The award-winning documentary The Farthest which tells the story of NASA’s iconic Voyager mission and its Golden Record will be released in Irish cinemas on Friday, 28th July.

Speaking about the release, the Emmy-nominated and multi-award-winning director Emer Reynolds said: “As an epic space adventure, we are over the moon that Irish audiences will soon be able to experience the wonderful story of Voyager on the big screen.  This is a film for anyone who has ever looked up and wondered….”.

It’s one of humankind’s greatest achievements.  More than 12 billion miles away a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space – the first human-made object ever to do so.  Launched in August 1977, Voyager has defied all the odds, survived countless near misses and almost 40 years later continues to beam revolutionary information across unimaginable distances with less computing power than a modern hearing aid.  It’s estimated that Voyager’s nuclear generator will last another decade before the lights finally go out.  But this little craft will travel on for millions of years, carrying a Golden Record bearing recordings and images of life on Earth.  It could very well outlive humanity and our creations and be the only evidence that we ever existed.

An entirely Irish production, The Farthest includes interviews with 30 of the original scientists and engineers who built and flew the ground breaking mission, never-seen-before archive footage from inside NASA along with spectacular CGI, designed and created by Irish talent.  The film not only celebrates these magnificent machines, the people who built them and the vision that propelled them farther than anyone could have ever hoped but it also explores what it is to be human and the mysteries that define our existence.

The film has been capturing the imaginations of audiences across the globe since its world premiere at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival earlier this year where it picked up three awards for Best Irish Documentary, the AUDI-ence Award and the George Byrne Maverick Award (Emer Reynolds).  It has gone on to screen at some of the world’s most renowned film festivals including Tribeca and the Sydney International Film Festival where it just received another Audience Award and it will screen this week at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The Farthest was produced by John Murray and Clare Storage for Crossing the Line Films.  Wildcard Distribution will be releasing the film in Irish cinemas on July 28th.

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