Flicker is an upcoming short drama exploring the experiences of Danny, a young college-age Dubliner, whose life begins to unravel after becoming the victim of a violent assault.

Through a gripping and visceral narrative, Flicker dramatises the psychological after-effects of violence and the subtle pressures – both internal and external – that often stand in the way to recovery. The film will explore the internalised shame and stigma that often surrounds mental health issues among young Irish men.

In keeping with the tradition of social realist cinema, Flicker will aim to present a thoroughly realistic and relatable portrait of contemporary Irish youth and masculinity.

The new short film will be written and directed by directing team, Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan, otherwise known as Luna (lunadirectorduo.com). It’s produced by Aaron McEnaney, for Irish production company Bold Puppy, and shot by DoP Kevin Minogue.

It will feature a number of Ireland’s most exciting up-and-coming  young actors. The cast includes  Peter Newington, Sean Doyle, Robbie Dunne.

Flicker is currently raising funds for production via Indiegogo. You can find out more here

Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan discuss their reasons for wanting to explore this topic:

“In Ireland, in recent years, mental health issues have been at the forefront of the national consciousness. According to recent statistics, Ireland has some of the highest rates of suicide in Europe among young men and women. In particular, young Irish men are often reluctant to discuss their struggles with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.


As storytellers, we believe that stories have the power not only to entertain, but to spread awareness. We believe cinematic storytelling has the capacity to create discussion, foster greater understanding, and – sometimes – help instigate change. With our film, we hope not only to create a gripping cinematic experience for our audience, but to help spread awareness around such issues as contemporary Irish masculinity, mental health and trauma.’’



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