Women in the Irish Film Industry: Moving from the Margins to the Centre” is an international day-long colloquium hosted by the Department of Media and Communications in Mary Immaculate College on Friday, 4th March. It will provide, according to event organiser Dr Susan Liddy, a public forum in which to address the under-representation of women in the Irish film industry.

“A national conversation on how best to increase the numbers of women in the industry as a whole has barely begun. This event will highlight the issues, point to gaps in our knowledge and identify common concerns. Hopefully it will also identify strategies that can be used to rectify the existing imbalance and create a more equal industry for the 21st century,” Dr Liddy commented.

Film and television executives will be joined by practitioners from all sides of the industry including filmmakers, writers and producers. The keynote will be delivered by Anna Serner, Director of the Swedish Film Institute, who will reflect on ‘The Swedish Model: Theory and Practice’. “Serner introduced a 50/50 gender funding target when she took the helm at the Institute in 2011 and it will be interesting to hear how she actually operationalized gender equality. This is obviously something that the IFB will have to contend with now that they have committed to 50/50 gender parity over three years”,  Dr. Liddy observed.

Susan Liddy researches gender issues in the script development and production funding process in Ireland; creativity and creative practice; the work of female screenwriters and the representation of older women in screen narratives. She is a member of the Equality Action Committee (EAC) which represents the Writers Guild of Ireland and the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland on matters pertaining to equality in film and television. “This event is open to everyone. I would urge anyone with an interest in film, the Irish film industry or equality issues generally to come along”, she said. “I think there’ll be some robust and passionate debates which should make for a very interesting day!”

Women in the Irish Film Industry: From the Margins to the Centre runs from 10 am to 4.30 pm in Tara room T118 in Mary Immaculate College. An ‘early bird’ rate of 15 euro is currently available and includes coffees and lunch. Enquiries to




  1. Do these women not realise most good cinema is made from the margins?

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