Sarah Cullen & Richard Drumm return to your ears after a forced lengthy absence in 2018. We hope to find a home in 2019 and have them back for their almost-regular film ruminations. For now, we set up shop in an abandoned room and reflected on the year in film…

The pod kicks off with our buffs looking at their favourite Irish films of the year and includes Richard finally asking Sarah if she’s “got any yokes”.

Our best branding people came together to title a special section for this episode called “The 2018 Oscar Films that Only Came Out Here in 2018 but Are Technically 2017 Films”, including a look at the politics of Phantom Thread and the fish-sex movie.

After discussing the sudden appearances of naked men, Sarah and Richard pull apart their favourite films of the year, discuss recurring tropes in the year in film, including assimilation, Motherhood as a horrifying thing, highbrow trash and how deaths of wives and girlfriends give men the opportunity to become violent and get in touch with their emotions. Handy.

Finally there’s the delicious mention of turkeys of the year.

Ear ye. Ear ye…



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