The Feminist Film Festival have programmed a selection shorts to screen as part of the F_Festival. The screenings take place on Saturday, March 12th from 6pm in Hangar, on St Andrew’s Lane. Admission is free.

The programme features Irish and International film, broken down into four different themes. There’s something for everyone, from a short documentary about Irish burlesque to an experimental musing on women and nature.

SHE LOVES (6.00pm – ­6.40pm)

Wedding Night (Jenni Toivoniemi, 2014)
My Bonnie (Hannah Quinn, 2015)
Queen of the Plough (Cara Holmes, 2015)
Rachel Coming Home (Sophia Tamburrini, 2015)

SHE DOCUMENTS (7.00pm­ – 7.40pm)

Our Gemma (Cara Holmes & Paula Geraghty, 2015)
Bandage (Tuija Halttunen, 2015)
What Kind of Fame You Have (Maria Kapajeva, 2015)
Shir Madness (Emily Murray, 2015)

SHE IS HERSELF (8.00pm­ – 8.40pm)

The Drive (Helen Flanagan & David Byrne, 2015)
Darkroom (Eoin Heaney, 2014)
Scale Down (Jennifer Leigh Allen, 2015)
The Haircut (Alexis O. Korycinski, 2014)

SHE’S AVANT GARDE (9.00pm – ­9.40pm)

Amber (Lorena Ribeiro, 2015)
L’Hostile et l’Agréable (Maika, 2014)
Happiness Machines (Niamh McKenna, 2015)
Milk (Virva Kunttu & Vuokko Kunttu, 2015)



  1. If you want to ignore gender quotas yet have no complaints, set up a feminist film festival!

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