June Butler tunes into Wireless Brian Benjamin Dwyer’s Puttnam award-winning short film.

A middle-aged couple, Ziggy (Rose Henderson) and Teddy (Pat Nolan), living on an isolated island off the coast of Ireland, are faced with the prospect of a mandatory two-kilometre lockdown due to the Covid pandemic. Far from being distraught by the impending isolation, Ziggy and Teddy react in the most hilarious of ways. ‘No more tourists’ they witter. ‘No more city feckers’ they aver. They greet the news with unrestrained joy. To add to their seclusion, there is no broadband available on the island. A fact that becomes more central to the story as it progresses.

Wireless is unbridled happiness – an ode to unrestrained child-like delight. Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan are wonderful to watch. Special mention also to actor Shane Casey who caps the trio of excellent performances.  

Wireless is premiering at Fastnet Short Film Festival on 28th May 2022 followed by a Q&A with the cast/crew.


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