In this Film Ireland podcast, Gemma Creagh talks to Gerard Lough, the Writer and Director of Spears.

Packed with twists and turns, Spears kicks off when a Private Investigator is sent from Ireland to Florence, Italy to track down a woman who mysteriously vanished there. Meanwhile in London, a Dissident Republican does an arm’s deal with a new seller he does not trust. In Berlin, a scam artist spends a weekend with a married woman he tries to convince to leave with him. Each of the three men make a startling discovery which forces them to team up back in Ireland and take revenge on those who have wronged them. Fittingly, the film’s title is taken from the Emily Bronte quote; “Treachery and violence are spears pointed by both ends; they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.” Typical of the Neo Noir genre, the film is a stylish looking affair with tension and fear in abundance but trust in short supply. Over half of the film was shot in Donegal, Ireland with the rest of filming taking place in Florence, Berlin and London.

Spears now available on VOD on Amazon (UK & US).

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