Eoin eyes and stars-2

Sleeping is short film documenting Irish artist Eoin as he works between the contrasting neon cityscape of Tokyo and the lush landscape of Japan. The film showcases the process of his long exposure photography, with  soundtrack from Limerick-based composer Paddy Mulcahy.

Director James Skerritt  says, “After years of floating around in the restless atlantic ocean I wanted to capture the images that I was fortunate to see. I quickly found that similar to the ocean, cameras would bring a smile to my face along with the strongest feeling of content to my mind. My first images lead me on the path that I am in today, happily working between documentary and fictional projects. I am content when pushing my comfort zone and have the feeling of learning to flow with it. I am influenced by humanity and the people who push themselves, creativity and technology – keeping a smile on their face while doing so. I find that the moments I share on documentary projects open physical and mental doors in my fictional work, leading me towards my passion for drama and comedy. I want to create work that I will feel strongly about in 60 years time when I look back and laugh at the people and situations that I have shared moments with.”


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