Submissions are now open for The Richard Harris International Film Festival via Film Freeway www.filmfreeway.com/TheRichardHarrisInternationalFilmFestival

The 2017 festival will be a 5 day event over the Bank Holiday weekend October 26th – 30th 2017.

Further announcements and details in the coming weeks.


Short Film – 3 categories, Midwest, National / International and Newport Beach.  Running times of 20 minutes or under for Midwest and National / International, 15 minutes and under for the Newport Beach Competition.

Feature Film – Screen alongside invited Feature Films and Richard Harris Retrospective

Monologue Competition – open to international entrants this year.  Submit your self-tape via filmfreeway.

Sports Documentary Competition – It’s fitting that a Film Festival in Ireland’s Sporting City screen Sports Documentaries – running time 40 minutes or less.

Link to submit: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/TheRichardHarrisInternationalFilmFestival

Terms and Conditions can be found on Film Freeway.


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