In this Film Ireland podcast, Gemma Creagh talks to Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Director of ‘The Miracle Club’.

The Miracle Club follows a female friendship across generations in a community in the late 1960’s in working class Dublin when the Catholic Church reigned supreme. A bus trip to Lourdes becomes more than a pilgrimage as each of the women look for answers to very different questions. Having never even left Dublin – let alone Ireland – the journey provides our heroines the chance to let their hair down, celebrate life and delight in some sweet independence. Truly joyous, uplifting, hilarious and aspirational – and an invitation to meet our heroines, all just as funny, messy, vocal and flawed as ourselves –  The Miracle Club empowers us all to communicate, love and laugh, and discover that we are only as strong as the friends and family who stand by us. This remarkable cast includes Dame Maggie Smith, Kathy Bates, Laura Linney, Agnes O’Casey, Stephen Rea and Mark O’Halloran. 

The Miracle Club is in Irish cinemas from 13th October 2023.

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