Bertie Brosnan directing Sean McGillicuddy

Bertie Brosnan’s short films: Sineater and  Jacob Wrestling With The Angel have been picked up by internationally-owned shorts network Shorts TV in a non-exclusive deal via the US distribution outfit Bidslate.

Director, Bertie says: “It’s been a long journey from the production of Jacob Wrestling With The Angel and Sineater to this moment to finally see my first short films distributed through a legitimate network. I am delighted for all involved because we have a chance to showcase all our work to the world. Being a non-exclusive deal I am open to shopping the films around to other networks and through pay-per-view sites. Thanks to everyone involved especially Roland of Bidslate for making sure we got the deal done.”

Sineater and Jacob Wrestling With The Angel had critical acclaim with both reaching ‘Cannes Short Film Corner’ in consecutive years and receiving many ‘Official Selections’ at international film festivals, with lots of other regular screenings at filmmaking events. Both those films earned nominations for directing, acting, editing; and Sineater won a Cinematography award at ‘Limerick Film Festival’.

Bertie also won the Cork City Arts Bursary for films in 2016 with which he produced two more short films titled Last Service and Forgotten Paradise.

Currently, Bertie Brosnan has a feature film Con awaiting online distribution towards the end of the year. For more information, go to







Jacob Wrestling With The Angel

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