An Irish Short Film has been awarded Best Experimental Film at the Los Angeles Movie Awards 2019.

Award Winning Irish Director and Choreographer, Ingrid Nachstern, has been given this award for her latest work Shoe Horn/ Office, which was filmed in St. Ann’s Park, Raheny in Dublin in 2017.

The Los Angeles Movie Awards celebrate Independent Motion Picture and Literary Arts and the award for Experimental Film is for films that do not follow a traditional narrative format.

Speaking about the Award, Ms. Nachstern said “I am really delighted and honoured to have received this.  I always aim to examine topics of the day and in Shoe Horn/ Office, I wanted to examine everyday sexism, particularly in relation to common cultural conventions around female clothing.   It is really wonderful to get international recognition for my work, which feels so important and relevant right now.”  

The film, which addresses sexism and the restrictive nature of women’s clothing through the ages,  screened on January 19 next at the The LA Complex 6476 Santa Monica Boulevard Hollywood.

It had its world premiere in New York at the Brooklyn Film Festival and has already been screened in London, in North Carolina at American Dance Festival’s Movies by Movers, in Detroit with Screen Dance International, Mexico City as part of Movimiento en Movimiento, and premiered here in Ireland at the Light Moves Festival, Limerick in 2018.







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