We are thrilled to once again be partnering with Still Voices Film Festival to bring you a series of podcasts with artists featured at the international film festival located in the heart of Ireland.

Still Voices Film Festival runs from November 9th – 13th 2022. Take a look at the programme here.

In this podcast, Gemma Creagh talks to 3 animators – Cliona Noonan, Mary Smyth and Victor Jaquier about their films screening at the festival.

Soft Tissue (Cliona Noonan)

A father takes desperate measures in the hopes of saving his son, but his actions soon become a distraction from what matters to him most.

Components of Recovery (Mary Smyth)

An Irish group’s experience with addiction and moving toward recovery. Addiction clouds the mind, spreading into every aspect of a being. Objects begin to struggle and parts stop working. A spark of hope marks an inner want for change. ‘The click’ marks an active decision for change illuminating new paths. Light exposes new connections and restores mechanisms to move again symbolising the brain and mind in recovery healing. Recovery is not a final destination but a continued working process as all the parts work together fade and glow into the distance.

Death and the Winemaker (Victor Jaquier)

A young winemaker devotes himself to creating the best wine in the world, to win the hand of his beloved Mathilde – the daughter of his rich neighbor. He creates a wine so exquisite, that even Death demands to taste it. As he learns the awful truth about Mathilde’s fate, he captures Death in a barrel, ignoring the consequences on the natural order of things.

Meet the Animators

Cliona Noonan

Cliona Noonan is an Irish animator, filmmaker and director. She graduated from the National Film School at IADT in 2019 with a BA in Animation, having directed her graduation film TUNA. Since then, she has been working within the animation industry as well as making short films. Her work has screened at film festivals internationally. In 2020 she directed Wet & Soppy as part of the ‘Animation Studio Lab’ programme supported by Animation Skillnet. Soon after, she was selected for the OFFline Animation Residency where she made her latest short film Soft Tissue.


Mary Smyth

Mary Smyth is a freelance animator and illustrator from Longford, working in Roscommon. Completed a PhD in animation research this year at Technological University of the Shannon: Clonmel Campus. Previously graduated from the animation department in Limerick School of Art & Design in 2017.


Victor Jaquier

Born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1982, Victor Jaquier is a director and an illustrator. He studied cinema at the Beaux-Arts of Geneva. He likes to explore different techniques, since his short film Cronos and Rhea, which mixes live action and stop-motion animation. In 2007, he moved to Paris where he directed an episode for the Canal+ anthology, Sable Noir. His 20-minute live action fantastic movie, The Black Lake, was made in 2010. Death and the Winemaker is his first project using hand drawn animation.


Screening Time & Venue:
Shorts Programme 3 | Ballymahon Library | Nov 11 | 5 – 6:30pm

Shorts Programme 19 | Online Platform | Nov 13 | 10am – 10pm

Still Voices Film Festival runs from November 9th – 13th 2022.

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