The Calvert Journal Film Festival gifts the viewers with seven days of free New East cinema online. All of the titles will be freely available for viewing in Ireland.

British award-winning international magazine The Calvert Journal is ready to kick off the inaugural edition of its new online film festival. The publication is dedicated to exploring the culture and creativity of the New East and delivers a daily briefing on art, design, film, architecture, fashion and travel to a global audience through a mix of reportage, interviews, photography and videos.

The festival will feature 7 films, screened online for free at from 12 to 18 October; each day a different movie will be available for 24 hours.

The programme showcases a range of fiction and non-fiction titles. The event will be opened by Waiting for the Sea, an award-winning documentary short by George Itzhak revolving around an electronic music festival in Uzbekistan’s disappearing Aral Sea. The Uzbek-American director’s short will be followed by Ivan Salatić’s You Have The Night (online premiere), a harrowing family drama set in a Montenegrin shipyard; Parade (online premiere), a heartwarming Georgian road trip film by debut director Nino Zhvania; Mariam (online premiere) a drama about the life of a single mother in the Kazakh steppe; Half-Sister, a bittersweet, millennial step-sister drama set in Ljubljana; Hotshot, Natasza Parzymies’ short film about an unusual women’s prison in Poland, and The Pit, an affectionate documentary portrayal of a community in a hot water swimming pool in Varna that stands for an entire society.

On 12 October, the opening film will be accompanied by an interview with the director will be streamed on The Calvert Journal’s official Instagram channel at 19:00 GMT.

All of the titles will be freely available for viewing in Ireland and worldwide, with the exception of Hotshot (not available in the Americas, Asia, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands or Belgium).

You can find the full programme of the event here:

Davide Abbatescianni


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