Castlebar’s Linenhall Arts Centre  Film Club holds its world cinema screening every second Tuesday.  The film club provides  a great way to access foreign, arthouse film in the West of Ireland in a cinematic setting.

Linenhall Film Club is affiliated to Access Cinema. Access Cinema is a national resource organisation for regional cultural cinema, and is a member of the International Federation of Film Societies.


The Souvenir on February 25th @ 8pm

Julie is a shy film student from a privileged background, who wants to use her work to better understand the realities of the world. When she meets the older and mysterious Anthony, Julie finds herself caught up in her first serious love affair. Director Joanna Hogg re-imagines some of her own real-life experiences in a film that explores many subjects including art and memory, as well as romance and love. Featuring a breakout performance from Honor Swinton Byrne, The Souvenir is refreshingly honest and beautifully devastating.

“The Souvenir does many things so exquisitely, it’s hard to know where to begin.” – Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out
“… mysterious, seductive, thrillingly controlled…” – Robbie Collin, The Daily Telegraph

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love on March 3rd @ 8pm

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love is a beautiful yet tragic love story between Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. The film follows their relationship from the early days on Hydra in the 1960s, a humble time of ‘free love’ and open marriage, to how their love evolved when Leonard became a successful musician. It was on Hydra in 1968 that director Nick Broomfield first met Marianne, who introduced him to Cohen’s music and also encouraged Nick to make his first film.
USA 2019 102mins English language Cert: G
“Just lovely.” – Kevin Maher, The Times

Monos on March 10th @ 8pm

Exiled on a remote mountainside in South America, the Monos are a group of teenage soldiers. Their job: to guard a single hostage. They have their orders but also their rituals, and when the group’s leadership is tested, the dynamics shift and the few ties the Monos had to reality and the outside world dissolve. Monos is a powerful, beautifully surreal film from Director Alejandro Landes, that uses a pulsating soundtrack and visual style to provide an immersive and mesmerising experience for the viewer.

Colombia/Argentina/Netherlands/Germany/Sweden/Uruguay 2019 102mins Cert: 15A
English/Spanish (with English subtitles)

“Haunting, challenging, affecting, alarming and utterly mesmerising.’’ – Mark Kermode, Observer
“Easily one of the best films of 2019.’’ – Tara Brady, The Irish Times

Sons of Denmark (Danmarks sønner) on March 24th @8PM

One year after a bomb attack in Copenhagen, ethnic tensions are running high. Angered by the rising anti-Islamic climate, 19-year-old Muslim Zakaria is recruited by neighbourhood elder Hassan, and placed under the watchful eye of Ali. Eager but naive, Zakaria becomes entangled in a violent plot against a dangerous far-right leader. Ulaa Salim’s debut is a provocative, politically charged thriller.

Denmark 2019 123mins Cert: 15 Danish/Arabic with English subtitles

“ … gels politics, family and police procedural into a fiery thriller.” – Kaleem Aftab, Cineuropa
“An ambitious, provocative, politically charged thriller.” – Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

Transit on April 7th @ 8PM

Like many others, German refugee Georg has fled Paris to escape the impending war. He has assumed the identity of a famous but deceased writer, and plans to use the man’s documentation to obtain a transit visa and immigrate to Mexico. But when Georg encounters the dead man’s wife in Marseille, he finds himself dangerously drawn to her. Although the story is anchored in the past, director Christian Petzold relocates events to a contemporary setting, blurring the lines between past and present. The result is a thrilling and unique piece of work.

Germany/France 2018 102mins Cert: 12A German/French language with English subtitles

“…brilliant existential thriller works like a dream…” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
“By turns intimate and expansive, a thrilling, at times harrowing labyrinth of a movie.” – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

Amazing Grace on April 14th @8PM

In January 1972, Aretha Franklin made her legendary album Amazing Grace with the Southern California Community Choir and Reverend James Cleveland in the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. Recorded in two days, this live album was to become the most successful gospel record of all time. Brilliantly capturing a remarkable performer near the peak of her prodigious power, Alan Elliott and Sydney Pollack’s Amazing Grace is a thrilling must-watch documentary for Aretha Franklin fans.

USA 2018 87mins Cert: G

“This is a film that revels in a titanic talent, and the details that an audio recording can never pick up. The close-ups are wonderfully intimate.” – Ed Potton, The Times
“Surely the new gold standard of filmed music concerts?” – Little White Lies

Pain and Glory (Dolor y gloria) on April 21st @8PM

Veteran director Salvador Mallo currently suffers many health issues, which he blames for the creative rut he finds himself in. As he tries to recover both creatively and physically, he remembers his mother and reflects on his work, family and past loves. Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz reunite with award-winning director Pedro Almodóvar in his most personal film to date.

Spain 2019 113mins Cert: 16 Spanish with English subtitles

“Life meets art in Almodóvar’s wistful extravaganza. The director delivers another sensuous and deeply personal gem as Banderas’ ageing film-maker faces up to death.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
“Every element of the film is beautifully judged.” – Donald Clarke, The Irish Times



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