Refuge Short Film

Whackala’s short film Refuge has picked up two awards at the Scottish Independent Film Festival. The award for Best Director went to Leticia Agudo, while the title of Best Cinematography went to their long-time collaborator Jaro Waldeck.

Shot on location in Spain and starring Irish actor Tommy Harris and former asylum seeker Cletus Fonony, Refuge follows Ruairí, lost and alone in a foreign city, given help and shelter from an unlikely source. He struggles to understand the situation of his helper, Lawrence, who reflects the real stories of thousands who throw themselves to uncertainty in the Mediterranean. Two young men, worlds apart, are equals for one night.

Refuge has also screened at festivals around the world, including Foyle, Alcine, Chicago Irish and Brest.

See the trailer for Refuge here:




Leticia Agudo: Director/Co-Writer of ‘Refuge’


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