Silk Road Festival Poster

The Silk Road International Film Festival returns to Dublin for its fourth edition. Between 10th and 14th, March, the Silk Road Film Festival will screen over a hundred films for the fourth time across the city of Dublin – an exclusive array of Asian, Arab, Persian, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean and European cinema.


Inspired to forge connections between culture and facilitate international contact between filmmakers the Festival’s directors, also filmmakers, Carla Mooney, Steinar Oli Jonsson and Delwyn Mooney founded the Silk Road Film Festival, striving to incite fruitful collaborations at the intersection of cinema, arts and business.


The Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) welcomes productions from regions, which were once part of the historical network of ancient trade routes of the great Silk Road spanning from Europe – across to China. The 2015 edition will showcase a rich diversity of features, documentaries, animations, short and student films.


Apart from film screenings, the SRFF features premieres, chats with industry guests, seminars and masterclasses.


For detailed information on participating countries, film selection and events throughout the Festival visit





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