Summer Hill Films have released the Italian giallo-inspired 3 Sisters on DVD.
Written and directed by Dáire McNab, it stars Gillian Walsh (The Gingerbread Men), Elliot Moriarty (A Nightingale Falling) and Italian horror veteran Giovanni Lombardo Radice (a.k.a. John Morghen, Gangs of New York, The Omen, Cannibal Apocalypse).
Sarah Lehman comes home to discover her sister Emma brutally murdered following the funeral of their uncle. Unable to face staying the night in the house, she reaches out to her ex-boyfriend Dylan. As they tentatively rekindle their extinguished romance, the killer lurks menacingly in the background, targeting Sarah’s other sister. With the help of an eccentric police detective, Dylan resolves to catch the murderer before Sarah’s life comes under threat.
The Region 0 DVD is available from all standard online retailers, including and

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