PIO Media to produce Film Offaly Bursary Winner ‘Red Rag’

PIO Media, the company behind last year’s award winning Leap of Faith is set to produce this year’s Film Offaly bursary winner, Red Rag.

The film, written and directed by Brian Folan, is about Ruth, a domestic abuse victim who just wants to get away and save her son from her husband. Although she runs into a bull who’s intent on preventing them from getting away…

Speaking to Film Ireland, Producer Jonny Farrelly said; ‘It’s a very ambitious project but one Brian has been sitting on for the past few years. It’s actually something that happened to his uncle, so the truth on this occasion is actually stranger than fiction!’

‘Again, it’s ambitious but we are really passionate about telling this story and we need your help. I think Ireland is due a ‘creature feature’ or something in the vain of Jurrasic Park and Jaws and as a producer, this is an area that I want to move into features with. Ireland needs it’s own demonic movie animal and what better than the trusty old bull?’

If you’d like to get involved in the production visit https://fundit.ie/project/red-rag







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