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Dublin actress Aoife Hogan is starring in horror festival Horror-on-Sea for the second year running – shot in the UK’s supposedly most-haunted village.

Aoife, from Harold’s Cross, plays one of the leads in horror-comedy Fright Corner on Saturday 27 January, after appearing in last year’s short  U Never Listen.

The sixth Horror-on-Sea festival runs for two weekends on 19-21 January and 27-28 January in Southend.

Its horrors are sent in from all over the world, and feature killer clowns, haunted baby monitors, singing skeletons, terrible first dates, stag nights that go horribly wrong and (of course) serial killers.

Aoife says: “In Fright Corner, I play Tammy the sound recordist in a film crew making a Hammer Horror style film in Pluckley, in Kent. At the beginning, she seems the perfect team player, very laidback and one of the gang.

“But when the crew’s cameras stop rolling, and things start going wrong, you see exactly what she’s really like…and it couldn’t be more different.”

Fright Corner has already been selected by Mediterranean Film Festival, the Tea, Toast and Ghosts Festival and Canada’s Alternative Film Festival.

Aoife adds: “Tammy’s hired on the shoot as she was born in Pluckley, and halfway through the nightshoot, she just disappears. The rest of the film crew panic as they search for her  and get lost in the village graveyard. When they find her in the graveyard, it’s not what they were expecting.

“My second appearance as another character from Pluckley’s past involved a  historically accurate outfit so you can see who she hundreds of years ago. Wearing something like that in the middle of a deserted graveyard at 4am was a very surreal experience!”

“It was the perfect horror backdrop to film and there’s a great scene we shot in The Black Horse, which is apparently the most haunted pub in Kent. It was very atmospheric and made for an amazing shoot. We had only two nights to film everything so we just slept all day and filmed all night.”

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