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In this episode of The DocArena Podcast, Ross Whitaker talks to filmmaker Maeve O’Boyle. Maeve is the editor and co-director, along with Aideen Kane, Lucy Kennedy, of The 8th, the first independently made documentary about the triumphant referendum campaign led by a group of women including Ailbhe Smyth and Andrea Horan to repeal the Eighth Amendment and change Ireland’s abortion laws after a 35-year long struggle. While featuring voices from both sides of the debate, the primary focus of this new documentary is on the dynamic female leaders of the pro-choice campaign. The film closely follows veteran pro-choice campaigner Ailbhe Smyth, co-director of the ‘Together for Yes’ campaign, and self-described glitter activist and co-presenter of the podcast Don’t Stop Repealin’, Andrea Horan, as they chart a bold strategy of grassroots activism and engineer the near impossible. This dramatic story is underscored by a vivid exploration of the wrenching failures that led to this defining moment in Irish history. 

The 8th is released on video on demand in the UK and Ireland on 25th May 2021

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Ross Whitaker is a documentary filmmaker (Katie, The Boys in Green, Between Land and Sea) and is a former editor of Film Ireland Magazine and programmer of the IFI Dublin Documentary Film Festival @RossWhitakerTV

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…a powerful testament to the years of work done by activists to make Irish society better.

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