A number of Irish films feature at the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival in May

Spotlight on Irish Films at SIFF

Emer Reynolds will be in town with her documentary The Farthest which features stunning imagery from the Voyager space probes. Launched in 1977 the probes have traveled 12 billion miles in 40 years. The Farthest is both an intimate love letter to science and technology as well as a genuinely cinematic, epic-scale adventure. Emer is scheduled to attend the Friday May 19th 4pm and Saturday May 20th 5pm screenings.

3 Friends3 Friends is a short film adapted from Colm Tóibín’s short story of the same name. Seattle Director Michael Culpepper traveled to Cork to spend 3 weeks with a fabulous Irish cast and crew. Join Michael at the 3 Friends screening on May 28th 6pm in the Short Film package Boy Trouble.


A Date for Mad Mary
Ireland | 2016 | 92 mins | Darren Thornton
After 20-something “Mad” Mary McArdle is denied a plus-one to her friend’s wedding on the grounds that she doesn’t have one, she becomes determined to find a date, leading to an unlikely relationship that helps heal her troubled past. Screens May 27th 7pm and May 28th 6pm.

Bad Day for The Cut
Ireland | 2016 | 99 mins | Chris Baugh
Revenge is coming for the criminals who have killed the mother of a seemingly mild-mannered Irish farmer in this tense, tough-as-nails thriller including flashes of bloody hilarity and featuring a career-making lead performance from Nigel O’Neill. Screens May 21st 9pm and May 25th 4:30pm

Handsome Devil
Ireland | 2016 | 95mins | John Butler.
Music-obsessed Irish teenager Ned is an outcast at his rugby-obsessed boarding school, understood only by an inspirational English teacher (Andrew Scott, “Sherlock”), at least until he becomes roommates with a star athlete, in this breezy coming-of-age underdog story. Screens May 23rd 7pm, and May 26th 7pm.

Without Name
Ireland | 2016 | 93mins | Lorcan Finnegan
In this psychologically tense slice of a hallucinogenic eco-horror, a land surveyor on a secretive mission in a remote and unnamed Irish forest begins to have strange visions after his equipment goes haywire, leading him to suspect that someone-or something-is lurking in the woods. Screens May 28th 9pm, June 2nd 9:30pm and June 4th 9:30pm.

Also worth checking out!! Nick Hamm’s The Journey depicts the key negotiations between former protestant leader Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall) and catholic Sinn Fein head Martin McGuiness (Colm Meaney) that ultimately laid the groundwork for a historic plan for bringing peace to Northern Ireland. Screens June 5th & 6th.


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