Director Stephen Clarke Dunne takes us into the world of adult shops in Thank You Come Again, which screens at the Underground Cinema Film Festival.

Thank You Come Again is a feature-length drama comedy day-in-the-life type story with a mosaic of seemingly unrelated characters centered around an adult shop. Dillon, Mary and Fergus have a life-changing decision to make as a ruthless diamond smuggler comes to realize their precious inventory has gone missing. Meanwhile, Harry has one last chance at getting that one last job to see him to retirement, Fr. Francis has to decide which passion he must follow in life, Lisa goes looking for her missing husband James – who likes a good refund, Fr. Rejoice has serious concerns about his young understudy who is spending too much time with a certain ‘local parishioner’, Naomi has to balance dating an adult-shop owner with working for a psychotic boss, and Bridget has to keep bringing her dear son Timmy to confession cause he can’t seem to keep himself out of a certain shop of sin.

The idea came about completely randomly as myself and John Sweeney [co-writer] were walking through the city one day. As we walked past an adult shop on the way to shoot a scene for John’s showreel we both turned to each other with the same thought in mind – wouldn’t it be hilarious if we set a film inside of one of those kooky-looking adult shops! Later that evening we had come up with the story and most of the characters in the film. As we discussed how to sum up the film in a one sentence we came up with the tag line there and then: “A Porn Shop, Priests and Blood Diamonds… What Could Possibly Go Right!?” The film was mostly self-funded by myself and John with Fingal County Council providing funding towards post-production.

Along the way, we encountered our greatest hurdle – tragically our wonderful cast member and great friend Steve Harris was killed in a workplace accident. With almost half the film still to be shot, and Steve Harris due to be in most of it, it looked as if the project was finished. Myself and John Sweeney talked about it and decided we wanted to finish the film after all the hard work everyone had put in, and especially for Steve. We managed to re-write large chunks of the remaining film and somehow got the film finished. The film is now dedicated to Steve Harris and his brother Alan who also died in the accident.

The cast and crew are really looking forward to the Irish premiere of Thank You Come Again after three and a half years of hard work against all the odds. To top it off, we have been selected as the closing film.


Thank You Come Again screens on Sunday, 3rd September as part of the Underground Cinema Film Festival 
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The 8th Underground Cinema Film Festival takes place in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire from August 31st to September 3rd.

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