surveillance and containment. When tragedy strikes, Twig seeks to do the right thing, stand up to King Leon and face her fate.

CAST: Sade Malone, Brían F. O’Byrne

The Watchers

(DIR:  Ishana Night Shyamalan WRI: A.M. Shine)

In cinemas 13th June 2024.

The Watchers

Ishana Night Shyamalan shot her debut feature in Bray, County Wicklow and Galway, co-produced by Element Pictures.  Dakota Fanning plays an artist stranded in a forest, while Olwen Fouéré co-stars.  The Irish talent working behind the scenes at top levels includes Paula Heffernan Element’s Head of Production, Production Manager Sharon Cronin, Art Directors Gavin Murphy and Gary McGinty, and Casting Director Louise Kiely.

CAST: Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Olwen Fouéré

Ransom ’79 

(DIR: Colm Quinn)

In cinemas 29th May 2024.

The story of legendary Irish reporter Charlie Bird and his determination to break one final story before his life is cut short by Motor Neurone Disease. Charlie’s sources have given him an extraordinary true crime story, one that had remained secret for decades – the attempt by a criminal gang to extort millions from the Irish government. The disease has already taken Charlie’s voice. But clever use of technology means he can still do interviews – using a voice app on his ipad – and, even as his strength falters, he keeps chasing the story.

Piano Dreams

(DIR: Gary Lennon)

In cinemas 24th May 2024.

Piano Stories

There are currently 40 million piano students in China. With many practising up to ten hours a day, pianomania has truly gripped the nation. We follow three young hopefuls and their dedicated families as they chase their dreams in the ultra-competitive world of piano education. This is both an intimate portrait of remarkably talented young musicians and a glimpse into the lives of the new Chinese middle class: their aspirations, their sacrifices and their sheer drive to succeed.

Eat / Sleep / Cheer / Repeat

(DIR:  Tanya Doyle)

In cinemas 17th May 2024.

Team captain, glamour queen Jessica; star athlete, Covid anti-vaxer Jayleesa; dyslexic, athletic Blathnaid; out-n-proud, fun-loving Dean; freedom-seeking Taylor; and lost boy Rickie are each searching for their place in the world through the sport they love.  As their anxiety-crippled coach, Hilton, battles to keep the team on track through a season of ill-discipline and injuries, we follow our underdog athletes’ journey to the World Championships in America. 

Much Ado About Dying

(WRI/DIR:Simon Chambers)

In selected cinemas from 10th May 2024.

Much Ado about DyingSupported by Screen Ireland development funding as the only source of funding, this film features Irish composition and editing talent. Director Simon Chambers had gone to India to make a film about cars. But suddenly his British uncle, David, calls to say he’s dying. When the nephew heads back to England, it turns out the uncle is more dramatic than dying. Uncle David is, in fact, a closeted old theatre actor who trips around half-naked in his mess of a home quoting Shakespeare. While he’s at it, his nephew Simon turns on his camera and starts filming his old uncle for a movie worthy of a Shakespearean play. 

Despite tackling such tough themes, Chambers avoids the melancholic, while still retaining a level of emotion that consistently permeates the 84-minute runtime. 

Jack Murphy looks at Much Ado About Dying, read his review here.
Listen to our podcast with Simon Chambers here

That They May Face the Rising Sun

(DIR: Pat Collins • WRI: Éamon Little, Pat Collins)

Premiered at BFI Film Festival. In cinemas 26th April 2024.

Capturing a year in the life of a rural, lakeside community in Ireland in the 1970s, this is an adaptation of the final novel from John McGahern, one of Ireland’s greatest novelists. Joe and Kate Ruttledge have returned from London to live and work among the small, close-knit community near to where Joe grew up. Now deeply embedded in life around the lake, the drama of a year in their lives and those of the memorable characters around them unfolds through the rituals of work, play and the passing seasons as this enclosed world becomes an everywhere. 

CAST: Barry Ward, Anna Bederke, Ruth McCabe

With so much going on under the surface the performances need to be particularly strong and the film has a cast of veterans only too willing to take on some of the richest roles in their careers. 

Read Mick Jordan’s full review here

All You Need Is Death

(WRI/DIR: Paul Duane)

Premièred at Cork International Film Festival 2023. In cinemas 19th April 2024

A young couple who collect rare folk ballads discover the dark side of love when they surreptitiously record and translate an ancient, taboo folk song from the deep, forgotten past.

CAST: Sarah Burns, Simone Collins, Olwen Fouéré

” A film that brings you in with a great concept and keeps you there with its compelling atmosphere and mood.”

Read the full review here by Mick Jordan.


(DIR: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett • WRI: Stephen Shields, Guy Busick  )

Abagail was in cinemas 19th April 2024 and is available to stream online now.

Starring Alisha Weir and written by Stephen Shields (The Hole in the Ground), the production filmed in Ireland for two months. After a group of criminals kidnap the ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, they retreat to an isolated mansion, unaware that they’re locked inside with no normal little girl.

CAST: Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, Will Catlett, Kevin Durand, Angus Cloud, Alisha Weir

Listen back to our interview with Stephen Shields about his last feature, The Hole in the Ground, here

The Days Of Trees

(DIR: Alan Gilsenan)

Premièred at Cork International Film Festival. In cinemas 12th April 2024. 

A meditation on trauma, offering hope and insight.

Listen to the podcast here with Alan Gilsenan, Director.

One Night In Millstreet

(DIR: Andrew Gallimore)

Premiered at Cork International Film Festival. In cinemas 5th April 2024. 

One Night in Millstreet not only relives the titanic contest that took place in the Green Glens Arena, but also marks the trajectory of the two competitors. The preening, self-regarding, and mentally formidable Super Middleweight Champion, Chris Eubank, and the hungry challenger from Cabra, Steve Collins.

Listen to the DocArena Podcast with Andrew Gallimore, Director here


(WRI/DIR: Joe Lawlor, Christine Molloy)

Premiered at Telluride Film Festival. In cinemas 22nd March 2023.

Based on the life of Rose Dugdale, a former debutante who rebelled against her wealthy upbringing, becoming a volunteer in the militant Irish republican organisation, the Provisional Irish Republican Army

CAST: Imogen Poots, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Lewis Brophy

The fragmented narrative weaves together a picture that’s much bigger than the heist and the politics that surround it.

Read the full review by Smrithika Majukar here
Listen to the podcast here with Christine Molloy & Joe Lawlor, Co-Directors/Writers here. 

Double Blind

(DIR: Ian Hunt-Duffy WRI: Darach McGarrigle)

In cinemas 9th February 2024.

When an experimental drug trial goes horribly wrong, the surviving test subjects have to fight off sleep, and each other, to stay alive.

CAST: Millie Brady, Pollyanna McIntosh, Kate Ashfield, Brenock O’Connor, Abby Fitz, Frank Blake, Amy De Bhrún, Akshay Kumar

Paying homage to the classics of the genre but with a distinct and fresh feel.

Read the full review by Gemma Creagh here

Listen to the Podcast with Ian Hunt-Duffy, Director here.

Poor Things

(DIR: Yorgos Lanthimos WRI: Tony McNamara, Alasdair Gray)

In cinemas 12th January 2024. 

A young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter. Under Baxter’s protection, Bella is eager to learn. Hungry for the worldliness she is lacking, Bella runs off with Duncan Wedderburn, a slick and debauched lawyer, on a whirlwind adventure across the continents. Free from the prejudices of her times, Bella grows steadfast in her purpose to stand for equality and liberation.
CAST: Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef, Christopher Abbott, Suzy Bemba, Jerrod Carmichael, Kathryn Hunter, Vicki Pepperdine, Margaret Qualley, Hanna Schygulla
If I had the choice of watching a final movie before giving up the ghost, it would have to be Poor Things.
Read the full review here by June Butler.


(DIR/WRI: Rich Peppiatt)

Premiered at Sundance Film Festival

Inspired by the birth of ground breaking Irish-language rap group, this raucous anti-establishment comedy features the eponymous trio, who play heightened versions of their own lives against the backdrop of post-Troubles Belfast.

CAST: Michael Fassbender, Simone Kirby, Jessica Reynolds, Josie Walker

Small Things Like These

(DIR: Tim Mielants WRI: Enda Walsh)

Premiered at Berlinale.

Adapted from Claire Keegan’s novel set in the weeks before Christmas in 1985, when Bill Furlong, a father and coal merchant, discovers the startling secrets being kept by the town’s convent, forcing him to confront his past.

CAST:  Cillian Murphy, Ciarán Hinds, Emily Watson, Amy De Bhrún

Prospect House

(DIR/WRI: Paul Mercier)
A group of protesters film a period re-enactment in a dilapidated 18th century house in a last ditch effort to save it from demolition.
CAST: Barry Ward, Dara Devaney, Ciara Ivie, Paul Reid
Prospect House,  podcast with Director Paul Mercier

Spilt Milk

(DIR: Brian Durnin WRI: Cara Loftus)

Set in Dublin in 1984, Split Milk follows an 11 year-old boy, who dreams of becoming a great detective like his TV hero Kojak.

CAST: Alisha WeirDanielle GalliganLaurence O’Fuarain


(DIR: Andres Arochi WRI: Andres Arochi, Gonzalo Romero)

Premiered at International Film Festival of India.

In a desperate attempt to overcome the grief caused by his girlfriend’s passing, Damian sets off on a journey across Mexico. Haunted by memories and regrets, he finds solace through conversations with strangers, witnessing the rituals they participate in to cope with death.

CAST: Dolores Heredia, Claudette Maillé, Daniella Valdez


(DIR/WRI: Patricia Kelly)

Premiered at Galway Film Fleadh.

A reluctant retiree struggles in a controlling marriage, until an unlikely friendship with an abandoned teen sex worker teaches her to live life on her own terms, no matter the cost.

CAST: Geraldine McAlinden, Maya O’Shea, Michael James Ford

Listen here to the podcast with Writer/Director Patricia Kelly here

I See a Darkness

(DIR: Katherine Waugh, Fergus Daly WRI: Katherine Waugh)

Premièred at Cork International Film Festival

Explores a particular history of image production and its associated use in atomic testing. Advances in science and engineering have created wondrous things but quite often the same processes can be inimical to nature. 

Four Mothers

 (DIR: Darren Thornton   WRI: Colin Thornton, Darren Thornton)

A struggling novelist who is forced to take care of three eccentric older women – and his own mother – over the course of one chaotic weekend in Dublin.

CAST: Fionnula Flanagan, James McArdle, Niamh Cusack, Adam Fergus


(DIR/WRI: Alan Friel)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

Set on a remote island in the North Sea, at the dawn of a new evolutionary phase for humanity, Woken confronts the great existential question on the possibility of man to replace God, after having destroyed nature and consequence himself.

CAST: Maxine Peake, Erin Kellyman, Ivanno Jeremiah, Corrado Invernizzi, Oscar Coleman and Peter McDonald

Girl, Taken

(DIR: Simon Wood   Francois Verster)

The story of Celeste and Morne Nurse, whose baby daughter Zephany was stolen from hospital three days after her birth in Cape Town, April 1997. Then, in 2015, their second daughter, Cassidy, enrolled in a new school, where other pupils pointed out an older student, Miche Solomon, who looked like her.

The Sparrow

(DIR/WRI: Michael Kinirons)

A teenager lies about a death and struggles to face the consequences that unfold until his domineering father offers the possibility of forgiveness.

CAST: Ollie West, David O’Hara, Eanna Hardwicke, Aisling O’Sullivan, Isabelle Connolly

Stranger With A Camera

(DIR/WRI: Oorlagh George)

A troubled American teen is stranded in Northern Ireland when her father is suddenly arrested for an IRA related murder from seventeen years prior. Teaming up with her delinquent cousin, together they pry into the buried secrets from their family’s past.

CAST: Ellie Bamber, Owen McDonnell, Michael Shea, Chris Robinson, Charlie Kranz

Bring Them Down

(DIR/WRI: Christopher Andrews)

Set in the wild landscape of the West of Ireland, the film follows an Irish shepherd who is drawn into violent conflict with a neighbouring farm when his sheep are massacred by unknown men.

CAST: Barry Keoghan, Christopher Abbott

Cave of Wonders 

(DIR: Neasa Ní Chainaín • WRI: Neasa Ní ChainaínDavid RaneEtienne Essery)

The words ‘tomb of Alexander’ draw one of the world’s foremost archaeologists and a team of experts, on 6 expeditions to uncover the truth. The stakes are high in this breathtaking game of strategy as they face fatwas, military interventions and the stoic bedrock of the ancient Middle-East. One man, code-named ‘The Inventor’ holds the exact coordinates of the tomb entrance – will he give up the secret? 

Mrs. Robinson

(DIR: Aoife Kelleher)

A pioneering constitutional lawyer, the first female President of Ireland, the UN’s first High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Chair of The Elders; iconic change-maker Mary Robinson has led an inspirational life of human rights activism. But as she approaches the age of 80, she is taking on the biggest battle of her life. Tracking tectonic shifts in personal, political, and social values over a period of 50 years Mrs Robinson tells a cinematic story of epic battles for equality: in the courts, at the ballot box, and on the streets.

Tukdam: A Question Of Life And Death

(DIR: Donagh Coleman)

Tukdam: A Question Of Life And Death (DIR: Donagh Coleman)

In what Tibetan Buddhists call “tukdam”, advanced meditators die in a consciously controlled manner. Though dead according to our biomedical standards, they often stay sitting upright in meditation; remarkably, their bodies remain fresh and lifelike, without signs of decay for days, sometimes weeks after clinical death.

Following ground-breaking scientific research into tukdam, and taking us into intimate death stories of Tibetan meditators, the film juxtaposes scientific and Tibetan perspectives as it tries to unravel the mystery of tukdam.


(WRI/DIR: Aislinn Clarke)

A home care worker, Shoo, who, haunted by a personal tragedy, is sent to a remote village to care for an agoraphobic woman who fears the neighbours as much as she fears the Na Sídhe – sinister sprites who she believes abducted her decades before. As the two develop a strangely deep connection, Shoo is consumed by the old woman’s paranoia, rituals, and superstitions, eventually confronting the horrors from her own past.

CAST: Clare Monnelly, Bríd Ní Neachtain, Aleksandra Bystrzhitskaya

King Frankie

(WRI/DIR: Dermot Malone)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

Frankie is a humble Dublin taxi driver, who runs his own tiny taxi firm. On the day of his father’s removal, he comes face to face with something that happened ten years ago, and the first thing that he must do is forgive himself. 

CAST: Aine Cooney, Alan Mahon, Ally Ní Chiaráin, Claudia Beatty.

Swing Bout

(WRI/DIR: Maurice O’Carroll)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

This crime thriller, set backstage at a major boxing event, traces Toni Gale’s tumultuous journey from the dressing room to the ring over the course of a night of deceit, betrayal, and life-altering decisions. .

CAST: Ben Condron, Chrissie Cronin, Ciara Berkeley, Frank Prendergast, John Connors, Sinead O’Riordan

Toni’s journey from the dressing room to the ring proves to be fertile ground for O’Carroll to explore the corruption and monetary selfishness rampant in the sporting industry.

Read the full review here by Khushi Jain here

Don’t Forget To Remember

(DIR: Ross Killeen)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

There is an inherent understanding of the grieving process when a loved one is lost. But what if that person isn’t gone? What does grief mean then? In collaboration with the artist Asbestos, Killeen’s unconventional documentary explores the lived experience of Alzheimer’s whilst also honouring the ties of family. Considering the simultaneous fragility and fortitude of memory, it concludes that we can never truly lose our loved ones as long as we remember them.

Don’t Forget to Remember – A Celebration of Life, Love and Creativity: read the print Interview here


(DIR: Kathleen Harris)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

Ornithologist Seán Ronayne is on a mission to record the call of every bird species in Ireland – that’s nearly 200 birds. At once inspiring and cautionary, his journey reveals the beauty and importance of sound, and what listening can tell us about the state of our natural world.

Listen to the podcast with Director Kathleen Harris here.


(WRI/DIR: Tadhg O’Sullivan)

Premiered at DIFF 2024.

In a small house by the sea, a woman begins a letter to an unknown correspondent. Surrounded by the books, mementoes and clutter of a life lived in one place, her home exposed to the waves of a rising ocean, she writes about the history of lost art. Considering what has been lost, and wondering about her own desire to hold on, she sets out on a meditation on memory, and art’s aspiration to immortality.

CAST: Brenda Fricker

Kathleen Is Here

(WRI/DIR: Eva Birthistle)

Kathleen is here

Kathleen is 18 and fresh out of foster care. Her departure coincides with the death of her biological mother and so she returns to her hometown to take ownership of her mother’s house. She gets a job and even a friend; but the emptiness of Kathleen’s life cannot be filled by social media and reality shows. Alone and desperate for a mother figure, she sets out on a destructive path to find one.

CAST: Hazel Doupe, Claire Dunne, Peter Coonan, Lisadán Dunlea, James McGowan, Aaron Monaghan

September Says

(WRI/DIR: Ariane Labed)

September Says

This is a co-production involving Sackville Film & TV Productions and Element Pictures. Sisters July and September are thick as thieves, though very different – September is protective and distrustful of others, while July is open to and curious about the world. Their dynamic is a concern to their single mum, Sheela, who is unsure what to do with them. When September is suspended from their school, July is left to fend for herself and begins to assert her own independence – which does not go unnoticed by September. Tension among the three women builds when they take refuge in an old holiday home in Ireland, where July finds her bond with September shifting in ways she cannot entirely understand or control – and a series of surreal encounters test the family to their limit.

CAST: Mia Tharia, Rakhee Thakrar, Pascale Kann


(DIR: Andrew Baird • WRI: Ronan Blaney)

Sunrise poster

A man, Fallon (Alex Pettyfer) roams the land as a creature of the night as he comes to terms with tragic loss of his family at the hands of a brutal demagogue, Reynolds (Guy Pearce).

CAST: Alex Pettyfer, Crystal Yu, William Gao, Kurt Yaeger, Olwen Fouéré, Guy Pearce

Hallow Road

(DIR: Babak Anvari • WRI: William Gillies)

Hallow Road

Two parents receive a distressing late-night call from their teenage daughter, who has just accidentally hit a pedestrian. They jump in their car, racing to get there before anyone else stumbles across the scene. As they head deeper into the night, disturbing revelations threaten to tear the family apart as they soon realise they might not be the only ones driving down Hallow Road.

CAST: Rosamund Pike, Matthew Rhys, Paul Tylak, Megan McDonnell

The End

(DIR: Joshua Oppenheimer • WRI: Rasmus Heisterberg, Joshua Oppenheimer)

A wealthy family lives in an underground bunker two decades after the end of the world, which they directly contributed to. 

CAST: Tilda Swinton, George MacKay, Moses Ingram, Michael Shannon, Bronagh Gallagher, Tim McInnerny, Lennie James

The Flats

(WRI/DIR: Alessandra Celesia)

The flats film

Joe and his Belfast neighbours reenact childhood memories from the violent Troubles era in their Catholic district, exploring the collective experiences that shaped their lives and community.

CAST: Jolene Burns, Joe McNally, Sean Parker


(DIR: Edwin Mullane, Adam O’Keefe • WRI: Adam O’Keefe)


On the wind-blasted coast of North Sligo, four estranged siblings return to their ageing childhood home to decide the fate of the family estate. Rammed into the family home for the first time in decades, estranged siblings Jeremiah, Niall, Carrie and Evan return home in the wake of their father’s death to decide the fate of the family estate. Burdens and grudges, fears and insecurities rise to the surface as the ghost of Colm Canavan continues to taunt them from beyond the grave. As the weekend progresses and failures to agree rack up, they cajole, bicker, reunite and divide as the family’s myriad skeletons come tumbling out of the proverbial closet.

CAST: John Connors, Seán Doyle, Mary Murray, Carolyn Bracken, Neill Fleming, Jed Murray, Eric O’Brien, Lalor Roddy

A Greenland Story

(DIR: Marieke Lexmond and Vincent Monahan)

A Greenland Story has been broadcast on RTÉ, is available to view on the player now, and will be available on streamers soon. 

A Greenland Story

Set in Greenland during the Summer of 2019, this film reveals a country and people at a crossroads between tradition and modernity. With no roads connecting its coastal communities, a humble boat and its Irish crew move quietly up the West coast past vast icebergs and pods of whales. We are invited into homes and communities along the way, where people share thoughts on their rapidly changing culture. This is a celebration of Greenland’s culture, a lament for a changing way of life, and a yearning for a positive future for a people facing such uncertain times.

Instead of making their presence felt, the crew choose to point their cameras at the beautiful scenery and let the land speak for itself.

Read the full review here by Dale Kearney.

The Apprentice

(DIR: Ali Abbasi • WRI: Gabriel Sherman)

The Apprentice will premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May. 

The Apprentice

The Apprentice, a feature produced by Irish company Tailored Films starring Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump and Jeremy Strong as Roy Cohn, will have its World Premiere in Official Competition for the coveted Palme D’Or at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this month. The film is an official Canadian-Irish-Danish co-production. The Apprentice is a dive into the underbelly of the American empire. It charts a young Donald Trump’s ascent to power through a Faustian deal with the influential right-wing lawyer and political fixer Roy Cohn.

CAST: Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Strong, Maria Bakalova


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