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Industrious Dark are seeking actors for a new short film for a – day shoot scheduled between 26th September- 4th October in Belfast.

Auditions will be held Monday, 31st August in Belfast, open to actors of all experience but must be based in Northern Ireland.

The film, Prick, is a topical drama around the subject of diabetes, showing the highs and lows and general daily life of a diabetic.

Prick was awarded funding through Northern Ireland Screen’s recent short film call. The ultra low budget of £2.5k means Industrious Dark can only cover expenses.



TOM (Lead) Playing age 25-35

Was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three years ago and, after a rocky period, is experiencing a relatively new-found confidence integrating the condition into his everyday life. His general mood is upbeat and positive about the future.

BETH (Lead) Playing age 25-35

Beth had been with Tom for about two years before the diagnosis and has supported him throughout.

A creative professional battling her own fears.

DOCTOR (1 scene) Playing age 30+

Female Doctor who is all business. Works hard and is good at her job but with a slightly frosty disposition.

GERRY (3 scenes) Playing age 25-35

A co-worker and friend of Tom’s, Gerry is a bit of a ladies’ man with the chat. The charmer of the office.

HANNAH (1/2 scenes) Playing age 25-35

Beth’s pregnant friend. Blissfully happy about her impending arrival.

NURSE (1 scene) Female, playing age 30+

RECEPTIONIST (1 scene) Male or female, playing age 30+


6 Males needed for 1/2 filming day. Playing age 25-35

2 Females (1 scene each) Playing age 25-35


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