From L-R- Róisín Ní Chéileachair as MONA and Fionnuala Gygax as BEA

TG4 is set to bring an anarchic new comedy drama to Irish screens in early 2016, penned by Mike O’Leary, one of the writers on the cult E4 drama Misfits. Eipic will be broadcast on TG4 at 10pm for 6 weeks from Thursday, 4th February 2016.

Eipic is an off-beat low-fi comedy drama that follows the fortunes of 5 rural teenagers who take over their local abandoned post office in 2016 to start a musical revolution. Told with a mix of naturalistic drama and flights of musical magic realism, it’s The Commitments for millennials – a bold story about escape, empowerment and what it means to be a teenage “hero” in contemporary rural Ireland – all set against the backdrop of the 1916 centenary celebrations.

When misunderstood Sully gets wind of an online music video competition, he sees it as his means of escaping the grim begrudgery of his hometown, Dobhar. He assembles a local band of teenage oddballs and degenerates in a rebellion against boredom, in the hopes of leading them on an epic journey out of their rural town and onto a national stage. Why’s he doing this? Well, because a mysterious online friend who looks remarkably like Michael Collins told him to. Obvs…..

Inspired by this anonymous online presence the gang break into the abandoned local Post Office setting it up as their base of operations and their one beacon of hope as they start their own uprising – a musical revolution. In an age where anything can go viral, a new breed of rural Irish teenager exists in a heady mix of the real and the virtual, the provincial and the global.


This 6 x 32 minute series was produced by Galway based Magamedia with funding from TG4, the BAI and Section 481.


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