Sound and film theorists often assert that sound and music have received less attention than other aspects of cinema. This has been slowly changing with a body of work emerging that redresses this perceived imbalance in film studies. Through a combination of papers and listening sessions, Synch/Non-Synch seeks to build on these efforts by creating a venue for practitioners and theorists to consider the relationship between sound and the moving image, whether synchronised or non-synchronised.

Thursday: 19th February

14:30 Larry Sider: Mono     

Larry Sider is a film editor and sound designer who has worked for thirty years in documentary, animation and fiction filmmaking having edited and sound designed films for Peter Wollen and Laura Mulvey (Riddles of the Sphinx), the Quay Brothers (Street of Crocodiles, Institute Benjamenta) and Patrick Keiller (London, Robinson in Ruins). He was previously Head of Post-Production at the National Film and Television School (UK) and now teaches extensively in Europe and the UK. Sider has promoted the profile of sound in screen production as Director of the School of Sound symposium, an international four-day event exploring the use of sound in film, multimedia and the arts. From this has come Soundscape: The School of Sound Lectures. He is co-editor of The New Soundtrack journal.

16:00  Danijela Kulezic-Wilson: The Musicalisation of Speech and Sound Effects

Dr Danijela Kulezic-Wilson teaches film music, film sound, comparative arts and intermediality at University College Cork. Her research interests include approaches to film that emphasise its inherent musical properties, the use of musique concrète and silence in film, the musicality of sound design and musical aspects of Beckett’s plays. Danijela’s work has been published in journals such as Music and the Moving Image, Film and Film Culture, Musicology, The New Soundtrack and Music, Sound and the Moving Image. Her monograph The Musicality of Narrative Film will be published this spring by Palgrave Macmillan.

18:00 Larry Sider: Listening Session (Please ensure to arrive ahead of time as we cannot admit latecomers to this session once it has begun)


Friday: 20th February
09.30 Annabelle Pangborn: Listening Session (Please ensure to arrive ahead of time as we cannot admit latecomers to this session once it has started)

10.30 Annabelle Pangborn: Music and Narrative    

Annabelle Pangborn has worked extensively in film and television as a composer and sound designer for drama, documentary, dance film and experimental animation, collaborating with directors Penny Woolcock (The Death of Klinghoffer), Beeban Kidron (Murder; Cinderella); Simon Pummell (Secret Joy of Falling Angels; Temptation of Sainthood; Butchers Hook) among others. She has just finished working with Ilya Khrzhanovskiy on the hugely ambitious film and arts project DAU.  She was Head of Editing, Sound and Music at the National Film & Television School, UK from 2006-2013, going on to become Head of Curriculum at the NFTS  in 2012.

13:45  K.J. Donnelly: The Psychopathology of the Soundtrack
K.J. Donnelly is a Reader in Film at the University of Southampton. He is author of Occult Aesthetics: Synchronization in Sound Film (2014), British Film Music and Film Musicals (2007), The Spectre of Sound (2005) and Pop Music in British Cinema (2001).




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