In this Film Ireland podcast, Gemma Creagh talks to Kim Bartley, Director of ‘Pure Grit’, a thrilling tale of extreme bareback horse racing, and an intimate love story.

Pure Grit chronicles three years in the life of a young Native American bareback horse racer Sharmaine, her dogged determination, and the relationships that sustain her.

Sharmaine dreams of becoming a champion again but she needs money to compete, and jobs are scarce on the reservation. Sharmaine quit racing and her job to care for her sister who was paralyzed in a catastrophic accident on the racetrack.  When the atmosphere at home turns toxic, Sharmaine and her girlfriend Savannah are forced to leave the Wyoming wilderness for the industrial Commerce City, Denver.  The city brings freedom and opportunity, but also distractions and a strain on their fledgling relationship. When racing season starts up, Sharmaine and Savannah hit the road and put it all on the line. With a new horse from her city earnings, Sharmaine sees the potential for a fresh start. But life, like the racetrack, doesn’t always go according to plan.

Pure Grit is in cinemas from 30th September 2022.

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