Filming has completed on new Screen Ireland short horror comedy Something Doesn’t Feel Right starring comedian Tony Cantwell.


Written by Ged Murray and directed by Fergal Costello, the film follows Cantwell as the slasher killer ‘Zipface’ as he goes about stalking and killing the teens staying at the ominously titled Camp Sleep Forever. Zipface wipes them out one at a time, but slowly comes to realize that maybe what he’s doing isn’t that fulfilling and perhaps love is the answer after all.


Shot over two nights in Lough Dan, the film promises to be funny, mean, scary and just a little bit emotional. Costello said he wanted the film ‘to feel exactly like all those old slasher films I devoured as a chap, but then to thrust a hulking brute of a killer into a bit of an emotional breakdown right in the middle of that world and see how he fared.’


The film was produced by Fiona Kinsella of Jumper Productions in conjunction with Screen Ireland.


More of Fergal Costello’s work can be seen here:

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  1. Renny O'McDonahue Reply

    Can’t wait! Gwan Ferg, this lads been cookin up craic for aaaages it seems. Sure look he’s the closest thing us Irish have to, say, Dennis Dugan, or Terrence Malick or like Edgar Wright even (the GOAT). Next up: get this man in touch with Brendan Gleeson!

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