On Tuesday, March 21st at 7pm in The Grand Social, Storybreakers will be performing a Live Reading of the original, unproduced Indiana Jones 4 script: Indiana Jones And The Saucermen From Mars.


Written in 1995 by Jeb Stuart, this Indiana Jones story takes the famed archaeologist down a completely different path than we all know of. Created a full 13 years before The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull emerged, this Indie adventure was eventually shelved due to scheduling and creative conflicts and the script was buried deep in the temples of Hollywood… Until now!


Join Storybreakers, alongside some of Dublin’s best and brightest actors, as find out on March 21st if Lucas & Spielberg had it right the first time.
Book your seat now on Eventbrite (The last Storybreakers Live Reading Event event sold out in 5 days, so book your place now).


* This is a non-profit event. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

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