Looking for funding for your film? Want to submit your work to festivals? Interested in opportunities and competitions?

Keep an eye on upcoming deadlines here.

If you have a deadline you’d like us to include, please contact filmireland@gmail.com

Please note that some schemes listed may have been affected by Covid-19. Click on the link for full information.

Funding: Fastnet Film Festival Puttnam Award – 1st March 2021.

Submissions: Catalyst International Film Festival – 8th February 2021

Funding: The Markievicz Award – 4th February 2021

Funding: Engine Short Film Scheme – 29th January 2021 (Info Session 18th Jan)

Competition: All-Ireland Screenwriting Prize – 15th January 2021

Artists Residencies: Centre Culturel Irlandais – 12th January 2021

Competition: Físín –  8th January 2021

Submissions: YMVC – Youth Music Video Competition 2021 – 4th January 2021

Funding: Screen Skills Ireland Production Continuation Fund – 31st December 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Feature Film Development Loans – 11th December 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Screenplay Development Loans – 11th December 2020

ACE Animation Special – Call for Applications  A workshop aimed at experienced producers – 1st December 2020

Funding: Virgin Media Discovers 30th of November 2020

Funding: Develop Five New TG4 Series 30th November 2020.

Funding: Arts Council Professional Development Award – to support practicing artists and arts practitioners to upskill through access to a professional development or training opportunity –19th November 2020

Funding: Arts Council Professional Development Award 19th November 2020

Opportunity: Writing/Training Opportunity for Irish Language Writers – 17th November 2020

Funding: Leitrim Creative Sector Co-Support Programme 16th November 2020

Funding: Artist in the Community Scheme Bursary Award 9th November 2020

Funding: Film Mayo Creative Ireland Award – 10th November 2020

Funding: Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund 4th November 2020

Submissions: Dublin International Comedy Film Festival – 31st October 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Feature Film Development Loans – 30th October 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Screenplay Development Loans – 30th October 2020

Opportunity: Northern Ireland Screen & Docs Ireland Pitching Competition – 30th October 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland’s Talent Development Academy for TV Drama – 30th October 2020

Opportunity: Script Mentorship Scheme  Galway Film Centre – 30th October 2020

Residency: Film Artist in Residence at UCC – 29th October 2020

Opportunities: Screen Skills Ireland Screen Mentoring – 19th October 2020

Funding: Arts and Disability Connect 2020 – 19th October 2020

Submissions: Science on Screen Film Festival 9th October 2020

Funding:  Screen Stakeholders Funding Scheme 9th October 2020

Funding: Arts Council Reel Art Award8th October 2020

Funding: Sound & Vision 4 Scheme 8th October 2020

Funding: Screen Stakeholders Funding Scheme 9th October 2020

Funding: Round 37 of Sound & Vision Scheme 8th October 2020

Funding: Arts Council Authored Works Award 1st October 2020

Funding: BAI: Sound and Vision 4 open to independent audiovisual producers, commercial, community and public service television stations, and independent audio producers working with commercial, community and public service radio stations – 7th October 2020

Funding: dlr First Frames – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s purpose in promoting this opportunity is to support emerging filmmakers to make vibrant and compelling films and to increase awareness of the variety and flexibility of locations available in the region – 30th September 2020

Development: IGNITE Bilingual talent development programme directed towards emerging Irish and Northern Irish documentary filmmakers – 30th September 2020

Funding: Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund25th September 2020

Commission: TG4 New Generation. Fresh, innovative and entertaining short-form content that will attract young viewers aged 16-34, with a particular emphasis on the under-25 age group. highest, created primarily for TG4 online platforms (TG4 Player, TG4 YouTube Channel, IGTV etc) –  18th September 2020

DocCelerator Galway 10th September 2020.  Online Documentary script and development Programme.

Arts Council Film Project 2021 Award 10th September 2020

Funding: Arts Council Film Project Award10th September 2020

Commissioning: Virgin Media Television Seeks New Drama Content – 7th September 2020

Submissions: Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Challenge 2020 -7th September 2020

Submissions: Cinemagic Call For Young Filmmakers28th August 2020

Extended Submissions Deadline: Kerry International Film Festival20th August 2020

Opportunity FilmOffaly Professional Development Programme – 7th August 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Strategic Slate Development Fund aims to empower successful applicants to build a strong slate of creative screen projects – 31st July 2020

Funding: TG4 Cine4 Babhta 5 to develop original feature films in the Irish language – 31st July, 2020

Funding: TG4 POTA BREISE  applications are sought for one of the following genres; Factual, Factual History, Factual Entertainment, and Traditional Music Entertainment -31st July, 2020

TG4 Learn – Educational Content for Post-Primary Students – 24th July 2020

Funding: Content Production for Molscéal 24th July 2020

Submissions: IndieCork – 14th July 2020

Opportunity: ILBF / BBC / TG4 Drama Series Development Scheme10th July 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Feature Film Development Loans – 30th June 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Screenplay Development Loans – 30th June 2020

Submissions: Waterford Film Festival – 30th June 2020

Opportunities: Galway Film Fleadh Pitching Competition -18th June 2020

Submissions: Young Women In Film -18th June 2020

Opportunity: ACE. Every year ACE selects 16 to 18 experienced film producers, each with a project in development that is suitable for co-production and aimed at the international market, to take part in ACE’s annual programme of advanced training and then join the ACE Network – 12th June 2020

Funding:  Screen Ireland & SDGI The Voice to develop high-value projects for film, TV (animation and live-action) and documentary – 5th June 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Enhanced Development Support across feature film, TV and animation, which will be available to Irish production companies working with writers on a project by project basis – 29th May 2020

Submissions: European Film Awards 2020 – 31st May 2020

Funding: Screen Talent Europe/Galway Film Centre Pitching Forum at the Norwegian Short Film Festival – 25th May 2020

Funding: New Shorts Focus open to entry level writers and writer/director applicants resident in Northern Ireland, particularly those from groups that are underrepresented within the film and television industry – 25th May 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Strategy & Financial Planning Support to enable production companies to develop a financial plan with the advice of a financial consultant – 25th May 2020

Submissions: Extended Deadline for Galway Film Fleadh Short Film Submissions22nd May 2020

Funding: Galway Film Centre Europe Day Commission, aimed specifically at editors to submit a proposal for a 90-second promotional video relating to Ireland’s membership of the European Union – 20th May 2020

Funding: TG4 Programme Development Round – 15th May 2020

Funding: Screen Skills Screen Stakeholders Funding Scheme for organisations to apply for funding to deliver a series of online events and other activities across a 12-month period – 15th May 2020

Funding: Arts Council Reel Art – 14th May 2020

Funding:  Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Projects – 12th May 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Strategic Slate Development Fund aims to empower successful applicants to build a strong slate of creative screen projects – 8th May 2020

Submissions:  One Minute Film Festival – 1st May 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Feature Film Development Loans – 30th April 2020

Funding: Screen Ireland Screenplay Development Loans – 30th April 2020

Funding: Screen Skills Mentoring Funding Scheme providing screen professionals with remote/online mentoring support at key stages in their career development that will encompass business, creative and/or technical mentoring – open all year round.

Funding: Screen Skills Skills Development Events Funding Scheme including masterclasses, workshops, seminars, webinars and panel discussions as part of film festivals and other events or through online/remote delivery during the current crisis – open all year round.

Funding: Screen Skills Bursary Awards Funding Scheme to assist Irish industry professionals from the screen sector to enhance their career through international skills development and during the current crisis through online opportunities for skills development – open all year round.

Applications: BBC Writersroom Script Room COMEDY 2020 – 20th April 2020

Applications: Serial Eyes, Call for TV Writers – 15th April 2020

Funding: Kerry Short Film Bursary – 10th April 2020

Funding: Babhta Coimisiúnaithe TG4 – submissions from independent production companies for entertaining, inspiring and engaging content for TG4’s audiences on its linear and digital platforms – 10th April 2020

Funding: Arts Council COVID-19 Crisis Response Award – 9th April 2020

Funding: Creative Europe Promotion of European Audiovisual Works Online 2020  – 4th April 2020

Submissions:  ITV and Red Planet Pictures Writing Prize – 3rd April 2020

Submissions: GAZE – 3rd April 2020

Competitions: Red Planet Writing – 3rd April 2020

Competitions: Euroscript Screen Story Competition – 31st March 2020

Competitions: Filmarket Hub TV Pilot Screenwriting Competition – 31st March 2020

Opportunities: Date With An Agent – 31st March 2020

Competitions: Young Irish Film Makers Screenwriting Competition – 31t March 2020

Funding: Kildare Creative Ireland Bursary Awards – 18th March 2020

Funding: FilmOffaly Short Film Award 2020 – 20th March

Submissions:  Galway Film Fleadh  – 13th March 2020

Funding: Creative Europe Support for Film Education 2020 – 12th March 2020

Submissions: Irish Film Festival Australia – 12th March 2020

Funding: Focus Shorts – 6th March 2020

Funding: Arts and Disability Connect – 24th February 2020

Funding: Frameworks Animated Short Film Scheme – 7th February 2020

Submissions: Catalyst Film Festival – 7th February 2020

Film bursary award supports professional individual artists at any stage of their career working in the field of experimental or non-narrative film making to develop their arts practice – 30th January 2020

Funding: ilDÁNA supporting the making of an ambitious and cinematic long-form documentary on the arts in Irish – 31st January 2020

Series Mania delegation of Irish Producers  Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is currently issuing a call out to bring a delegation Screen Ireland will provide support to a limited number of Irish production companies to participate at this networking event. Screen Ireland will ALSO cover the cost of accreditation to the festival Series Mania, limited to one producer applicant per company – 24th January 2020

Submissions First Cut! Youth Film Festival – 21st January 2020

Festival Submissions: WFT Short Film Showcase 2020 – 20th January 2020

SDGI ARRI Alexa Take 2020 supports the production of experiential and conceptual visual films that spark discovery and inspiration for directors – 17th January 2020

Festival Submission: Irish Film Festa – 12th January 2020

Funding: Físín – Short Film Proposal in the Irish Language – 10th January 2020

Funding: Touring and dissemination of work scheme to support the touring and dissemination of work in certain arts disciplines for tours starting between July 2020 and December 2020 – 9th January 2020

Artists in Residence @ Centre Culturel Irlandais – 8th January 2020

Romilly Walton Masters Performance Award supports a one or two-night performance in Centre Culturel Irlandais by an emerging performer or group working in the areas of experimental theatre, music, dance, film or visual art – 8th January 2020

Funding:  Fís Pitching Award 2020 – 6th January 2020

Cartoon Movie 2020 Registration – 20th December 2019

Screen Ireland Production Funding:  TV Drama Production – 13th December 2019

Project Development Loans13th December 2019

Documentary Development 13th December 2019

Screenplay Development 13th December 2019

Fiction: Irish Production  – 13th December 2019

IDFA Bertha FUND – 10th December 2019

Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Projects  – 13th November 2019

Festival Submissions: Irish Film Festival, Boston – 31st October 2019

TV Drama Development  – 31st October 2019

Project Development Loans – 31st October 2019

Documentary Development 31st October 2019

Screenplay Development31st October 2019

Eurimages Co-production Deadlines – 22nd October 2019

TV Drama Production Funding – 18th October 2019

Fiction: Irish Production18th October 2019

NFF+HBF Co-production scheme – 9th October 2019

Festival Submissions: Iffy Short Film Festival – 4th October 2019

Script + Project Development: Voices – 1st September 2019

EAVE Producers Workshop 2020 – 30th August 2019

Project Development Loans30th August 2019

Documentary Development 30th August 2019

Screenplay Development30th August 2019

Eurimages Co-production Deadlines 22nd August 2019

TV Drama Production Funding 16th August 2019

Fiction: Irish Production  16th August 2019

Authored Works Funding Scheme 15th August 2019

Script + Project Development: Bright Future 1st August 2019

Festival Submissions: Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition 26th July

Submissions for TG4 Programming 2020-2021 12th July 2019

Submissions for Medimed, the Euromed Docs Market & Pitching Forum 30th June 2019

NEXTWAVE 30th June 2019

TV Drama Development  28th June 2019 

Project Development Loans 28th June 2019 

Documentary Development  28th June 2019

Screenplay Development  28th June 2019

TV Drama Production Funding 14th June 2019

Fiction: Irish Production 14th June 2019

Festival Submissions: Dublin Feminist Film Festival Submissions  14th June 2019

TFL World Co-Production Fund 12th June 2019

ACE 29 Production Training Programme 12th June 2019

IBF Project Development  10th June 2019

IBF Production & Post Production  10th June  

Selective Distribution 7th June 2019

Cinema Distribution Selective Scheme  4th June 2019

TFL Audience Design Fund 3rd June

Festival Submissions: Galway Film Fleadh Pitching Competition 31st May 2019

Television Programming 28th May 2019

48 Hour Challenge 24th May 2019

NI Screen Craft and Technical Skills Scheme 10th May 2019

Reel Art Funding Scheme 9th May 2019

Support To Film Festivals  7th May 2019

Kerry Short Film Bursary 30th April

WRAP Development Support 30th April 2019

Project Development Loans 30th April 2019

Documentary Development  30th April 2019

Screenplay Development   30th April 2019

Creative Europe MEDIA Single Project Development 24th April 2019

Screen Leaders 19th April 2019

TV Drama Production Funding 16th April 2019

Fiction: Irish Production 16th April 2019

Irish Delegation to BANFF World Media Festival and Vancouver Trade Mission 12th April 2019

Promotion of European Works Online 5th April 2019

True North Shorts  3rd April 2019

IDFA Bertha Fund 1st April 2019

Festival Submissions: Shot by the Sea Submissions 31st March 2019

Young Irish Film Makers Screenwriting competition 31st March 2019

FilmOffaly Short Film Award  22nd March 2019

Festival Submissions: Newport Beach Film Festival Submissions 21st March 2019

Harp Media Student Short Film and Screenplay Competition 15th March 2019

Northern Ireland Screen’s Feature Documentary Development Funding 15th March 2019

Arts Grant Funding 14th March 2019

EFP Producers on the Move 2019 12 March 2019

Festival Submissions: Doc Fest Ireland Film Submissions 9th March 2019

Film Education 7th March 2019

Project Development Loans 28th February 2019 

TV Drama Development  28th February 2019

TV Drama Production Funding 28th February 2019

Documentary Development  28th February 2019

Screenplay Development  28th February 2019

Pitch Pilot Workshop Galway 22nd February 2019

Slate Funding Development  20th February 2019

Festival Submissions: WFT Members’ Short Film Showcase Submissions 20th February 2019

Festival Submissions: St. Patrick’s Film Festival London Short Film Submission – 15th February 2019

Fiction: Irish Production 15th February 2019

Access to Markets  7th February 2019

Beara Film Fest    31st January 2019

Arts Council Film bursary award  31st January 2019

Festival Submissions: First Cut! Youth Film Festival 14th January

Submissions for Writers Conference 11th January

SDGI Arri Alexa Take 11th January 2019

Festival Submissions: Galway Film Fleadh Feature Film Submissions 18th January 2019

Festival Submissions: Irish Film Festa Short Film Submissions 10th January 2019

Artist Residencies and Bursaries  @ Centre Culturel Irlandais 10th January 2019

Cinema Distribution Selective Scheme  8th January 

Festival Submissions: Newport Beach Film Festival 21st December 2018

Junior Entertainment Talent Slate 20th December 2018

Support To Film Festivals  20th December 2018 

Television Programming 18th December 2018 

Creative Europe MEDIA Single Project Development 18th December 2018

Festival Submissions: Irish Animation Awards Submissions 10th December 2018

Festival Submissions: Dingle International Film Festival  Submissions – 3rd December 2018

Festival Submissions: Dublin Smartphone Film Festival Submissions – 1st December 2018

Cartoon Movie 21st November 2018

BAI Sound & Vision Round 3 TV & Radio – 8th November 2018

BAI Sponsorship Scheme 2019 29th November

Festival Submissions: Celtic Media Festival Submissions – 31st October 2018

Festival Submissions: Dingle International Film Festival  Físín Submissions  – 26th October

Festivals Investment Scheme – 25th October 2018

Celtic International Fund – 24th October 2018

Reel Art and Authored Works  -11 October 2018

BAI Archiving Funding Scheme  -4th October 2018

Festival Submissions: Shebeen Flick Submissions – 1st October 2018

International Co-Production Development Fund – 30th September 2018

BAI Canada-Ireland Co-development Incentive  – 28th September 2018

IMRO | RTÉ Scoring For Film Programme 28th September 2018

EWA Network Scriptwriter’s Residency 24th September

RTÉ | BAI Round 32  21st September 2018

Festival Submissions: Irish Screen America New York  Submissions Extended Deadline 14th September 2018

Festival Submissions: Irish Film Festival London Submissions 14th September 2018

Dublin Port Short Film Prize 13th September 2018

Annual Directors’ Finders Series Showcase 7th September 2018

Cinemagic Young Filmmaker 31st August 2018

Festival Submissions: Waterford Film Festival Late Deadline 31st August

Festival Submissions: Richard Harris International Film Festival Submissions Late Deadline 18th August 2018

Screen Ireland Film Project Award – 16th July 2018

Wexford Stories Short Film Funding 31st July 2018

Festival Submissions: ADIFF  Submissions 31st July 2018

Festival Submissions: Richard Harris International Film Festival Submissions 31st July 2018

Wicklow Screendance Laboratory 27th July 2018

Festival Submissions: Waterford Film Festival Short Films & Short Scripts 27th July 2018

Writing Mentorship Scheme 23rd July 2018

Film Mayo Creative Ireland Residency Award 18th July 2018

Festival Submissions: Underground Cinema Film Festival Submissions 14th July  2018

Festival Submissions: Spook Screen Submissions 30th June 2018

ilDÁNA Documentary Funding 21st June

IFI Documentary Festival Submissions 20th June 2018

Pitching Competition Galway Film Fleadh 8th June 2018

Galway Film Fair Marketplace 1st June 2018

Irish Film Board Production Funding 31st May 2018 

TV Programming Support Scheme 24th May 2018

Festival Submissions: Galway Film Fleadh Short Film Submissions 12th May 2018

Festival Submissions: Cork Film Festival  Feature Film Submissions 4th May 2018

Film Bursary Award 2018 27th April 2018

dlr First Frames Scheme Short Film Funding 27th April 2018

Arts and Disability Connect Funding Scheme 26th April 2018

Festival Submissions: Light Moves Festival of Screendance Submissions 20th April 2018

Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Project 2018 19th April 2018

Screen Training Ireland Screen Leaders 13th April 2018

POV Training Scheme for female writers & directors  13th April 2018

Northern Ireland Screen’s Feature Doc Development 6th April 2018

Film In Cork 2018 Short Film Award Submissions 6th April 2018

Festival Submissions: OFFline Film Festival Animation Residency 30th March 2018

Artist in the community scheme Arts Council Funding 26th March

Film Offaly & Filmbase 2018 Short Film Award  23rd March 2018

EFP Producers on the Move 22nd March 2018

SHORT STORIES IFB Funding 23rd March 2018

Student Media Production Awards Funding 20th March 2018

Youth Music Video Competition 28th February 2018

IFB New Writing Development 28th February 2018

First Cut! Youth Film Festival Short Film Submissions 28th February 2018

IFTA Film & Drama Awards 15th February 2018

Arts Council Film Project Award  15th February 2018

Galway Film Centre & RTÉ Short Film Commission Scheme 14th February 2018

Hope: 1998 All Ireland Referendum Funding 9th February 2018

Creative Europe Slate Funding – Support for Development of Audiovisual Content 6th February 2018

Frameworks Scheme – 2nd February 2018

Irish Film Board Screenplay Development 31st January 2018

 Irelands Young Filmmaker of the Year 2018  26th January

Arts Council Film Bursary Award  25th January 2018

Bursary Information Day for Documentary Filmmakers 18th January 2018

Irish Film Festa Submissions 10th January 2018

BAI Sponsorship Scheme 4th January 2018 

Storyland Submissions15th December 2017

Junior Entertainment Talent Slate 14th December 2017

IMRO Music for Screen Seminar 6th Dec 2017 

Dublin Smartphone Film Festival 1st December 2017

Sound and Vision 1st December 2017

BAI Sound & Vision Scheme Round 30 1st December 2017

Irish Film Festival, Boston 30th November, 2017

RTÉ ECommissioning – Irish Scripted Comedy 29th November 2017

Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Project 2018 23th November 2017 

ilDÁNA 20th October 2017

IFTA Awards 2018 Submissions Deadline for Film & Drama 17th November 2017

TV Programming Support Scheme 16th November 2017

Reel Art 13th October 2017

Cine4 Development Scheme 6th October

Shebeen Flick 1st October 

Audi Dublin International Film Festival 1st October 2017

Irish Filmmaker Competition27th August 2017

Foyle Film Festival 29th September 2017

TV3 Spring 2018 31st July 2017

Cork Film Festival  15th July 2017

Kerry Film Festival  14th July 2017

The One Minute Film Festival 30th June 2017

Light Moves Symposium 30th June 2017

Cine4 Development Scheme 22nd June 2017

Wexford Documentary Film Festival 19th June 2017

Galway Film Fleadh Pitching Competition 7th June 2017

Close Up – Filmbase Talent Development Scheme 5th June 2017

Jameson First Shot 1st June 2017

Film 48 Hour Challenge 31st May 2017

TV Programming Scheme 30th May 2017

Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival 29th May 2017

GAZE International LGBT Film Festival 12th  May 2017

Still Voices Short Film Festival 14th May 2017

Arts and Disability Connect 4th May 2017

TV3 Single Documentary Call Out 2017 31st April 2017

TV3 Autumn 2017 30th April 2017

dlr First Frames Scheme 28th April 2017

Support for Film Festivals 27th April 2017

Support for Content Development of a Single Project  20th April 2017

Science on Screen 19th April 2017

Galway Film Fleadh 31st March 2017

TV3 Studio Call Out 2017 22nd March 2017

The Short Film Festival of Ireland 17th March 2017

Sci-Fi Film Festival 15th March 2017

ilDÁNA 10th March 2017

Frameworks Short Film Scheme 10th March 2017

Support for Film Education 2nd March 2017

Arts Council Film Project Award 2nd March 2017

First Cut! Youth Film Festival  28th February 

Young Animator Of The Year Awards 28th February 2017

RTÉ Factual 20th February 20 17

SHORT SHOTS Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film Scheme 16th February 2017

Fastnet Film Festival 14th February 2017

Support for Development – Slate Funding  2nd February 2017

Short Film Commission Scheme 31st January 2017

Close Up – Development Scheme for Actors 26th January 2017

RTÉ Young Peoples Animated Shorts Scheme 18th January 2017

Factual Entertainment Series for RTÉ2 16th January 2017

Eurimages Co-production  12th January 2017

RTÉ  Comedy, Talent Development and Music proposals 5th January 2017

Irish Film Festa (short films) 20th December 2016

Film In Cork – Short Script Award 9th December 2016

Distribution – Selective Scheme  1st December 2016

Chicago Irish Film Festival 1st December 2016

Irish Film Board Development  30th November 2016

Irish Film Board Distribution 30th November 2016

Support for Film Festivals 24th November 2016 

TV Programming Scheme 24th November 2016 

Irish Film Festival London 23 – 27 November 2016

Support for Content Development of a Single Project – 17th November 2016

Irish Film Board Development 31st October 2016

Irish Film Board  Production & Distribution 28th October 2016

Audi Dublin International Film Festival  1st October 2016

IFB Production and Distribution Funding  30th September 2016

Canada-Ireland Co-development Incentive 28th September 2016

Northern Ireland Screen Short Film Funding 23rd September 2016

Radharc Awards 2016 23rd September 2016

Clones Film Festival Short Film Submissions 31st August 2016

Submissions for 10th Waterford Film Festival 26th August 2016

IFTA Gala Television Awards 22nd August 2016

IFB Focus Shorts  5th August 2016

IFB Real Shorts  5th August 2016

Underground Cinema Film Festival 31st July 2016

Cinemagic Belfast 25th July, 2016

Waterford Film Festival 15th July 2016

IFB Short Stories 15th July 2016

Kerry Film Festival 11th July 2016

Audi Dublin International Film Festival 11th July 2016

Galway Film Fleadh Pitching Competition 9th July 2016

Cork Film Festival 2nd July 2016

Fingal Film Festival 30th June 2016

IFI Documentary Festival 20thJune 2016

Galway Film Fleadh  The One Minute Film Festival June 23rd 2016 

IFB Production and Distribution Funding 17th June 2016

Distribution Selective Scheme 14th June 2016

Kerry Film Festival Short Film Submission 11th July 2016

Film on the Edge 10th June 2016

Galway Film Fleadh Pitching Competition 9th June 2016

Galway Film Fleadh 2016 Marketplace Applications 27th May 2016 

Light Moves 27th May 2016

Television Programming   26th May 2016  

Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival 15th May

Directors’ Finders Series Showcase 29th April 2016

Support for Film Festivals   28th April 2016

Single Project Development  21st April 2016

Eurimages Co-Production 15th April, 2016

Pitching Forum for Co-Production Projects April 15th 2016

March on Film 31st March, 2016

Feel Good Lost Filmmakers Competition  29th February 2016

Galway Film Fleadh  Feature Films 25th March 2016

Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund 18th March 2016

Frameworks 11th March 2016

Limerick Film Festival  4th March 2016

FilmOffaly Award 4th March 2016

Co-Production Funds 25 February 2016

IFB Production and Distribution Funding 19th February 2016

Jameson Gone in 60 Seconds 14th February 2016

Fastnet Film Festival 14th February 2016

March On Film 14th February 2016

First Cut! Youth Film Festival 12th February

Slate Funding 4th February 2016

Live Life National Film Competition 1st February

ASSET programme 30th January 2016

Short Shots @ Filmbase 28th January 2016

Access to Markets   28th January 2016

National Youth Media Awards 22nd January 2016

Fresh Film Festival 22nd January 2016

Arts Council Bursary Awards 21st January 2016

Young Directors Awards 2016 15th January 2016

Artists in Residence @ Centre Culturel Irlandais 11th January 2016

Jameson First Shot Film Competition 4th January 

Irish Film Festa (short film) 20th December

Belfast Film Festival Short Film Competition 18th December

Animation Dingle  December 4th 2015

Dingle International Film Festival 11th December 2015

Dublin Doc Fest 11th December 2015

EU Commission TV Programming Funding 3rd December, 2015 / May 26, 2016

Chicago Irish Film Festival 1st December 2015

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 20th November 2015

EU Commission Single Project Development Funding 19th November 2015 / 21st April 2016

Splanc! Irish language Arts Documentary Scheme 16th November 2015

Boston Irish Film Festival 15th November 2015

Feature Documentary Development 6th November 2015

Animation Dingle Early Deadline 6th November 2015

Dublin International Film Festival Short Film Submissions  31st October 2015

Junior Galway Film Fleadh Story Pitching Competition 30th October 2015

Celtic Media Festival  30th October 2015

Short Film Proposal in the Irish Language 19th October 2015

Reel Art  16th October 2015

OFFline Filmmaking Challenge 8 – 10 October 2015

Clones 48 Hour Short Film Challenge 5th October 2015

Ronan Phelan Euroconnection Pitching Award 2015 4 – 11 October 2015

Cinemagic Young Filmmaker Competition 30th September

Capital Irish Film Festival  30th September

Irish Film Festival London  28th September

Feminist Film Festival Short Film Submissions  25th September

Foyle Film Festival 25th September

BBC Writersroom Script Room 24th September

Pitch 25-minute doc for TG4 18th September

Richard Harris International Film Festival  4th September

Clones Film Festival  30th August

Guth Gafa ‘Next Generation’ Short Documentary Student Competition  28th August

Creative Proposals for RTE 26th August

Documentaries for Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival 22nd August

Indie Cork 1st August

Irish Screen America  1st August

GAZE International LGBT Film Festival  30th July

Sky Road TV & Film Festival 17th July  [Early Bird]

The One Minute Film Festival  30th June

Fingal Film Festival  30th June

Underground Cinema Film Festival  30th June

IFI Documentary Festival  24th  June

Shortfilm48 12 – 14 June

Light Moves  10th June

Charlie Chaplin Film Festival  1st June

Arts and Disability Connect  21st May

Lady’s First International Film Festival 20th May

Short Films for Galway Film Fleadh 2015  15th May

Frameworks  15th April

FilmOffaly/Filmbase 2015 Short Film Award  20th March

Secrets of Offaly – Public Art Commission  13th February

 AFTER ’16  6th February

Jameson First Shot 2015 1st February

Dublin Doc Fest Short Documentary Film  30th January

Irish Animation Awards  23rd January

Youth Film Festival  9th January


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