Mind's Eye - Film - Copy

Eleanor McSherry’s script Minds Eye is set to go into production. The script has been shortlisted for awards in Dublin’s Filmbase and at Galway’s Short film script awards. It also was nominated for the Waterford Film Festivals short script award.

Mind’s Eye is a poignant and heart-warming drama that follows Robbie as he meets the challenge of his first day at school in his own unique and inimitable way. According to the scriptwriter,  “I want to create a short live action film in Limerick that will focus on a young child with autism and how he copes during his daily life. I will use the medium of film to show how uniquely a child with autism sees the world.  The film will be filmed and edited by predominantly Limerick Arts and Culture Film Strand members and with local artists. The first cast and crew screening of the film will be a special screening for the members of the Limerick charity Dóchas: Hope for People with Autism. The script was inspired by my final year documentary ‘I am me!’ which a lot of the parents from Dóchas contributed to.  This film will be distributed to film festivals and will be accessible to Dóchas, Irish Autism Action, Special Needs Parents Association and my students at UCC.”

The film has two Limerick film producers on board, Keith Bogue and Maeve McGrath. Keith Bogue has a long list of successful short films and is also head of the Limerick Arts and Culture Exchange Film Strand.  Maeve McGrath has produced and written short films through Sidhe Film, her production company.

This is a non-for-profit film script which will be made in Limerick by Limerick filmmakers.

If you would like to be involved in the project, Eleanor McSherry will be hosting a coffee morning in Central Buildings CB1 (beside the White House Pub) on O’Connell Street from 11am to 1pm on Saturday March 12.

If you are unable to attend there is also an Indegogo online fundraising campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mind-s-eye-short-film.


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