Showing at Filmbase on the 27th March is ‘The Psychosis Trilogy’, a trilogy of short films written and directed by Limerick based filmmaker Paddy Murphy and produced by celebrity magician Steve Spade.

‘The Psychosis Trilogy’ is comprised of three psychological horror films that explore the darker side of the human psyche.

Ensnared, starring Kevin Kiely Jnr (The Dark Knight Rises, World War Z), explores one man’s descent into madness. John Galloway feels trapped in a cycle of loneliness and isolation… Something keeps drawing him back to THAT river… Will John be able to escape from the dark forces that threaten him or is he trapped – doomed to repeat his darkest moments again and again for all eternity?

Devil on my Back stars Nigel Mercier (Glenroe, Cowboys & Angels, Love/Hate) as a psychiatrist who has just received a new patient (Abigail Jean Hibbert) who seems to be carrying more than just emotional baggage. Will The Psychiatrist be able to help this tortured soul or is there more at play here than first appears?

Ground Floor is the thrilling climax to ‘The Psychosis Trilogy’. Amanda, played by genre horror superstar Tristan Risk (American Mary, ABC’s of Death 2, Call Girl) is a woman of the times – content with living in the moment and giving into the call of her vices. While trapped in an elevator, Amanda meets the enigmatic Lucius (the debut performance from internationally renowned celebrity magician, Steve Spade) – a man who seems to believe he is the devil and that he is here for Amanda’s heart. And her soul.

All filmed and edited within the space of 6 months, The Psychosis Trilogy is a testament to the love and passion of independent film-makers. The crew comprised of Director of Photography, Aaron Walsh (Woodland Sessions), Cameraman and Editor – Sean Mercier, Sound Mixing by Andrew Phayer and additional camerawork by Adam Moylan, have toiled hard on bringing Paddy Murphy’s dark visions to life.

Come and check out this short film trilogy (run time: 45 minutes) at 7:30 PM on the 27th March, at Filmbase, Dublin and stick around after the screening for a Q and A with select members of the cast and crew.


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