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“Just because you can’t smell it, touch it, taste it, doesn’t make it not real” says Sligo born Sean Conway about his experiences as a Spirit Medium.  Sean’s life story is told in The Making of a Medium, the debut feature documentary by Sligo’s Atlantic Light Productions.  This fascinating & balanced film opens up the world of spiritual medium-ship and covers both sides of the argument, featuring interviews with believers and sceptics alike.


The film follows Sean Conway who was born with a gift; a gift he could not understand.  From an early age Sean was constantly met with scepticism from friends, members of his family and even his twin brother; Liam. Afraid he would be put in to a mental institution, he kept his experiences and visions to himself. Only after he found a spiritual teacher did he begin to use his talent. Discovering a gift and new confidence, he began his path as a spirit medium.


“From the moment we read Sean’s diary, we knew that it was a story that had to be told” say the filmmakers; James and Niall. For three years the filmmakers followed Sean’s journey from the shadows into the light of his new vocation.  The film asks, what is a medium and how does one become one? The differing opinions of mental health experts, scientists, and devout atheists, as well as professional spirit mediums give the film a unique balance. The audience is left to decide for themselves. The Making of a Medium presents an intriguing insight into the state of spiritualism in Ireland today.

Shot on location in Ireland covering the counties Sligo, Cork and Dublin, this film gives a truthful and human perspective of mediumship, set against the back drop of the mystical Sligo landscape.

Having attracted a huge audience to the film and selling out all previous screenings, the film will do a limited run of screenings across the country in the coming weeks. After which it will join the film festival circuit.

The independent production is the first feature length documentary from Niall Flynn and James Dennison’s production company Atlantic Light Productions. Both have worked for several years in the TV and film sector. They believe the subject matter timely to begin creating their own productions they have said this is the first of many documentary projects. The film has also picked up distribution from Derry O Brien of Network Ireland Television.
The Light House Cinema, 19th April 2017, 7pm

Tickets are on sale from The Dublin Holistic Centre

or online


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