Amanda Doherty’s short film Poppi + Gonzo has wrapped. Shot on location in Belfast, the cast comprises of Amanda Doherty and Luke Bannon,  two young people who live on the streets of Belfast, one of whom has just undergone a medical abortion.

According to directior Amanda Doherty, “The release of the work coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the U.K. Abortion Act, which still doesn’t apply to N.I. and highlights how only women of a certain financial freedom can avail of services overseas.

“Stylistically the work falls into the genre of neorealism; the lines between fiction and documentary are intentionally thin, with great inspiration coming from the work of Ken Loach.

“Our failure to support working class women in this way is unacceptable. Irish women’s bodies are governed, as an Irish woman this is a key issue in society which demands attention. Poppi + Gonzo holds an uncompromising magnifying glass over this injustice, inciting the audience to create social change with urgency.

Poppi + Gonzo will premiere at the Disappear Here Film Festival in Donegal 22-24 September 2017 



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