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Looking to get into film? Want to start out or upskill? Here’s some upcoming training programmes to help you make that move. 

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8-Week Intro Course for Beginner Actors – Bow Street, Dublin, 20th April – 22nd June 2020. This hands-on 8-week course is the perfect introduction to all aspects of Screen Acting from technical aspects to performance. In a friendly and inspiring environment we will demystify all parts of the craft including casting, rehearsing, shooting and performance analysis. You will learn the key difference between performing for stage versus performing for camera.

Pitch It! – Dublin, 23rd March 2020. This Screen Skills workshop aims to help participants understand the importance of good, consistent, and concise communication that enables you to present a project in a few words, never forgetting to sell to the listener.

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion – Dublin, 12th March 2020.  In this Screen Skills Ireland interactive one-day course participants will get a good overview of how to integrate the practice of diversity and inclusion into the day-to-day learning processes of their working environment; and take decisions in an atmosphere of respect, trust and acceptance.

Young Women in Film & TV 2020 – IADT, 6th & 7th March 2020. This two-day workshop will focus on visual storytelling and is designed to inspire young women to consider a career in the film and television industry.

Screen8 a free out-of-school programme designed to give young people an opportunity to be creative and develop filmmaking skills and talents for a future career in film. The scheme was launched in 2018 with the objective of offering 18 young people from inner-city Dublin the chance to work together on a short film alongside a mentor.  Download an application form.

Film Studies 101. Now that the list of films for the Leaving Cert 2020 have been released, filmmaker and film scholar Natasha Waugh will be available for film studies tutorials, for students who wish to learn a bit more about how to think about film in an academic context. The tutorials will cover: Basic terminology; Scene Analysis; Film Style & Aesthetic; Genre studies. For information on booking tutorials, please feel free to contact Natasha at

Genre Writing with Ferdia Mac Anna  – An Droichead Arts Centre, 9th March 2020. Have you ever wanted to write a Thriller, Horror tale or Comedy? This 1 day course is aimed at emerging writers and will focus upon Thrillers, Comedy and Horror to explore character, storyline, structure and more. A lively and informative introduction to writing for genre.

Storytelling with a Smartphone: Shoot and edit with the production studio in your pocket Dublin, 5th & 6th March 2020.  On this practical 2-day course, mobile journalism trainer Caroline Scott will guide you through the process of filming and editing your own content for broadcast and digital audiences – purely on your smartphone. You’ll be encouraged to think creatively about the storytelling process throughout as you get thrown in the deep end as a mobile storyteller, creating your own feature package.

Careers in Screen 4th March 2020. IFI  An inspiring and innovative day of events for young people interested in a career in the film & TV industry. Aimed at a senior Cycle students aged 15–18, the event will feature special guests drawn from diverse film and TV disciplines.

Writing for Animation with Kristina Yee 3rd March 2020. Irish Writers Centre, Dublin. This is a practical 6-week course for writers looking to break into the animation industry. There will be a focus on writing for children’s television, while exploring the industry in the UK and Ireland.

Filmmaking  Basics  18th February 2020. Cork Film Centre. A hands-on course for entry-level filmmakers. Over six evening classes plus one day-long shooting session, participants will acquire the basic skills to devise and shoot films.

Photogrammetry Workshop for Filmmakers, Animators and Game Developers  15th & 16th February 2020. Galway. Learn the fundamentals of the photogrammetry process in the creation of 3D models for Film, VR, Animation and Games Galway .This workshop is aimed at filmmakers, animators, modellers and game developers who want to understand how photogrammetry can add to their 3D asset creation pipeline and to develop their skill set so that they can include real world objects as high fidelity 3D models in their projects through the use of the photogrammetry process. This skill set is particularly relevant to anyone in VR, Virtual Production, VFX, Animation, and Games.

Write or Rewrite YOUR Short Film with Eilish Kent 12th February 2020. Dublin, TBC. Want to write a short film that will get noticed? Over four weeks you will get continuous feedback on your script and learn the dos of short scripts that get made.

Writing Female Centered Films 10th February 2020. Dublin, TBC. In this eight-week course you will explore the fundamentals of writing feature film, with special emphasis on stories about and for women. How to give agency to female protagonists who frequently don’t fit the role of active hero. Explore the narrative risks worth taking and the rules to break.

Planet Korda Pictures is seeking a female Shadow Director / Assistant Director  6th February 2020. For Alessandra Celesia’s upcoming documentary feature film, “The Flats”.

Creating Screenplays for Short Films with Stephen Walsh 3rd February 2020. Irish Writers Centre, Dublin. A 10-week introduction to visual narrative and the screenplay form which is also a workshop in which participants can develop their ideas into short scripts.

Managing Mentoring Workshop 1st February 2020. Dublin TBC. This workshop looks at mentoring, how to manage this as part of your overall role and how, if done effectively it can have a positive impact on individuals and the industry as a whole.

Full-Time Professional Actor Training Programme 31st January2020. Gaiety School of Acting. The intensive two-year actor training programme is designed to prepare participants for work as an actor in Ireland and internationally

Leading Successful Teams  Dublin TBC, 25th January 2020. This course is the second in a number of three workshops run for people working in the screen industry.  It is ideal for department heads, those managing people in the industry, and people who are about to step up to this role.

The Lir Audition Workshop Cork, 25th January 2020. At this acting audition workshop, one of the core acting teachers at The Lir Academy, will guide participants through preparing for auditions, through careful selection of monologues and developing characterisation.

Abel Ferrara Masterclass Trinity College Dublin, 23rd January 2020. This inspiring masterclass will focus on the director’s work, style & creation of films including working with non actors discussing films to date. It will feature open discussion, allowing for interactive questions & answers, and will be of particular interest to directors, writers, cinematographers, actors, and producers.

Assistant Editing for Non-Fiction in Association with Irish Screen Editors 24th January 2020. Dublin. In this course participants will gain a full insight into the role and responsibilities of the assistant editor.

In The Writers Room III 20th January 2020. MICHAEL ZAM was co-creator, writer and co-producer on the FX miniseries, Feud: Bette & Joan, which was nominated for 18 Emmys, including two for Zam, which was based on his Black-Listed screenplay, Best Actress. Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon starred in the 2017 series

BAME/Afro Hairstyling Workshop 19th January 2020. This one-day workshop, run in partnership with the Hairstylist Guild of Ireland and Image Skillnet, is the first in a suite of courses aimed at upskilling hairstylists working with BAME hair (Black Asian Minority and Ethnic), focusing on Afro Hair.

The Lir Audition Workshop Dublin, 18th January 2020. At this acting audition workshop, one of the core acting teachers at The Lir Academy, will guide participants through preparing for auditions, through careful selection of monologues and developing characterisation.

Jeb Stuart Masterclass IFI, 19th January 2020. Join award-winning screenwriter Jeb Stuart (Die HardThe Fugitive) for a masterclass in writing action movies. Using clips from his blockbusting classics, he will explore the process of mapping twists, creating charismatic characters and crafting memorable lines.

Write that Script! – Screenwriting Workshop with Lindsay J. Sedgwick Dublin, 18th January 2020. This workshop will look at how to adapt an idea for the screen, from developing characters and writing powerful scenes, through to structuring stories, creating worlds and everything in between. The goal: that you will know what you need to have the confidence to write a compelling and visual screenplay. Cancelled.

Building Resilience and Time Management Skills 18th January 2020. This course is the first of three workshops run for people working in the screen industry. This course will focus on helping attendees manage their time and remain resilient in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.




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