Paul Farren reviews a film.

James Cameron has finally unleashed his sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, to mixed but mostly positive reviews.  He promised a spectacle that would raise the bar and he has truly delivered on that promise as well as creating a 3D experience that truly enhances the cinematic experience. This is what it has been all about; a visceral, fantastic, cinematic experience. A reason to go to the cinema, a reason to be in the dark with friends and strangers and be taken on a journey out of reality for a few hours. 

I could take many pot-shots at the story, dialogue, the characterisations and so on but I really couldn’t be bothered. I went, I saw, and I bloody loved it – flaws and all. The film is an action fantasy that transports those who wish to be transported to an alien world and escape this one for those 3 hours and something minutes. If that’s too much escape for you, then don’t bother escaping. 

Oh yeah, it’s about villainous humans hunting indigenous people on an alien planet called Pandora and it has giant sea creatures and lots of water in it.

Avatar: The Way of Water is in cinemas from 16th Deember 2022.


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