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The 8th edition of Irish Film Festa (March 26th – 29th) takes place at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese, Rome, showcasing Irish feature films, documentaries and short films, and providing conferences and public interviews with special guests.

The programme line-up is:



Sala Deluxe

17:00Irish Classic ADAM & PAUL (2004, L. Abrahamson) 84’ (it.sub.)

18:30A CITY DREAMING (2014, M. McCauley) 64’ (v.o.
The director will attend

20:30 — Welcome address by the Irish Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Bobby McDonagh
POISON PEN (2014, S. Benedict, L. Fitzsimons, J. Shortall) 95’ (it.sub.)
[before the film, short The Good Word, 21’]



Sala Deluxe

17:00 — Special ScreeningBALLYMURPHY (2014, S. Murray) 38’ (it.sub.)
The director and writer-journalist Silvia Calamati will attend

19:00 — BRENDAN BEHAN – THE ROARING BOY (2014, M. Sweeney) 53’ (it.sub.)
following: Interview with actor Adrian Dunbar
chaired by John Mc Court (University Roma Tre) and Susanna Pellis (Director IFF),

21:00 — GOLD (2014, N. Heery) 93’ (it.sub.)
[before the film, short The Weather Report, 5’]


Sala Kodak

17:00 — SHORTS IN COMPETITION – 98’ (eng.sub.)
The Measure of a ManComaThe BreakKeeeping TimeNovenaRúbaíDeadlyI’ve Been a Sweeper



Sala Deluxe

15:30 — SHORTS IN COMPETITION 68‘ (it.sub.)
Somewhere Down The LineThe Weather ReportAnyaThe DuelGhost TrainThe Ledge End of PhilThe Good Word
Some of the directors will attend

17:30PATRICK’S DAY (2014, T. McMahon) 99’ (it.sub.)
after the film Q&A with director Terry McMahon and producer Tim Palmer

20:30 — Winning shorts announcement
following #GaelicFocus
AN BRONNTANAS/THE GIFT (2014, T. Collins) 112’ (it.sub.)
Introduced by Barry McCrea (University of Notre Dame)
[before the film, short Rúbaí, 11’]



Sala Deluxe

15:30 — SONG OF THE SEA (2014, T. Moore) 80’ (it.sub.)
[Before the film, the winning animated short film]

17:30 — FRANK (2014, L. Abrahamson) 94’ (it.sub.)
Introduced by Fabio Villanis, Hard Rock Cafè Roma
Public interview with Lenny Abrahamson
chaired by Maurice Seezer, musician, and Susanna Pellis, IFF Director

20:30 — Closing film ’71 (2014, Y. Demange) 102’ (it.sub.)
[Before the film, the winning live action short film]




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